Quest of News Review – Fast Cash for Reading the News?

Quest of News – $250 Per Day?

NOTE: We have no relationship with Quest of News

It seems that those wily Russians are at it again, with their new site, Quest of News.  This site pays $7 every time you read a one-sentence-long news article and you can read 35 articles per day, plus earn referral bonuses and affiliate income.  Is Quest of News legit?  Or is Quest of News a scam?

Read on for our full Quest of News review.

quest of news reviewWe’ve reviewed a number of sites lately that offer to pay you cash for taking a simple survey or reading a news article.  These include Up Survey, Survey Trendo, Survey Double, and All News Round.  All of these sites work the same way – you sign up, provide your PayPal or Payza email address, spend a few minutes either reading articles or answering survey questions, and see anywhere from $7 to $20 added to your account.  When you reach the minimum amount required for payout, they’ll pay the money to your PayPal or Payza account.  It couldn’t be easier, right?

Quest of News Overview

Signing up at Quest of News couldn’t be easier.  You give them an email address and a password and you’re in.  Then you click on “read news” at the top of the page, and you’ll be presented with a short list of news headlines.  You choose one, examine it for a second or two, click “confirm” and answer a short math question to prove that you’re not a robot.  That’s it; after you do this, which only takes about ten seconds, you’ll have another $7 in your account.  When you reach $1400, you can request that the money be paid to your PayPal or Payza account.

quest of news scamQuest of News says you can read about 35 articles per day, which would pay you $245 daily.  You can also earn extra money by referring others.  For that, you get $40 for every partner you refer, plus 20% from their earnings.  This, Quest of News claims, can help you earn $2500 per week.

Quest of News has only been online for a few days, but it seems to be owned by the same Russian group that owns the other sites I mentioned above.  All of those sites work much the same way – you’re assigned a task that takes only a few seconds to complete, and it’s a task that appears to have no real value to anyone.  Then you’re paid what most would consider to be a decent hourly wage for that ten seconds of work.


Quest of News claims that “mass media wants people to learn current news from their site and they are ready to pay for that” but:

  • There is no “news”; what you are asked to read is little more than a short sentence.
  • There’s no link to the source of the news, so the source can’t be benefiting in any way.
  • There’s no reason for anyone to pay you $7 to read a single sentence

Keep in mind that the people responsible for the news don’t know who you are.  They don’t know your age, where you live, your income bracket, or anything else about you.  The news agencies cannot derive any benefit from you having read a sentence that was copied from their site and reposted at Quest of News.

Furthermore, there’s no way that having you read a single sentence, answer a simple math question and clicking OK can be worth $7 to the people who run Quest of News.

What May Be Happening with Quest of News

If Quest of News is like the other sites run by these same people, they’re not going to pay you.  Once you reach your minimum payment threshold of $1400, you’ll request payment and …nothing will happen.  I’ve tried this with a couple of the other sites, and you’ll just get a message that says “payment sent” and that’s that.  Nothing else ever happens.

quest of news captchaThere are a couple of ways that Quest of News could be getting something out of you having an account with them:

  • They get your email address, so they can use it to send you endless spam messages
  • You’re actually doing work for them, and don’t realize it.

What work are you doing?  It’s not reading the news.  The work you’re doing is the math problem itself.  When I read a particular news article and was presented with the math problem to solve to prove that I “wasn’t a robot”, I looked at the page source code and saw this:

<form action="/" method="post" class="getBonusForm">
    10 + 20 = <input type="text" name="work_code" class="rinp shot" />
    <input type="submit" class="btn" name="work_ok" value="ok" />
    <input type="hidden" name="work_id" value="935" />

Note the “work code” and the “work_ok” and the “work id” in the code above.  There are many reasons that people need to have CAPTCHA codes broken; it’s usually so they can use automated software to publish content on Websites.  Breaking CAPTCHA codes manually is a nuisance, and while there’s software that will do it, there are also paid services where you can hire people to do it for you…for a price.  It’s relatively inexpensive and it’s usually priced at about $1.50 per thousand.

I suspect that what Quest of News is doing is getting you to do work for free that they’d otherwise have to pay to have done.  They’re not going to pay you for it, though.  You’re just working for them, for free.

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Quest of News Summary

quest of news - thumbs downQuest of News is promising to pay you for performing the simple task of reading the news when you’re really doing CAPTCHA breaking work for them for free while also giving them your email address.  You’re not going to get paid; you’re just wasting your time.  Is Quest of News a scam?  Pretty much, though I don’t see massive harm there.  Still, it is a waste of time if you’re trying to make money online.  There are good ways to do that, and if you’re interested in a legitimate way to work online from home, there are ways to do it that won’t cost you anything to get started.

Instead of wasting your time with Quest of News, you should join Wealthy Affiliate.   Wealthy Affiliate is a training site where you can learn about affiliate marketing, building Websites, and earning an income from home.  It’s free to join, and you’ll have access to a comprehensive training course, tutorial videos and a user forum where you’ll meet great people and learn new things.  It’s a better way to spend your time than reading news at Quest of News.

