Private Label Rights Articles and Content – Good Idea?

Private Label Rights Articles – Should You Use Them?

One of the hardest things to do when you’re involved in affiliate marketing is creating content.  You know that you need good content to give your blog some heft and for the search engines to recognize that your site contains useful information.  But typing is a pain, and a lot of people don’t type particularly quickly.  That means that creating content can take up a lot of time that you could be spending doing something else.  Private label rights articles can save a lot of time in that regard, but should you use them?  Will using private label rights articles do you any good?  What are private label rights articles, anyway?

private label rightsWith content, you can create it yourself or you can outsource it to someone else, having them write for hire.  You also have a third alternative – buying content that someone has previously written for the express purpose of reselling it.  Some writers create packages of articles on various topics that they sell in bulk.  You can buy the entire package and you’re more or less free to do what you want with the content.  Once you pay for them, they are yours, and you may rebrand the content as your own, effectively putting your “private label” on them.  That’s where the term “private label rights articles” comes from.

Private Label Rights Articles Overview

There are many places on the Web where you can purchase packages of private label rights articles.  The bigger sites have thousands of packages for sale, and the prices are often quite appealing.  One site I found offers bundles of 100-200 articles for 1¢ per article.  They had, for example, a bundle containing 154 articles on “email marketing” for $1.54.  Each article consists of 300-500 words, and the site claims that all articles are written by native English speakers.

plr articlesThe “rights” that come with purchasing private label rights articles will vary from one site to another.  Here are the rights that were outlined on the site mentioned above:

* Our PLR Articles CAN be given away
* Our PLR Articles CAN be packaged
* Our PLR Articles CAN be offered as a bonus
* Our PLR Articles CAN be edited completely and your name put on it
* Our PLR Articles CAN be used as web content
* Our PLR Articles CAN be broken down into smaller articles
* Our PLR Articles CAN be added to paid membership sites as content
* Our PLR Articles CAN be added to an eCourse or autoresponder as content
* Our PLR Articles CAN be added to an ebook as content
* Our PLR Articles CAN be offered through auction sites
* Our PLR Articles CAN be sold with resale rights
* Our PLR Articles CAN be sold with master resale rights
* Our PLR Articles CAN be sold with full private label rights

In short, you can purchase these private label rights articles, publish them to your Website, and claim the content as your own.  You can compile them into a book, sell the book and put your name on the cover as the “author” of the content.  You can not only resell the package of private label rights articles, but you can also resell the right to resell them, and you can do this for any price you choose.


If you’re having problems typing or creating your own content, then private label rights articles might seem like the ideal solution.  You can pick a bunch of topics, spend $30 or so on private label rights articles, and you’ll have a ton of content to add to your site over time.  What could be easier than that?  Then you can wait for the visitors to come to your site and you can cash in when they buy whatever it is you’re promoting.

Yes, that all sounds great…in theory.  But there are problems with private label rights articles and you need to be aware of them.  In fact, it can be a really bad idea to use private label rights articles, or PLR artcles, as they are also known, on your Website.  There are a number of reasons why using private label rights articles is a poor choice, but I’ll outline a few of them below.

problems with private label rights articlesThe content isn’t unique – This one stands out.  If someone is selling 154 private label rights articles for $1.54, they’re not making a lot of money.  In order for them to make money selling articles, they’re going to have to sell a lot of articles.  That means that you’re not going to be the only one buying them and that also means you’re not going to be the only one publishing them.  If you publish private label rights articles on your Website, the search engines will recognize the content as duplicate content that they’ve seen elsewhere on the Web.  Your site is likely to be penalized for that, and instead of getting traffic for this great new private label rights articles content you just bought, you’re likely to lose traffic as your site goes down in the search engine rankings.

The content isn’t very thorough – Articles of 300 to 500 words in length aren’t very long, and these days, the search engines like longer blog posts.  As I type this post, it’s approaching 900 words already.  That means it’s about the length of three of the private label rights articles in the package above.  Of course, you can’t necessarily combine three articles to make a single blog post, as the post likely won’t make much sense.  You’ll have to embellish the article with more writing of your own, which sort of defeats the purpose of buying content in the first place.

The content often isn’t very good – People who write private label rights articles are in a hurry.  They’re not interested in creating good content; they’re interested in creating content quickly.  An article on any given topic isn’t likely to be particularly well structured, nor is it likely to offer any compelling information to the reader.

When to Use Private Label Rights Articles

There are times when it might make sense to use private label rights articles.  While you should never use them on your Website or blog, you can repurpose them into an ebook that you might want to give away to your site visitors.  This can be a great incentive for building a mailing list; you give your visitors the book in exchange for their email address.  PLR articles can also be useful as “seed” material if you’re creating an ebook of your own, and you can use them for inspiration.  If you’re writing a book about email marketing, then 154 articles on the topic would give you some great ideas for things to write about.

While private label rights articles might seem like a shortcut, they can often do more harm than good.  Use them wisely, if you need to use them at all.


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