Personquiz Review – Fast Cash from Surveys?

Personquiz Review – Quick Survey Cash?


Note: We have no relationship with Personquiz

Personquiz says you can make easy money taking surveys that you can complete in just a minute or two, and you can take four of them a day.  That means fast and easy money.  Is Personquiz a scam, or is it the real deal?  Read on for our full Personquiz review.

personquiz reviewSurvey Websites have long been popular because people like the allure of being able to earn money for just answering basic questions.  Lately, we’ve seen a lot of new survey sites that offer to pay you up to $18 for answering as few as three or four questions.  That’s pretty appealing, especially since Personquiz also has an affiliate program that will pay you for referring other members.  So what’s involved? Is it easy to use Personquiz?

Personquiz Overview

It just takes a minute to register for Personquiz; all you have to do is provide a username, a password, and an email address. You also have to provide your PayPal or Payza account name or email address.  Just for signing up, you’ll get $9 added to your account.  Then you can log in and click the survey link to take up to four surveys per day.

Each survey works the same way – you watch a short video commercial and then answer a few questions about it, such as:

  • Do you watch this video for the first time?
  • Have you seen this product before?
  • Are you interested in the product you’ve watched in the video?
  • Would you like to buy the product you’ve watched in the video?
  • Have you watched other videos of this product?
  • Do you watch this video for the first time?
  • Have you ever bought the product in the video before?
  • Estimate the quality of filming:
  • Did you like the subject of the video?

When you’re done, you’ll have $18 added to your account.  Then you can do it again and you can take up to four surveys per day.  You can also earn additional revenue from referring other members and Personquiz suggests that you recruit members via Craigslist or Facebook.  At $50 per new member, you can theoretically earn a lot of money that way.


Personquiz Red Flags

Personquiz seems to be run by the same people who run All News Round, Up Survey, and a host of other sites that have recently popped up, offering to pay you for doing menial tasks.   Still, if Personquiz is going to pay you $18 for answering a few questions, why not try it?  Well, here are a few things that “just don’t seem right” about Personquiz:

personquiz scamThe Personquiz home page says they’ve paid out $14,582,400 so far.  The “News” section of the home page says that they sent payments to users on January 27, February 26, March 26, April 24, and May 22 of this year.  That’s interesting, because when I ran a WHOIS lookup on the domain name, it showed that the domain name was registered on May 12.  That means that they could not possibly have paid out on those earlier dates, nor could they possibly have paid out $14,582,400 so far.

The Personquiz site says in one place that they’ll pay you once your balance reaches $900 but in another place, ti says they’ll pay you when your balance reaches $1500.

Other sites from these people ask the same survey questions over and over and they tell you when your survey is complete.  It doesn’t work that way at Personquiz; here you’ll see a bunch of questions, or you’ll see the same question asked over and over.  You’ll never see a message that tells you that the survey is over.  When I tried it, I just kept seeing the questions repeat, but never got a message telling me I was done.  At some point, however, I did see that the total in my balance had increased.

I did look at the privacy policy for Personquiz, and it appears that they’re sticking a Doubleclick DART cookie on your system, even though they don’t appear to be running ads on their site.  That means that they’re tracking your Web browsing activities and perhaps are profiting from showing you ads elsewhere.  They’re also likely selling your email address off to spammers, and they’re possibly selling off your PayPal or Payza logins to hackers.

personquiz questionsWhen sites like this pop up and offer to pay you money for doing relatively little work, you have to ask some basic questions.  If they’re going to pay you $18 for answering some survey questions, then you must be providing something to them that’s worth more than $18 to them.  Otherwise, they’d have no reason to pay you.  The questions they’re asking are worthless to marketers, as they don’t know anything about your age, where you live, what you do for a living, how much education you have, or how much you earn.  These are basic questions that have to be asked by any responsible marketing company in order to make sense of the answers.

Another odd thing is that the commercials they’re asking questions about are old.  These are commercials that have been on the air for months now.  The people who make commercials do surveys about them before they reach the air, not after.

Are you going to get paid for taking Personquiz surveys?  Of course not.

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Personquiz Summary

Is Personquiz a scam?  Of course it is.  They’re not going to pay you $18 to answer survey questions because the information you’re providing to them isn’t worth $18 to them.  It’s not even worth $1.  What are they doing?  They’re harvesting your email address, your Payza login, or your PayPal email address.  They’re also sticking an advertising-related tracking cookie on your computer.

personquiz - thumbs downIt seems pretty likely that if you’re looking at a site like Personquiz then you’re interested in making money online.  That’s laudable and being able to work online from home is a worthwhile thing to do.  You can make money working online, but instead of wasting time on Personquiz, you should try Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online training course that is going to show you real, honest ways of making money online by creating your own business.  You’ll learn everything from finding out how to choose a marketing niche, how to find products to sell or promote, how to build Websites, how to promote them, and more.  Sure, there’s a lot to learn, but you’ll find it fun and easy by using the training videos and the easy-to-follow training courses.  You’ll learn that it really is possible to make money online, but not by answering survey questions at Personquiz.

Sorry, but Personquiz doesn’t work, and it isn’t going to pay you.  Personquiz is not recommended.


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