Photography Jobs Online Review – Take Pictures for Cash?

Photography Jobs Online Review – Quick Photo Profits?



People are always looking for ways to make money online, and people are especially interested in ways to earn money that are described as fast or easy.  That’s part of the appeal of Photography Jobs Online; they say you can earn thousands of dollars per month just by taking pictures and uploading them to the Web.  It’s a bit more complicated than that, of course, but it is, in theory, possible to earn money taking pictures.  After all, there are lots of stock photography sites on the Web, and they have to get their pictures from somewhere, right?

Photography Jobs OnlineYou’ll need a camera, of course, and some experience taking photos, though the site does offer some training.  The Photography Jobs Online sales page has an earnings calculator that shows you how much you can theoretically earn per month, based on the number of pictures that you expect to take each day.  Such calculators are usually overly simplistic, but the process seems simple enough.  As we were curious, we joined Photography Jobs Online to see what’s going on behind the sales page.  Can you really make money taking pictures?  Read on for our full Photography Jobs Online review.

Photography Jobs Online Overview

Photography Jobs Online is a membership site; current pricing is $27 per month, which is fairly modest as such things go.  There’s an upsell for an upgraded membership (for another $27 per month) that shows you how to earn an extra $30 per day, but that appears to be a program involving paid surveys and seems to have little to do with photography.  If you elect to join Photography Jobs Online, I’d recommend that you avoid the one time offer and stick with the basic membership.


Once you log in to the members area at Photography Jobs Online, you’ll have access to your user dashboard.  In the dashboard, you’ll see a number of different icons:

  • Step by Step Guide to Submitting Your Pictures – a 52 page PDF with directions for submitting photos to agencies and photo directories
  • Tools – Software tools such as thumbnail generators, photo galleries and Web album creators
  • How to Make Money With Your Photography Videos – Roughly 50 videos in all
  • Photoshop Tutorials – 30 articles and 12 videos on how to make the best use of Photoshop
  • Bonuses – an additional 24 software tools (though some are freely available elsewhere)
  • Submit Your Photos – A list of 16 companies to which you can submit your photographs
  • Photography News – Actually a list of known available jobs in the photography industry
  • Premium Surveys – Sites that will supposedly pay you for taking surveys
  • Stock Photo Agencies – A list of more than 100 stock photo agencies and contact information
  • Agency Directory – Another list of more than 150 photo agencies and contact information
  • $400 Signup Bonuses – A list of additional survey sites

Photography Jobs Online processActually, the members area at Photography Jobs Online is very professional looking and offers some good content.  The videos are easy to follow and there are a bunch of them that cover a lot of subject matter.  The Photoshop videos and articles are certainly helpful, and the software tools offered by Photography Jobs Online will undoubtedly come in handy.  In theory, if you own a camera, you should be able to follow all of the instructions in the Photography Jobs Online members area and get started making money right away, as several of the testimonials on the sales page suggest.

How do you make money taking pictures?  Basically, there are two ways to do that – you can sell photos outright to agencies or you can sign up with a number of stock photo sites and upload your photos there, where you will receive a small amount of money each time someone downloads the image.  There are people, and quite a lot of them, making money this way, so it is a proven moneymaking model.

Photography Jobs Online scamHowever, and this is a big however, this is a very competitive industry.  Many of the people submitting photos to agencies and stock photo sites are professional photographers who have spent years or even decades of their lives taking pictures professionally.   It’s a competitive industry, and as a beginner, you may discover that it’s difficult to get your photos accepted by the stock photo companies and that even if they are, you might have some problems getting people to download your images.  Istockphoto, for example, as millions of images on their site.  Yours will only add to that, making it unlikely that you’re going to earn thousands of dollars per month that way.  In that regard, Photography Jobs Online is overstating the ease with which you can make money in this industry.

One thing I don’t like about Photography Jobs Online is their emphasis on paid surveys.  They have two links in the Photography Jobs Online members area to paid survey sites.  In addition, their upgraded Photography Jobs Online membership also emphasizes paid surveys.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times on this site, paid surveys are somewhat of a scam, at least in terms of the amount of money that you can expect to make.  There are sites that claim that you can earn thousands per month taking paid surveys, when in reality, you’ll be likely to earn even $10 in cash that way in any given month.  By emphasizing paid surveys, even just a little bit, Photography Jobs Online is cheapening what could otherwise be a somewhat useful product.  These survey links are just a way of padding the Photography Jobs Online bottom line, but don’t offer any benefit to their members.  Plus, paid surveys have nothing to do with photography, so why include them on the site?

Photography Jobs Online Summary

Photography Jobs Online - mehCan you make money using the techniques offered by Photography Jobs Online?  Maybe.  It helps if you’re already a photographer, already own an SLR camera, and have at least a modicum of experience taking photos.  That said, it’s a hard way to make money, so their claims of earning thousands per month right off the bat are an exaggeration. On the other hand, Photography Jobs Online does have some good software tools and some good tutorials.  You’ll learn a lot on the site, and that may help you become a better photographer, even if it doesn’t necessarily help you become a wealthier one.

Photography Jobs Online is rated so-so; recommended with some reservations.



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