Promote Good Products – Don’t Just Chase Money

Why Promote Good Products?

When you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, there are literally tens of thousands of products from which to choose.  Some are inexpensive, and some are quite pricey.  Some are of high quality and some are junk.  Some are physical products and others are downloadable.  Choosing which products you’re going to promote is an important part of getting started trying to make money online and it’s something on which you should devote a lot of time in order to make sure that you promote good products.

promote good productsOf course, when I tell you to promote good products, that can mean a number of different things.  What, exactly, do I mean when I say that a product should be “good?”  After all, that could be a matter of opinion, and granted, opinions are going to vary regarding whether a particular piece of software is of high quality or whether the exercise machine you’re promoting through Amazon is going to last long enough for the buyer to get some use out of it.   In the case of affiliate marketing in general, what I mean when I say you should promote good products is something else, however.

Promote Good Products the Smart Way

What I use the phrase “promote good products“, I mean that you should find products to promote that offer good value to the buyer and products which will help them and improve their lives in some way, rather than simply enriching your via a sale.  The ideal product, of course, will accomplish both, and that’s the sort of thing you should be looking for when you’re trying to find affiliate products to promote.

quality affiliate productsLots of new, and even established, affiliate marketers take a different route, however, and they seek to promote whatever product, in whatever niche, happens to pay them a lot of money.  There’s nothing wrong with high paying affiliate products; all things being equal, a high-ticket sale beats a small sale every day.  The problem, particularly in the make money online niche, is that a lot of products that pay well aren’t actually very good products.  This is especially true in the MLM, or multilevel marketing arena.

Over the past five years or so, a number of products have appeared in the MLM marketplace that are very expensive to purchase, and are also very expensive to promote.  When I say “expensive”, I’m talking about products for which you have to pay anywhere from $1000 to $15,000 to buy and products which you must buy in order to promote as an affiliate.  There’s nothing wrong with expensive things, by the way, but when you’re spending that kind of money just to be able to promote something, you’d better be sure that the product you’re selling is something that’s actually going to help people, rather than something that’s simply going to put money in your pocket.

wa_bannerIt’s certainly tempting to simply follow the money.  I’m on a mailing list for a guy who promotes one product, and one product only – a product called MOBE.  This is one of the more expensive MLM products on the market, and in order to maximize your potential earnings, you have to spend something in the neighborhood of $50,000.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to earn full commissions, and other people who have paid the full price will earn commissions on your sales instead of you.

mobe reviewI’m on this guy’s mailing list because his Website is interesting and because he does some things to promote MOBE that I think can be utilized to promote other products.   Every single day, I receive an email message from this guy that says something like, “I made another $6500 today.  I’ll show you how to do it, too.”  That sounds great, but the product is a terrible product, and in many places, it’s actually illegal.  Why?  Because the “product” isn’t really a product.  What you get for your $50,000 or so is the right to ask other people to pay you $50,000, so that they, in turn, can ask other people to pay them $50,000.  The product is a very expensive “license” to resell licenses.

Of course, when I get these messages every day, it is tempting to say, “I should just buy in and sell that product and make fat bank.”  Yes, I probably could.  I certainly get enough traffic here at that I could probably persuade a lot of people to buy a product like that.  But what would I be selling?  Nothing of value; the product is nothing more than a pile of cash changing hands over and over, while the company that runs it skims their profit off of the top.  A lot of people who buy into programs like MOBE can’t really afford to buy the licenses, either, but they’ve been told that huge profits await them.  They’ve also been told, over and over, that if they don’t go “all in”, then someone else will get their commissions.  So they spend even more money, not because they think they’re buying something worthwhile, but because they’re scared.

That’s not the sort of product I’m interested in promoting and it’s not the sort of product you should promote, either.  What you should do instead is find a product that has real value, and is something meaningful and tangible, and is something that will help people in some way.  People remember when they’ve purchased something that improved their lives, and they also remember when they’ve been ripped off.   When people do get ripped off, they’ll also remember who sold the product to them.

Promote Good Products – It’s Your Reputation

Your reputation is important, and in affiliate marketing, you are your own brand.  When you develop a reputation for selling scams, people will take notice and it will come back to hurt you.  That’s why it’s important to promote good products.  Find something worthwhile that makes people happy and helps them accomplish something.  They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier, and perhaps they’ll buy something from you again in the future or refer a friend or family member to you.

In the end, doing the right thing pays off.

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