Quest of News is not recommended.


98 thoughts on “Quest of News Review – Fast Cash for Reading the News?

    • The point? I assume that they’re trying to make money from their Website. Good for them; bad for people who sign up there. At best, they’re wasting your time. At worst, they’re going to spam you and possibly hack your PayPal account.


  1. Moi aussi je me suis fait avoir cette compagnie est fausse il ne payerons jamais ces juste une bande de loser je vous le dit n’embarquer pas dans cette affaire
    2015-06-13 22:24:11 CAKESCAKES@HOT $2356.9 in process
    2015-06-06 17:19:33 CAKESCAKES@HOT $1456 in process
    2015-06-01 14:57:24 CAKESCAKES@HOT $1474.2 in process
    2015-05-27 20:30:37 CAKESCAKES@HOT $1483.3 in process
    2015-05-23 19:46:14 CAKESCAKES@HOT $1456.7 in process
    voila ce qu’il me doive et jamais je ne l’aurai

    • Warning!! These people will hack into your computer and steal your information. They got my credit card numbers somehow and tried to make several purchases in California but the fraud division caught it and canceled the card. Also I have received tons of calls from telemarketers since I did the surveys. My advice to you is don’t go back on their website anymore. Also download cccleaner and get out all the bugs they planted. I did. Its a free download.

  2. This was my statement that still pending since I suppose to earn some cash after my “FIRST” request for payment on May 27, if calculate on 14 working days, I suppose to gain some extra income by now…! Started to suspect this was FAURD company..! Anyway, I will stop for further survey job from now onward..@!@
    Date payments System Sum Status
    2015-06-18 13:05:21 xxxxxxxxxx $2371.4 in process
    2015-06-09 06:16:17 xxxxxxxxxx $1419.6 in process
    2015-06-03 23:54:54 xxxxxxxxxxx $2821 in process
    2015-05-27 08:24:15 xxxxxxxxxxx $1484 in process

  3. The new message from Questofnews as below : I did fulfilled with new 5 friends to join recently, but still pending after 14 working days and more…? Anyone can help, wonder I can get this win fall money..!

    If you don’t want to wait 14 days – take 5 friends to our project.
    And your money will be sent without waiting exactly on that day.


  5. I signed up for this site on Sunday and had been doing the work everyday until yesterday when I noticed that they had raised the minimum sum to $2300. I emailed them to question this and there was no response of course. I am going to report them.

  6. I´m also trying this site since the 20:th of Maj, and did request my first Paypal payment the on the 5:th of May:

    and even if I´m a bit so to say sceptical getting any Money as well, it should be almost impossible loosing money thru your registered bankcard, when the number of it is shown cryptated on PayPal, or more correctly only the last 4 numbers on your card is visible – so, how would they then know/ see your complete cardnumber?

    • Does anyone know when it appeared this site? He did anyone receive money? At registration is required that code for PAYPAL, so it is possible to send money in the account ?? In PAYPAL you have to write code full card online. I tell you that I had a card online at a bank, worth $ 50, and that account was hacked. So please talk more on the forum or by e-mail and inform us each other! My e-mail:

  7. Hey, has anyone actually received money from quest of news? My friend claimed she did, but everyone will tell you something just so you sign up lol. It does clearly state it take 14 business days, that does not include weekends. So fit anyone who cashed out early May, did you received your money yet?

  8. It’s definitely fake because 14 days have go since I requested payment and all now. How do we report these persons for our time

  9. If the Questofnews is a FRAUD ? Why can’t we go for INTERNATIONAL CYBER CELL about this CHEATING ONLINE WEB PAGE ….

  10. If the Questofnews is FRAUD ? Why can’t we go for CYBER CELL about this CHEATING WEB PAGE ….

  11. 100% fake i have reached payment threshold $1400 but never get paid..its waste of time…dont signup for quest of news

  12. What’s the proof they say they pay you every 14 business days what’s the proof. The even got testimonial videos on their site of people saying how much they made from the site. So where’s the proof if its fake. Please show the proof..

  13. Hi I was just checking out the website. I signed up and started looking at the site. First of all when I signed up there was no email sent to my email to confirm. Second, there is no telephone number to verify. Third there are no listing found on Google of anythings about Quest of News. There is also another one going around its called Lucki News Consultants. Same thing for email confirmation, no specifics, no telephone number or address other than somewhere in NY City.
    Good thing I did not give out an account number of any kind.

  14. it might be that questofnews is fake as nobody has yet got paid. but this article is promoting Affilorama as a free website to join for work online with videos and tutorial. This is blatant lie as well. Affilorama requires you to pay $1 to get started for 1month then started billing you $67 per month. Nothing is free and making easy money online is just fake and unrealistic. if it was so easy to make money online , everyone would be sitting in the comfort of their home working and making easy money

  15. can i ask really have get the money or not ? dont waste the time now i waiting 2 day’s alrdy .. please replay

  16. I had done my second payout . but now only i saw this article. i wonder anyone get paid or not. if anyone here receive the paid could you please leave me an email? cause i registered a paypal account and its linked to my bank account, i scared i was a scam and it will empty my savings.

