Rank News Review – Fast Cash, Little Work?

Rank News Review -Read and Get Paid?



Everyone likes making money and a lot of people are interested in making money online.  Why not?  You can work from anywhere and most people spend a good part of their day online anyway.  Of course, it’s more fun if you can get paid for doing relatively little work, and that’s why paid surveys and paid news sites are so popular these days.  The latest site in the paid news craze is Rank News, which provides an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per week for just a couple of hours of work.

rank news review How can that be?  Well, Rank News will pay you $7 for reading a short news article and you can read 35 articles per day.  They also offer an opportunity for you to earn more by referring your friends and family to the site.  That can add up to a lot of money pretty quickly.  Of course, that sounds too easy and too good to be true.  Is it?  Read on for our full Rank News review.

Rank News Overview

Signing up for Rank News is about as easy as you’ll ever find it to sign up for a Website.  Give them an email address and a password and you’re accepted and logged in.  It’s that simple.  From there, you’ll see your dashboard, where you can keep track of your earnings, arrange to cash out your Rank News account balance, or read news to earn more.  To read a news article, just click the “read news” link at the top of the page.  You will see a list of recently-posted news articles.  Just pick one and click on it and you’ll see the article.  It’s not a full article; it’s usually just a headline and one or two sentences.  Every now and again, we’ll see one that has a photo, but those are pretty rare.


Once you’ve read the article, you just click the “confirm” button.  You’ll be asked to complete a simple math equation to prove that you’re a human.  Once you do that, you’ll have $7 added to your account balance.  Of course, $7 isn’t much, but then again, it likely only took about 30 seconds to earn that.  You can go back to read more news articles, and Rank News will allow you to read up to 35 articles per day, for a daily total of $245.  Your earnings opportunities with Rank News don’t end there, however.  When you sign up for Rank News, you’ll be given a special link that you can share with friends or family or post on Facebook.  If someone signs up with Rank News using your link, you’ll get a $40 referral bonus, plus you’ll earn 20% of what your referrals earn when they read news articles.  That’s a potential $49 per day for every person you refer.  As you can see, this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars per week.

rank news scamNot surprisingly, Rank News, and its sister sites, Direx News, Grade News, Till News, and others, are signing up thousands of people every week.  They’re also creating new sites with similar themes on almost a daily basis.  Obviously, the paid news business is working pretty well for the Russian or Ukranian owners of these sites.

How do you get paid?  Rank News pays via PayPal or Payza.  The minimum payment amount is $2300.  There is also a stated 14 day waiting period on the Website before you can get paid.  Rank News says they will waive the 14 day waiting period if you refer 5 friends to the site.

Of course, a few problems stick out regarding Rank News.  The first one is this – why would someone pay you to read news?  Rank News says that news agencies want customers and that they get paid by the agencies to provide readers for their news articles.  Why would news agencies pay people to read their articles?  News agencies are in the business of selling news articles.  Paying people to read news articles would be like a restaurant paying people to take their food.  It’s not as though the agencies are doing this for publicity, either.  None of the articles are complete, none of the articles mention their original source, and none of the articles have a link to the full article anywhere.  You couldn’t find the complete version of any article mentioned on Rank News if you wanted to.

There are some “our news” updates on the site, including a mention from June 11 of this year that says “Dear Users!  Bonus for reading news is $7 now!”  That’s odd, since a WHOIS lookup on the domain name says that the site wasn’t created until mid-July.

rank news articleThe other big issue and the only one that anyone really cares about, is this – Rank News isn’t going to pay you.  Yes, they say they will, but they’re not going to pay you.  Of course, people are going to sign up and people are not going to get paid and people are going to post comments here saying that they’re “hopeful” that they’ll get paid, but you won’t.  None of these sites actually pay, and I have yet to see proof from anyone that they’ve been paid by any site that this company owns.  They promise to pay and they don’t.

So what is Rank News up to?  They run ads on their site, so it’s likely that they’re trying to generate some ad revenue from their thousands of visitors.  They’re collecting email addresses, so it’s possible that they’re sending out spam email by the tens of thousands.  They’re collecting PayPal and Payza login information, so it’s possible that they’re trying to hack PayPal and Payza accounts.

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Rank News Summary

rank news - thumbs downIs Rank News a scam?  Yes, it is, and if you join, you’re not going to get paid.  You’re just wasting your time.  You’re not wasting your time if you want to earn money online, though.  That is possible, but you’re not going to do it on that site.  If you’re really interested in making money online, you should pass on Rank News and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.  It’s a training program that shows you how to create a profitable online business.  You can even sign up for free.  That’s better than spending your time trying to read news for pay when you’re not going to see a dime out of it.

Rank News is not recommended.


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