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Make Money With Product Reviews

It’s easy to make money with product reviews, or at least, that’s how the story goes.  There’s no shortage of reviews of anything on the Internet, and sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor make it pretty clear that the public not only enjoys writing reviews of things, but they also enjoy reading them.  As a result, many Websites exist only to provide the public with reviews of things so that they can make informed choices about whatever it is they might wish to buy.

product reviewsYou can make money writing product reviews on your own Website, too.  That’s sort of a fundamental part of affiliate marketing – you find some topic you care about, find some related product that you think might be of interest to your readers, and talk about that product in a flattering way in order to persuade them to buy it.  Then, if they do elect to purchase the product, you can earn a commission from it.  That’s sort of Affiliate Marketing 101 and if whether you’re directly reviewing a product or simply writing favorably about it, you are, in essence, reviewing the product for the public’s consideration.

But what if you hate the product?

Product Reviews on Products You Hate

If you spend enough time writing about anything, and particularly product reviews, you’re occasionally going to find products you dislike.  Sometimes, you’ll see that dislike coming a mile away, and at other times, you see something that looks interesting but on closer inspection, you’ll see that there’s something wrong with it.  Sometimes, it’s a little bit wrong, and sometimes, it’s catastrophically wrong.  In those cases, you definitely want your readers to know about it.  After all, you don’t want your trusted readers and Website visitors to spend their hard-earned money on something that isn’t very good, so you’re doing them a service by writing about it in order to let them know that “buyer beware!” is in order.


product reviews - thumbs downDoing a public service is a good deed unto itself, but writing product reviews that say “this product sucks!” doesn’t appear to be a good business model.  It certainly doesn’t work with the “write favorably and persuade them to buy” business model that most people in the affiliate marketing business work with every day.  Yes, it’s nice to have honest reviews about products that aren’t very good, but wouldn’t it be better if you could find a way to monetize that?  If you’re in the business of trying to work online from home, everything you do should at least take into account the possibility of making money.  It’s what you do.  But how can you make money from products you truly hate?

There are several ways to profit from writing about products you actively dislike.  While I wouldn’t recommend that you only write about products you dislike, you are going to have to do it every now and again.  Here are a few ways to turn lemons into lemonade:

another choiceRecommend something else.  This is the most direct approach, and it works well, provided that you don’t appear to be trying too hard.  Suppose you’re writing about a dog training book that is getting rave reviews and yet you don’t seem to think it’s all that great.  Can you think of a better dog training book?  Can you think of some specific reasons why the dog training book you like might be better suited to your readers than the “hot” book everyone is talking about?  Then you can write an honest review of the book you dislike, and point out its flaws.  Of course, you want to point out the specific flaws that the book you are going to recommend does not have.   That way, you can casually mention that while Book A has some issues, Book B might be a better choice for your readers.

Recommending a different product often works quite well, as people who read reviews of any product are generally interested in making a purchase.  They usually read the reviews in order to validate their decision to buy.  If you’re going to disappoint them by telling them the product in which they’re interested in isn’t very good, then they’ll likely be receptive to the notion of buying something else, provided that it’s just as good or better and that it addresses the problems that had them interested in buying the product in the first place.

An indirect way to make money with products you don’t like is to use the product to build your mailing list.  I haven’t used this trick in a while, but when I’ve used it in the past, it worked quite well.  I once came upon a pretty popular moneymaking course that I discovered was truly terrible.   It didn’t cover the topic well, was loaded with upsells and was really just a shameless attempt to make money off of people while offering little in return.

What I did was create a Website called “”.   On the home page of that Website I claimed to be a disgruntled former affiliate for the product who was very disappointed in it, and said that I knew things about that product that would shock and astonish would-be buyers.  I went on to say that what I had to say about the product was sensitive, and so much so that I couldn’t publish it on the Website, but if they were willing to give me their email address, I’d immediately send them my “no holds barred” report about the product telling them exactly what I had to say about it in detail.

Once they signed up for my report, I’d send them a series of autoresponder messages talking about the product and all of its flaws.  Each message in the series talked less and less about the product, and more and more about the product that I actually wanted them to buy.  This method works well if you do it right; I added thousands of subscribers to my mailing list that way.

Product Reviews Conclusion

While you can make money with product reviews that are positive, it’s also possible to make money reviewing products you hate.  You just need to think outside the box a bit and take it from there.  If you’re not entirely sure about how to make money with product reviews, you might want to join Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online training site that will show you how, step by step, to make money in affiliate marketing.  It’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s a great way to learn about how to make money online.  You can even sign up for free.


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