  17. yeah, what do they mean by account number under paypal also has anyone received money yet? i just made my first $1400 and would like to know if anyone has made a successful payout, please email me at if you have received any money

  18. What do they mean enter “account number” in paypal? Since paypal works with email address, what are you supposed to enter to get payment? I’m confused.

  19. I been with quest of news for about a week and a half. I requested payment a day ago and I still have yet to receive the money. When I requested payment all it said was the last payment with a date and time how much the sum of the payment which say in process. I will let anyone know if I do receive the money.

  20. I been with quest of news for about a week and a half. I just requested payment one day ago. I have yet to receive the money but all it say is last payment with a date and time how much the sum is and the status of the payment which say in process. It brought my balance on the site back to zero but I will let anyone know if I do receive the money.

  21. Oh and just in case you were wondering, I don’t use paypal at all so this is my first account, which I have linked to a prepaid card and prepaid bank account which has no money on it. This was for “Just in case it was a scam” type thing. I know paypal Is very secure so I am not that worried but just incase, they cant take anything out of my account if it were a scam because its empty. The only thing that should appear on the account is that quest of news depositing $1,409 in there.

  22. I just earned $1,409 today. I requested payment about 15 minutes ago. SInce they are only made every 14 workdays and today is Saturday, I may not get it for a while. But I only tried this because there weren’t any reviews on the internet when I first signed up and I am also doing it to make a fact about what is going on and not just putting out an opinion. I will keep everyone updated. If I don’t post anything, you can email me @ for an update. I will be glad to put the truth out there!!!!

  23. I just earned $1,409 today. I requested payment about 15 minutes ago. SInce they are only made every 14 workdays and today is Saturday, I may not get it for a while. But I only tried this because there weren’t any reviews on the internet when I first signed up and I am also doing it to make a fact about what is going on and not just putting out an opinion. I will keep everyone updated. If I don’t post anything, you can email me @ for an update. I will be glad to put the truth out there.

  24. I cannot delete my account or change my email… must be a scam… best thing I could think of was to edit my paypal/payza number to a fake one.

    • I would ask pay pal to give u New account number . If this is a scam, they can look up thre original or if changes made.

  25. Thanks for the article.. I signed up and asked them was it a legitimate job. No response. Nobody will pay someone over $100 a day to read the news without a “catch” you are unaware about.

  26. I made the error of proving my internal paypal account number. Not sure what I was thinking. Any idea of the dangers associated with this and what the group may do with that information. I have notified paypal, and am monitoring my accounts, as well as receiving noitifications for all transactions.

    • All you have provided is an email address. They can’t do anything with that other than send you lots of unwanted spam. They could try to hack your PayPal account, but PayPal’s security won’t allow them more than a couple of attempts, so I wouldn’t be too worried about that.




    • I am signed up with them as well. They say to enter “nickname” and “account number” in paypal to get money. Since paypal works with one’s email address and there is no “account number” what do they mean and what did you enter. I am confused and now scared to give them anymore info than my email.

      • To all of you out there who has joined this QUEST FOR NEWS what seems to be a scam. I am always very skeptical with WORK FROM HOME POSITIONS, there are too many scams out there, and to me, this one smells SCAM to me, for the simple reason that the whole process seems to be too easy!!! That’s the first thing that caught me. In my mind, $7 to read a one sentence news???? I don’t think so!!! Also I did not even sign up at all, I just though I should try and read some of the news that they were referring to, the system allowed me to ready it and started adding up my cash on home page, how much cash I have made so far, how much news I have read so far etc…that in itself tells me its a SCAM. Again I never signed up, never entered any of my info, no email address, nothing at all,, and its allowing me to read the news and keeps showing me on screen how much cash I have accumulated so far…SOUNDS LIKE A REAL SCAM TO ME….SOMETHING DOE SNOT ADD UP HERE!!!

    • Ok you guys I too have been using this fake ass site in regards to earning an extra income I also waited the 1 day period to see if the money will post to my account and still nothing I cashed out on May 15 and with the help of my referrals reading as well I was able to reach 1400 twice and I cashed out on my second one today truth be told this site is very much so bullshit I have been sending them emails and no one has responded yet so I came across a site that gave the owners real full name address and his email so I wrote him this man is the same owner of other scam websites like quest of news he is a Russian …All I can say you guys is yes we were fooled he will never pay us for reading the articles and we might as well stop wasting our time I am going to start a scam blog and I will report the website to the BBB this is just ridiculous and I hope this guy’s is stopped

      • If the Questofnews is a FRAUD ? Why can’t we go for INTERNATIONAL CYBER CELL about this CHEATING ONLINE WEB PAGE ….

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