Profit Bank Review – One Click for $1099.20 Per Day?

Profit Bank Review – Easy Money With One Click?


Profit Bank, a product from Mack Michaels, creator of Millionaire Society, says you can earn up to $1099.20 per day using his exclusive “one click” software.  That’s a lot of money to be made doing anything, but one click of the mouse?  I’m drawn to the outlandish, and this one seemed a bit over the top.  On the other hand, Profit Bank isn’t new, as it’s been around for a number years now.  Given that it’s an older, established product and given that it claims to be drop-dead easy to use to make money, I decided to give Profit Bank a close look.   You can read on for my full Profit Bank review.

profit bank reviewObviously, there’s lots of money to be made on the Internet, and there is no shortage of people who have methods, systems and software packages designed to help you do just that.  Most methods of making money online require a lot of work, but no one has ever gone broke trying to sell products that will speed up the process.  That’s where Profit Bank steps in.  This product seems to reduce the amount of work that you need to do to almost nothing.  And I will attest that getting a moneymaking Website built using Profit Bank can be done in about a minute or two.  It’s that fast.  Does Profit Bank actually work?  That’s another question that I’ll explain in detail.

Profit Bank Overview

The basic Profit Bank product sells for $27 per month, though there are a couple of upsells, which I’ll get to in a bit.  The monthly charge probably covers the cost of Web hosting for the site you’ll be building with it, but you’ll see in a bit that the hosting charges for such a site would probably be minimal if you were hosting the site yourself.  What you’re building when you purchase Profit Bank is a mini Website that promotes several Clickbank products.  You’ll have your choice of a site that sells weight loss products, a site that sells software, and a site that sells products in the make money online niche.


How easy is it to build a Website with Profit Bank?  Here’s a clue – the instructions run three pages.  Yep, that’s it.  You buy the product, log in to your dashboard, and:

1. Decide which of the three site types you’d like to use.
2. Enter your Clickbank ID
3. Enter the name of your Aweber mailing list (optional)4. Click Update and you’re done.

You’ll be given a URL for your Profit Bank Website.  You don’t get a fancy name or even your own domain.  Your site is going to have a name like  Not very sexy, is it?

According to the instructions, that’s all you have to do.  “You could sit back, do nothing, and you’ll still make money.”  Of course, the instructions encourage you to do more to promote your “site” so that you can increase your earnings.

profit bank website scam

Sample Profit Bank Website

The “site” is a single page that has a couple of short product reviews along with a link to buy the products.  The Profit Bank software doesn’t even cloak your Clickbank affiliate links, making it very easy for people to circumvent this and buy the products using their ID rather than yours.  Not that it matters, since the days when a single page of cookie-cutter content that’s been duplicated hundreds of times (one for every Profit Bank buyer) could rank at all in the search engines are long gone.

If you sit back and do nothing, you’ll get no money.  The only way you’re going to earn anything with these junky Web pages is if you spend a lot of money on paid advertising.  It won’t be worth it, because you’re promoting tired, aged Clickbank products that likely don’t sell very well anymore.

What about the upsells?  Well, Mack Michaels will tell you that it’s optional to collect email addresses from your site to build a list, but he highly recommends it and he even provides a link so that you can sign up with Aweber, the autoresponder company.  Apparently, Profit Bank only works with Aweber, and the link that is provided for you is an affiliate link, so when you sign up with them, Mack Michaels makes money.

profit bank warningThe other upsell is where the real work is going on here – the primary upsell when you buy Profit Bank is that you are strongly encouraged to join Millionaire Society, which is Mack Michaels’ primary product.  Millionaire Society is a training program that will teach you how to make money online, and it comes with a subscription fee of $97 per month.   I’m not sure why you’d need to join Millionaire Society to learn how to make money online when you’ve just purchased Profit Bank because you were told that this was all you would ever need to make money.  If Profit Bank is enough, then why do you need to spend $97 per month for Millionaire Society?

You don’t, obviously.  But then again, Profit Bank isn’t all you need.  You’re not going to make $1099.20 per day with that system.  In fact, unless you spend a ton of money on pay per click advertising, you’re not going to earn anything at all.  Even then, it’s unlikely that the shoddy Web pages you’ll build with Profit Bank are going to persuade anyone to buy anything.

Profit Bank Summary

profit bank scam- thumbs downIs Profit Bank a scam?  Well, pretty much.  It’s not a scam as in “they take your money and you get nothing.”  It is, however, a scam in the sense that the product isn’t going to work and you’re not going to make any money with it.  I’m rather surprised to see that Profit Bank is still available after all these years as products that don’t work usually go away.  Mack Michaels must have a bunch of people promoting it, but that’s no reason to buy Profit Bank.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online that actually works, you need to come up with something that’s unique, rather than a site that looks like everyone else’s.  If you don’t know how to do that, then you should avoid Profit Bank and try Wealthy Affiliate instead.   Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that will show you how to build your own Website, with products of your own choosing.  You’ll have training videos, help from other members and a user forum.  It’s fun and you’ll make friends.  Or you can buy Profit Bank and do as Mack Michaels recommends – sit back and do nothing.

Profit Bank is not recommended.


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