Product Launches and Why Marketers Use Them

What Are Product Launches?

If you’ve spent any time in the Internet marketing world, particularly in the make money online niche, you’ve probably encountered something known as product launches.  There are tens of thousands of products for sale in the make money online niche, but product launches, where everyone is talking about a new product all at once, are rather unique to that specific niche.  Why is that, and what do marketers gain from having big product launches when no one else promotes their products that way?

product launchesTypically, in Internet marketing, when someone creates a product, ebook, or training course, they take the time to create a good product, they build a Website to promote it, and they put it online so that people can sell it.  As time goes on, they’ll also promote the site via advertising or social media, and set up an affiliate program so that others can help them sell the product.  This is how it’s done in the self-help, weight loss, personal fitness and other popular niches.  With the make money online niche, it’s different, and in that niche only, everything is geared towards the big launch.  So what are product launches?

Product Launches Are About the Now

Outside of the Internet marketing world, product launches are simply about introducing a product, such as when Apple introduces a new iPhone.  It’s different in Internet marketing, where product launches aren’t about getting people interested, but are about getting people to buy right now.

Most products in the make money online niche have been created by people who are in the business of creating products that show people how to make money.  While it’s not unusual for individuals to create a single product and sell it, the most successful marketers in that niche create products on a regular basis.  Sometimes they’re unique and sometimes, they’re just a rehash or a rewrite of a product they’ve created before.  Regardless, they’re in the business of doing this regularly, and many of the better-known marketers create several new products within a single calendar year.


By creating big product launches, the creators of these products are able to put their product for sale and make a lot of sales all at once, often within the first week the product is available for sale.  After the initial sales, things are going to slow down to a trickle.  Some products may bring in as much as 80% of all the money they’re ever going to earn within the first week or two that they’re available for sale if the product launch is effective.

So what is a product launch?  In the Internet marketing world, product launches are a way of generating a lot of hype for a product well in advance of its availability, in order to get potential buyers interested in buying it once it becomes available for purchase.  How is this done?

product launchesProduct creators usually start by making their “launch date” known by contacting a number of well-known Websites, such as JVZoo, JV Notify Pro, or Muncheye.   These sites are places where marketers can recruit affiliates to promote their products for them.  Interested marketers can sign up to promote the product well before the product launches, and a good product creator will offers some “creatives” for their affiliates.  Creatives are pre-written email messages, pre-written product reviews and banner advertisements that the affiliates can use to promote the product.

Many of these pre-written email messages are intended to be sent out before the product launches, and while they offer a bit of information about the product, they rarely offer a lot of detail.  The idea of a pre-release email message is to “tease” buyers and get them interested.  A good product launch might offer as many as a half a dozen messages for affiliates to mail out before the launch date.

A lot of product creators will hold contests in order to encourage their affiliates to make extra effort to help them in their product launches.  While bonuses for making a lot of sales for some products may be small, such as $50 or $100, I’ve seen huge prizes offered for topping the leaderboard of big product launches.  Some of these prizes have even included new cars!  When someone is offering you a brand new automobile if you can get persuade more people to buy a product than anyone else, you have a lot of incentive to promote it.

product launchesOn the date that the product actually launches, the affiliates will all send out a message to their mailing lists at once, telling prospective buyers that the product is now available.  Often, the messages sent out on the day the product becomes available will have some mention of scarcity.   There are several ways to do that; one is to make the product available only for a limited time.  The other is to offer the product initially at a low price but one that will increase as time goes on.  Buyers usually respond well to scarcity, and if they know that the price is going to increase shortly, they’re more likely to buy now.  This is why many product launches include a countdown timer on the sales page to remind potential buyers that the price will soon go up.

product launches countdown timerWhat product launches like this can accomplish is to put a tremendous amount of cash into the hands of product creators and affiliates in a short amount of time.  In all likelihood, a product sold in this manner is going to do the majority of the business that it will ever do in a period of just a couple of weeks.  By that time, all of the affiliates have already notified their mailing lists about the products and the only people who are going to buy the product later on are those who find the site via the search engines.

A couple of weeks after the product launches, and after the sales have subsided, the product creator will likely take a bit of time off and then start working on their next big product, at which time they’ll begin to repeat the process with subsequent product launches.

Product Launches Summary

Product launches like the ones described above are mostly found in the make money online niche, where methods for making money online often work for only a short time before they stop working.  This might have to do with search engine algorithm changes, or the fact that the moneymaking method might have taken advantage or some sort of software loophole that was short lived.  In other, “evergreen” niches, such as weight loss or personal fitness, product launches of this type are rare.

So why do people in Internet marketing have big product launches?  Because they produce a lot of cash in a hurry.


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