Pros News Review – Internet Job – Earn Money?

Pros News Review – Get Paid to Read?


People email me all the time, asking “How can I earn money?”  There’s no easy answer to that.  Obviously, “get a job!” isn’t the answer they’re looking for.  They want to make money online, and I get that.  It’s appealing to work from home and making money online is often discussed as an “easy” way to do that.  In truth, it isn’t, but sites like Pros News make it seem that all you have to do to make fat bank is just spend a few minutes a day reading news articles.

pros news reviewIn fact, Pros News says they’ll pay you quite a bit to read news articles, and they’ll pay you even more if you refer your friends.  The articles are short, but they pay $5 each and you can read 35 articles per day, so if you can do math, you can see the possibilities…if the site is on the level.  Is Pros News a scam or the real deal?  Read on for my full Pros News review.

Pros News Overview

Pros News says they’re one of the leading news agencies in the United States, and that they were founded in New York in 2014.  They also say that they are paid by their “clients” to get people to read news articles and that they will pay 80% of what they earn to their site members if they read news articles.

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Signing up for Pros News is easy, and all you have to do is give them an email address and a password.  Once you do that, you’re automatically logged in.  They also ask you to provide a PayPal email address or Payza account information on the payment page, too.  I’d hold off on that for now.

pros news articlesOnce you’ve signed up and logged in, you can start reading news articles by clicking on the “read news” link at the top of the page.  You’ll see a list of articles on various topics, along with the time they were posted on the site and the amount of money that will be added to your Pros News account balance once you’ve read the article.  At the time I logged into the site, all articles were paying $5.  That might not sound like much, but it literally takes about ten seconds to read an article.

To read an article, just click on the headline.  You’ll see the “full article” on the next page, but what you’re really going to see is a headline and a single sentence.  I’ve rarely seen more than that.  That’s all you get; the entire article isn’t listed and there aren’t any links to the site where you can read the article in full.  When you’ve read the headline and sentence, just click “OK.”  Then you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re a human by answering a simple math problem.  Once you’re done with that, you’ll see $5 added to your account balance.  You can repeat this and read up to 35 articles per day, which would add as much as $175 to your account balance.

pros news scamAccording to Pros News, you can earn even more by referring friends to the site using the referral link that they give you when you sign up.  For each friend that signs up using your link, you’ll receive $150, plus 15% of the amount that they earn when they read articles. That can add up in a hurry, and you could potentially see thousands of dollars per week added to your Pros News account balance that way.

Pros News says that payment comes via PayPal or Payza, and you can request payment when your balance reaches $2300.  They say that there is a 14 day waiting period before you can get paid, but that they will pay you instantly if you refer five friends to the site, which gives you lots of incentive to tell your friends about Pros News.  But you don’t want to do that, because…

…Pros News isn’t going to pay you.

Pros News is one of many sites owned by some people in either Russia or Ukraine, and they have dozens of sites like Pros News.  Some of them are sites that pay you to read news and other ones are sites that ask you to take surveys. All of them promise to pay you a lot of money for doing little or no work, and they all have one thing in common – none of them actually pay people.

I know this because people see my reviews of these sites and for some reason, assume that I am the owner of those sites.  Then they ask me why they haven’t been paid.  This has been going on for months now.  Why don’t they pay?  I don’t know; for that, you’d have to ask Pros News.  But you can ask all you like, and it won’t matter, because not only do they fail to pay, but they also fail to reply to email messages.  I don’t even know if the contact forms on their sites actually work.

I do know this – there’s no reason for any news agency to pay people to read news.  News agencies aren’t going to pay people to read news any more than a television station is going to pay you to watch television.  News agencies are in business to sell news, not to pay people to read it.

What is Pros News doing?  They’re collecting email addresses and they’re displaying ads on their site and they’re collecting PayPal and Payza account information.  None of these things are good for you, as you’re likely to start seeing more spam email, or possibly have someone try to hack your PayPal account, or perhaps you’ll just end up clicking on some ad for something you don’t want.

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Pros News Summary

pros news - thumbs downIf you’re interested in making money online, you might try my recommendation below.  You’re not going to make money with Pros News, because they’re not going to pay you, regardless of how many articles you read or how many friends you send to the site.  That’s just how it is.

Pros News is not recommended, and it’s a complete waste of time.


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