PopUp Domination Review – Increase Conversions by 500%?

PopUp Domination Review – Easy and Effective?


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When I buy a piece of software, I have two requirements.  I want it to work, and I’d like it to be easy to use.  I’m not afraid of a learning curve, but I’m busy, and I’d rather something just be easy to use and intuitive, right out of the box.  PopUp Domination promises both of those things in a package that they claim will allow you to increase your on-site conversions by up to 500% practically overnight.

 popup domination reviewPopUp Domination is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily configure popups that appear on your Website under conditions that you can define.  That makes it easy for you to decide which of your site visitors you want to reach, how you want to reach them, and what you’d like for them to do once you get their attention.  This sounds pretty promising, and their demos look pretty cool, so I thought I’d take a closer look to see how well PopUp Domination works.  Read on for my full PopUp Domination review.

PopUp Domination Overview

PopUp Domination is sold in three versions – one for use on a single site, one for use on up to three sites, and one for use on an unlimited number of sites.  The unlimited version costs roughly twice the price of the single-site version, making it a pretty good value, provided that you intend to use it on more than two sites.  If so, that’s probably your best bet.  There are a couple of upsells when you decide to purchase PopUp Domination; one is for additional themes to increase the variety of looks that you can give to your popups and another is an enticing offer to get the multisite version at a slightly lower price.


Installing PopUp Domination is easy if you have any familiarity with WordPress, as it’s pretty much a standard plugin.  Just go to your plugins page in your WordPress installation, upload the zip file and activate it.  That’s pretty much it.  After that, you can get started configuring PopUp Domination to do whatever it is you want it to do.  And what it can do is pretty amazing.

 popup domination scamThe most common use for any popup tool is to build a mailing list, and PopUp Domination works with most popular autoresponders so you can put an opt-in form right in the popup.  You’ll have the option of adding some bullet points, a headline and an image, along with 36 different themes that allow you to choose the colors and overall look of the popup window.  You can also choose from several call to action buttons and you can test them to see which one works best for you.  PopUp Domination actually includes analytics, so if you’re testing several different popups, you can see which one is working the best for you.

Of course, a popup that shows up randomly isn’t going to do you much good.  What you want is control, so you can decide who sees it, when they see it and what it is they see.  That’s the nice thing about PopUp Domination – it’s very configurable in that regard.  You can show popups only on certain pages.  You can show them on certain posts.  You can show them on posts in particular categories.  You can also set a popup to appear when someone enters your site, or when they attempt to leave in order to entice them to sign up for your list or perhaps buy something before they go.

 popup domination sampleYou can select the frequency for when popups appear so that regular visitors to your site don’t see your popups every time they visit.  One of the most interesting features of PopUp Domination is that you can use it to “lock” content.  Got something really cool on your page that you only want to show to people after they sign up for your mailing list?  PopUp Domination will “lock” that content to effectively force them to sign up before they can see it.

PopUp Domination also works great for mobile; the popups are responsive.

I’ve used popup tools over the years and I kind of go back and forth on them.  Personally, I find them annoying, especially when they appear as soon as I visit a Website. I understand that site owners want to build their mailing lists, but I’d like the opportunity to decide if I like a site’s content before being asked to sign up for a mailing list that I may or may not be interested in joining.  That’s the good and the bad of popup tools.  They’re great, and very effective when it comes to building your mailing list.  But you have to use them carefully and with a bit of common sense, otherwise, you’re going to annoy the visitors to your site and send them away angry.

That’s perhaps the best part of PopUp Domination.  You have very fine control over when and where the popups appear.  You also have a lot of control over how they look, and that’s very important.  Lots of popups have a cheesy look to them, and if you’re trying to run a professional-looking Website, you don’t want a popup that looks like it was designed by a five year old.  The popups you can create with Pop Up Domination are nice looking and are configurable so that you can put in a headline, some descriptive text, an image, some bullet points, and any one of a number of calls to action.  You can control fonts, and colors and the overall look.  With the popups that you can create with PopUp Domination, you can increase the size of your mailing list dramatically.

PopUp Domination Summary

I’ve had several different popup software plugins over the years, and while they all have their pros and cons, none of them contained all of the features I’ve found in PopUp Domination.  It’s easy to use, it allows you to create an endless variety of attractive and effective popups, and it gives you exceptional control over where and when the popups appear, so you can use them effectively without driving your visitors away.   if you’re looking for a tool that works well and will definitely help you increase your sales conversions and help you build your mailing list, I recommend PopUp Domination.

PopUp Domination is highly recommended.

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