Pure Leverage Review – Useful Tools and Big Income?

Pure Leverage – Tools and Opportunity?

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Pure Leverage owner and creator Joel Therien would seem to have hit a home run with this new product.  It offers a suite of “amazing” marketing tools as well as the opportunity to earn 100% commissions by reselling them.  That would seem to be a great combination, as you can use the Pure Leverage tools to make money reselling Pure Leverage.  Is Pure Leverage a scam?  Read on for our full Pure Leverage review.

pure leverage reviewJoel Therien has been involved in Internet marketing for a while now.  He’s behind GVO Web hosting, which was launched as a similar sort of “buy this useful thing and make money reselling it” product.  In the case of GVO, the product was Web hosting, combined with mutilevel marketing that paid you commissions on your sales as well as the sales of those whom you recruit to join.  We’ll review GVO on another day, but Pure Leverage works the same way, though the Website doesn’t entirely make that clear.

Pure Leverage Overview

On the surface, Pure Leverage looks like a pretty good set of tools for the $24.95 monthly subscription fee.  Included in your monthly fee are:

  • A free blog
  • A lead capture page to build a mailing list
  • An autoresponder system so you can send sales pitches to your list
  • Video email and streaming service
  • Live conference room for holding Webinars
  • Elite Coaching to help you increase your earnings

All of that sounds OK.  In fact, that’s a lot of tools for $24.95.  And you can make money reselling it, too?  And make 100% commissions?  Pure Leverage must be a pretty good program, too, because there are lots of pictures of people on the beach, living the good life, which means the reselling part of Pure Leverage must be pretty profitable.
Anyone whose trying to make money online or trying to work online from home will certainly need some of those tools, so some expense is going to be necessary.  But if you can use those same tools to make an income, it sounds like a perfect system.  What could there possibly be not to like about Pure Leverage?

What’s Wrong With Pure Leverage

You know the old saying – “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  That’s the case with Pure Leverage.  While you do get access to all of those tools, you do not get the opportunity to resell the tools or earn commissions for your $24.95.   The right to resell those products costs another $19.95 per month.  Oh, and there are upsells, including another “elite” membership that costs $97 per month.  What about the 100% commissions?  Well, that’s a bit misleading.

pure_leverage_2You get 100% commissions for the first month only from someone you refer to Pure Leverage.  After that, you only get 50%.  Granted, that’s still pretty generous, but it’s not the “100% commissions on all product sales all day, everyday” that their sales page promises.  Oh, and in addition to having to pay the $19.95 per month just for the right to resell Pure Leverage, you also have to watch out for that $97/month upgrade.  You see, there are commissions to be earned on that elite membership, too, but only if you are a paying member yourself.  If someone you recruit signs up for the elite membership and you do not, you don’t get the commissions for the sale.  That goes to someone above you in the chain.

In order to maximize your earnings potential, you have to pay $24.95 per month for the tools, plus $19.95 per month to resell, plus $97 per month for the elite membership, bringing your total monthly outlay to $141.90, and that’s every month.  What about the big earnings?  Well, in order to earn those big bucks, you have to recruit people who are also willing to pay $141.90 per month.  Otherwise, you’re just going to be earning $12.50 per month per customer and that isn’t likely to allow you to live a life on the beach like the photos on the Pure Leverage sales page.

What about the tools?  The Pure Leverage tools are a mixed bag.  The autoresponder is OK, but everything else is pretty much useless.  The free Website, or blog, is actually just a page on the Pure Leverage Website, so you don’t even get your own domain name.  What does that mean?  It means that the search engines are going to ignore you, because they’re simply going to assume that your “blog” is just another page on the Pure Leverage site.  If you want traffic, you’re going to have to pay for it, and you’re likely going to have to spend a fortune using very expensive pay per click advertising.

The lead capture page is no better.  Yes, there are multiple templates, but they all kind of look the same and none of them have any text content to speak of, so again, you’ll have trouble getting any visitors to come to your lead capture page for the same reasons you won’t be able to get any visitors to your blog.

The video email and streaming service is pretty pointless, unless you’ve already got a huge mailing list.  Same with the webinar, which says you can host 100 people at once.  When do you think you’ll have a need to interact with 100 people at once?  Not anytime soon if you’re using Pure Leverage to build your list.

The Elite Coaching is a bunch of training that, while useful, is really just going to show you how to resell Pure Leverage.  Like most multilevel marketing products, Pure Leverage is self-centered.  It offers to tell you how to make money selling anything, when you’re really just going to be selling Pure Leverage, especially if you’re paying out $141.90 every month for the privilege of doing so.

If you’re just interested in the tools, for $24.95 a month, they’re OK, but not great.  Paying an extra $19.95 to resell a product is silly; you can promote tens of thousands of products as an affiliate without having to pay anything for that.  And the idea that you might miss out on commissions because you haven’t upgraded to the elite membership is just a way to extort more money from you every month, when you probably can’t afford more than the $24.95 in the first place.

Pure Leverage Summary

pure leverage - thumbs downIf you’re interested in learning how to make money online, there are better ways to do it than by joining Pure Leverage, such as joining Wealthy Affiliate, which is free to join.  Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand, shows you everything you need to know about learning to make money online, and even provides Web hosting.  There are some people making money with Pure Leverage, but it’s mostly just the founders and the handful of people who got in early.  Everyone else who joins is just helping to pay for their beach houses.

Pure Leverage is not recommended.


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