Product Reviews – Honesty is the Best Policy

Why Write Product Reviews?

If you’re looking for a good entry point into making money online, one great way to do it is to write product reviews.  Consumers love product reviews; they like to read about a product before they buy.  If you shop at Amazon regularly, you probably check out the reviews before you buy.  Sites such as Yelp or Trip Advisor get a ton of traffic because people are interested in seeing what other people have to say about something they’re thinking about buying.

product reviewsProduct reviews offer a terrific way to make money in just about any niche.   You can write product reviews about just about anything, pointing out the pros and cons of any product.   If you like the product, you can recommend that the visitor buy it.  You can also, for their convenience, provide an affiliate link that will take them to some merchant who will sell it to them, and you’ll get a commission out of that.   What if you don’t like it?  Then you should explain why you don’t like it and then offer them an alternative that you like better, along with a link to buy that product instead.

Where Product Reviews Go Wrong

There are lots of Websites out there that do nothing but provide product reviews for their visitors and other sites, such as this one, that offer a mixture of product reviews and other content.  In the make money online niche, there are also a lot of sites that exist only to review a single product, and that’s where people often go wrong, and the visitors to the site tend to suffer.  What’s the problem?  Many of those product reviews are blatantly dishonest.


What’s that about?  Most affiliate marketers are well aware that consumers want to read product reviews before making a decision to buy.  That’s understandable, especially in the make money online niche.  There are a lot of lousy products out there, and consumers don’t want to spend money on junk.  Many affiliates know this, so they will often build a “review site” just to write about a single product.  The problem, as you’ve likely discovered already, is that these “product reviews” are always positive.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a site that says “Product X Review” in the title, only to discover that the “review” is really just a sales pitch for the product, often complete with a bonus offer from the affiliate if you agree to buy the product from them.

For many products, it’s actually quite difficult to find real, genuine, honest product reviews, as most of the “reviews” are just fake ones created by affiliates to make a sale.  Many of these fake review sites even mention the bonus they’re offering in the title of the site!  While many visitors will see such sites and fall for the fake product reviews, others will become completely discouraged at not being able to find out what the product is really like and end up buying nothing at all.

negative product reviewsAnother kind of fake review site is the so-called “negative review.”  This is a site that’s built to review one product, but it takes the opposite approach – this review will be completely negative and will declare the product to be a scam or a failure…only to have the review turn into a sales page for another product that the owner of the site wants to sell instead.  These fake product reviews are easy to spot, too, as they’re often lacking in details about the product, what it does, or how it works.  The product reviews are really just clickbait to get you to their sales page where they can talk about the product that they’re really interested in selling.

Here on this site, I’ve frequently (and falsely) been accused of writing fake negative product reviews, as the comments on this page will attest.  The comments suggest that I write the reviews not to be honest, but to steer people to something that I want them to buy.   That isn’t true; I only write a negative review if I believe the product is misleading, illegal, or doesn’t provide value to the buyer.  If you look around this site, you’ll see that I have written positive reviews of a number of products.  There are some good products out there, and if I write a review of one, and I think it’s good, I’ll say so and recommend that you buy it.

four stars product reviews I could, of course, write glowing reviews of the bad products and just stick and affiliate link in the page and tell people to buy it, but that generates ill will between me and the visitors to my site.  You might not remember who told you to buy something you liked, but you’ll certainly remember who told you to buy something that you hated.   When it comes to product reviews, I think that honesty is the best policy.  It’s also a good way of getting traffic to your site.  Remember – people are looking for honest product reviews, and if you write them and write them regularly (at this time, I have about 100 on this site) people will find you and they will remember you and they’ll be grateful that you either steered them to something that they liked or helped them avoid something that might have been a disaster.

Product Reviews in Conclusion

While it’s possible to make a quick buck by creating sites with fake product reviews, I think that honesty is the best policy if you’re going to create a site full of product reviews.  The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to write a lot of reviews and to be sure to mix in both products that you like and products that you don’t.  Why?  Because people want to see that your opinions are honest.   A site with all positive reviews will suggest that you’re just trying to promote those products, regardless of what you think about them.   A site with all negative reviews will suggest that you have ulterior motives and that you’re just trying to steer your visitors to something that you want them to buy.

A good mix of positive and negative product reviews, written honestly, will likely produce the best results in terms of making money as well as happier site visitors.


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