Quantum Income Machine Review – Million Dollars in 90 Days?

Quantum Income Machine Review

Site: www.quantumincomemachine.com
Price: Free to join (plus $250 to use)
Rating: (zero stars)

quantum income machine reviewWant to make a million dollars? Of course you do.  Who wouldn’t.  The problem is that making a million dollars requires having money to start with, as well as some sort of system for making money.  Most people don’t have either, and that’s why we spend our days working at jobs we don’t like all that much.

Julia Burke, the spokesperson for Quantum Income Machine, says it’s really easy using her system.  In fact, she says that if you sign up for Quantum Income Machine, you can earn a million dollars in just 90 days, and it all happens automatically. That’s pretty impressive, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what the system is all about.  Is Quantum Income Machine a scam?

Read on for the full Quantum Income Machine review.

Quantum Income Machine Overview

When you visit the Quantum Income Machine Website, you’ll be introduced to Julia Burke via a 45 minute long video where she shows you her sports car and her multi-million dollar home that she says she bought with cash, using her hands off system.


Then she checks her voicemail and listens to messages from people who said they were earning tens of thousands of dollars per day, thanking her for helping them get rich.  She goes on to tell you that you can use her special software for free, and she just asks you to give her your email address to sign up.

quantum income machine scamOnce you do that, you’ll be take to the Quantum Income Machine members area, where you’ll be asked to provide more information.  You’ll have to give them your full name, your email address again, a username, a password, and your telephone number.

While this is going on, a new six minute video plays, where Julia explains that the phone number is very important because you’re going to be receiving a call from a “mentor” who is determined to help you earn that million dollars that she promised you.

One other thing – you’ll also have to deposit a minimum of $250 to activate the software that’s going to make all of this money for you.  If you don’t make the deposit, you won’t be able to use the software at all.

I filled out the form, and I was taken to my dashboard, which now showed the logo of a company called Capital de Binary.  This company is a broker that specializes in trading binary options, and that’s what Quantum Income Machine is all about.

quantum income machine binary optionsOnce you sign up and give them your phone number, you’ll be receiving a phone call from that “mentor” that Julia talked about.  You’ll find out that the mentor isn’t a mentor, and that the person who calls you doesn’t have anything to do with Quantum Income Machine.  They work for the broker, and they’re calling you in order to persuade you to make a deposit.  You’ll also find when they call you that they don’t think $250 is very much money, and they will very strongly encourage you to make a larger deposit.

Of course, Julia promised that the software just made money automatically, and if it does that, then why should you deposit anything more than a token amount?  After that, the software will take over and make you rich, regardless of whether you started with $20 or $20,000, right?

What’s really going on with Quantum Income Machine?

Well, no.  You see, there is no Quantum Income Machine software.  It doesn’t exist.  Julia, if that’s her real name, lied about that in order to get you to sign up with the broker.  In my case, I was signed up to Capital de Binary, but other users have been directed to other brokers.

Quantum Income Machine wants you to sign up with a broker and make a deposit because they earn a huge commission when you do that.  How much?  For depositing $250, the creators of Quantum Income Machine might earn as much as $1500.  That’s how desperate brokers are to get new customers.  They know that once you sign up, they can get you to deposit money, and after you lose that money, they’ll call you and try to talk you into depositing more.

You’ll find that once you give your phone number to that “mentor”, they’ll be calling you at every opportunity, trying to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

quantum income machine ripoffThe Quantum Income Machine software doesn’t exist.  There is no system.  The entire Quantum Income Machine exists just to get you to sign up with a broker.  That is all.

I’ve reviewed a lot of sites recently that are similar to Quantum Income Machine and they all work the same way.  They have a video that shows yachts, mansions, sports cars and more, and have a spokesperson who says they have some automatic software that made them rich and they want to share that software with you for free so that you can get rich, too.

People like the idea of becoming rich, and they really like the idea of becoming rich without doing any work to earn the money.  People like the creators of Quantum Income Machine are counting on that; they plan to take advantage of your greed.

Once you sign up and give them money, you’ll find out that your actually just at a site that allows binary options trading, and that making money with binary options trading is really, really hard to do.

Pros and Cons of Quantum Income Machine


  • Free to sign up


  • Promised software doesn’t exist
  • You won’t get rich
  • You will spend a lot of time on the phone with brokers who want your money

Quantum Income Machine Summary

quantum income machine- thumbs downIf you’re looking to earn a million dollars in 90 days, you’re going to have to find a better way to do it than by joining Quantum Income Machine.  The system doesn’t work; it’s just a marketing method designed to get you to sign up with a binary options broker.  You won’t make money, and you’ll never get those brokers to stop calling you.

If you’re interested in making money online, there are better ways to do it than by joining Quantum Income Machine. I’d recommend that you try one of them instead.

Quantum Income Machine is not recommended.

Rating: (zero stars)

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