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Profit Academy Review – Worth the Price?

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If you’re interested in making money online, chances are good that you’re on a few mailing lists.  Right now, if you are, you’re likely receiving email on a daily basis for a product by Anik Singal called Profit Academy.  It’s a training course that’s going to show you how the big dogs make money online and how you can make your first $100,000 in thirty days.  Right now, there’s nothing for sale, and Anik is just teasing visitors to the site with videos and free ebooks to whet their appetite.  In a few weeks, Profit Academy will be for sale.  What’s in it?  Is Profit Academy worth buying?  Read on for our full Profit Academy review.

Profit Academy Overview

profit academy reviewProfit Academy is an Internet marketing training course, consisting of a lot of videos.  That’s all, really.  They’re going to show you how to set up Websites, how to create a mailing list, and how to sell affiliate products to the people on those mailing lists.  Profit Academy isn’t new; Anik Singal has had that domain name and that product available since 2008.  He updates Profit Academy once a year or so, and then gets Internet marketing “gurus” to promote it heavily.  He makes a lot of money, because Profit Academy sells for $2997, and he’s likely to sell a thousand memberships.

What’s in the Profit Academy course?  We haven’t seen the 2015 version, but the 2014 version consisted of:

  • Welcome and First Webinars – 8 videos and 6 document files
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching – 12 more videos
  • Amazon Training – 6 videos
  • Virtual Weekend with Anik – 8 videos

Anik Singal profit academyThese videos are conducted by Anik and some other marketers and they’re going to tell you how to do things that you can learn about elsewhere for a lot less money, and likely for free.  It’s not hard to create an autoresponder.  It’s not hard to build and setup a mailing list.  Information about how to do those things is all over the Web.  Profit Academy would be more interesting if there were some custom software or some other tools that justified the price.  Otherwise, you’re paying just under $3000 for a few hours of videos that were likely recorded at a live seminar and cost virtually nothing to produce.

About the price – here’s what’s going on behind the scenes at Profit Academy and what most of the people who visit the site don’t know about.  It’s called the JV page.  JV stands for “joint venture” and it’s a special page on the Website where Anik makes promotional materials available for people who want to help him promote his launch of the new and improved Profit Academy.  It’s the page where he recruits Profit Academy affiliates.  What can we learn from the JV page?  Anik and company are offering a lot to marketers who promote Profit Academy.  In fact, affiliate commissions for a single sale of the product are $1500.  When you sign up for Profit Academy through an affiliate link, you’re giving half of your purchase price to the marketer who referred you.  There’s more; Anik is also giving away massive prizes to the affiliate marketers who make the greatest number of sales.  Prizes are good; they help give incentive to the marketers.  What sort of incentives is Anik offering for selling Profit Academy?  An iPhone perhaps?  Or maybe a laptop?  No, the top prize for making the most sales is a new automobile; and it’s a Maserati, valued at $65,000.  Second prize is also a car; a BMW M3.   Rest assured; with incentives like those, marketer are going to be working very hard to get people to buy Profit Academy.

I received an email message about Profit Academy a few weeks ago.  It suggested that I keep an eye out for the Profit Academy because some of the “best Internet marketers” were going to be promoting the product, and I could learn something from the way these esteemed marketers promote the product.

These names include:

  • Jeff Johnson
  • Frank Kern
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Eben Pagan
  • Andy Jenkins
  • Jeff Walker

If you’re not familiar with those names yet, you should take the time to learn them, because you’re going to see those names a lot in the Internet marketing world, and those names will always be attached to very expensive training courses.  The people in the list above, along with others, such as Ewen Chia, Tellman Knudson and Yanik Silver, are known as “gurus” in the industry, and everyone looks up to them and admires them because they sell very expensive products and they’ve all apparently become wealthy by doing so.  The logic suggests that we should admire them for their success and buy everything they promote or sell because they’re gurus and they know what they’re doing.  But I’m not going to learn anything from these gurus or how they promote the product, because I’m not one of them.

Here’s the ugly secret:  All of these gurus promote each others’ products almost exclusively.

These “gurus” have effectively created a cartel.  They have a system, and that system is designed not to help you make money, but to help the cartel make money.  Here’s how it works:  Each of them occasionally creates a product consisting of a bunch of videos.  Every so often, they update it, but don’t change it significantly.  When they update it, they have a “product launch” and each of these gurus sends out sales pitches to the tens of thousands of people on their mailing list.  They all make huge commissions, because people believe they’re gurus and they’ll buy whatever it is they’re selling.  Then the next guy in line updates his product, and everyone promotes that.  Anik is promising huge commissions for anyone who promotes Profit Academy, but when the dust settles, 90% of those commissions are going to go to fewer than 10 people and most of those are going to be the gurus on the list above.  You can read a great article about these Internet marketing gurus here.

The products are almost always the same – sets of videos that are going to show you how to “get to the top” or “become a super-marketer.”  They usually include either videos of a live seminar or, in the case of the really expensive products, admission to attend the seminar itself.  All of these products are very expensive and are usually priced at $3000 to $5000.

thumbs downWill you learn anything from them?  Will you learn how to “get to the top” or become a guru yourself?  No, you will not.   I’ve seen these courses; they’re largely unremarkable.  These gurus aren’t making their money using the methods they describe in their courses.  They’re making their money promoting each others’ mailing products.  On the JV Blog page for Profit Academy, they proudly brag that they now have, several weeks before launch, more than 100,000 leads.  That means that 100,000 people have signed up for the mailing list to learn more about Profit Academy.  Some of them will buy the product when it comes out and others will be astonished to find out that the product costs $3000.  But you can bet that every one of those 100,000 people will receive email promoting whatever product comes next from one of the very “gurus” mentioned above, asking them to spend $3000-$5000 for the course that’s going to “change your life.”

Can you learn something from buying Profit Academy?  Yes, you can, and you might even make a few dollars using what you learn.  But you’re not going to become one of the big marketing gurus by purchasing Profit Academy.

There are better sources of Internet marketing information and there are lots of places to learn what Profit Academy promises to teach you that don’t require spending $3000 to learn it.  In fact, you can learn many of the same things by getting a free membership to Wealthy Affiliate.


4 thoughts on “Profit Academy Review – Anik Singal

  1. Why do you promote wealthy affiliate for a few bucks when you can promote these “high ticket” products and make much more? Just curious!

    • I don’t promote Wealthy Affiliate exclusively; it’s not even the only product I recommend on this Website. One of the products that I recommend here, Affilojetpack, sells for close to $1000. I do promote some high ticket items on other sites of mine, but you have to remember – lower priced items convert better than more expensive ones.

      Would you rather have a commission on a $50 product that sells a lot, or a $500 commission on a product that rarely sells?

      I find it works best overall to promote a number of products across a broad range of prices, including both low-priced and higher priced items. Besides, Wealthy Affiliate is a good product and well worth bringing to people’s attention.



    • I cannot help you. I do not sell training. You did not buy it here, so I cannot help you with your refund.


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