Rank Quiz Review – Short Surveys and Fast Cash?

Rank Quiz Review – Scam or For Real?


Site: rankquiz.com

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the time I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing, it’s that people love taking surveys, and any site that offers paid surveys will generally find itself awash in traffic in pretty short order.  Why?  Because people love the idea of being paid in cash for work that isn’t terribly time consuming or difficult, and surveys fit the bill.  Rank Quiz is the latest site to come along in the paid surveys niche, and I suspect that they’ve already got thousands of members who can’t wait to get paid for offering their opinion.

rank quiz reviewRank Quiz pays $18 for taking a survey that requires no more than two minutes to complete and you can take up to four of those surveys per day.  There’s a bonus for recruiting new members, too, so you can potentially earn quite a bit of money through this site.  Since there will undoubtedly be a lot of interest in how Rank Quiz works, I’ll sign up and go through it and if you read on, you can read my full Rank Quiz review.

Rank Quiz Overview

Signing up for Rank Quiz couldn’t be easier.  You need to provide a username, a password, your PayPal email address and then you’re automatically logged in.  If you click on the Survey link at the top of the page, you’ll be given a choice of four surveys, labeled 1-4.  Each paid survey requires you to watch a short, 30 second commercial and then answer questions about it.  The questions are simply multiple choice questions about whether you think the commercial is effective and whether you’re familiar with the products or not.  Once you answer the 8 questions, you’ll have $18 added to your Rank Quiz account and you can do it again, up to four times per day.


You can earn even more money at Rank Quiz by using the special affiliate link they give you.  By posting the link on Facebook or Craigslist, you can earn money when your friends sign up.  You’ll get a $18 bonus for every friend who signs up with your link and you’ll also earn 15% of what your friends earn when they take surveys.  Obviously, if you have a large network of friends, you can potentially earn thousands of dollars every week, making Rank Quiz one of the most lucrative paid surveys Websites out there.

rank quiz scamTo get paid with Rank Quiz, you need to have at least $1000 in your account.  Then you simply request payment by PayPal, which Rank Quiz says will take about a month.  They add that you can get paid immediately if you recruit 5 friends to the site, so that’s good incentive to start passing that affiliate link around.

Using Rank Quiz is easy and you can take your four surveys each day in less than 10 minutes, so this could be a really easy and fast way to make money online.  So, are there any downsides to Rank Quiz?

Of course.

Rank Quiz has a number of problems associated with it.  The site claims that they’ve been in business since 2013, but as I write this, the site has only bee online for about 10 days, so all of the claims on the home page about how much money they’ve paid out to date to their users and affiliates can’t be true.  There simply hasn’t been enough time for that many people to have been paid.

rank quiz scamThe commercials shown on Rank Quiz are both repetitive and old.  You’ll see the same commercials on the site every day.  If they ask you your opinion about a particular commercial today, why would they ask you about it again tomorrow?  Not only that, but these commercials are months old.  One of them aired during the 2015 Super Bowl, which makes it some six months old now.  While it’s true that marketing companies do take surveys about their commercials to see how the public responds, they don’t do it six months after the commercial hits the air.  They do it before the commercial appears on television.  Commercials cost a lot of money to produce, so before you spend millions of dollars to have the commercial shown during the Super Bowl, you want to make sure that the commercial will reach the intended audience and that it will be effective.   There’s no benefit in doing that six months later.

Furthermore, commercials have a target audience.  If you’re advertising a product with a target market of 18-35 year old women, you test the commercial before it airs to make sure that the proper audience responds.  That means that you also need to know about the people you are surveying.  How old are they?  Where do they live?  Are they male or female?  How much education do they have?  How much do they earn?  Rank Quiz asks none of these questions, which means that the information they’re collecting from these surveys is worthless.

Oh, and one other thing about Rank Quiz – they will not pay you.  This site is one of many identical sites operated by a company in Ukraine.  They’ve had many of these sites online for months and I haven’t yet encountered a single example of anyone who could prove that they have been paid.

What is Rank Quiz about?  They’re collecting email addresses and probably selling them to spammers.  They’re collecting PayPal account logins and probably trying to hack them.  They’re displaying ads on their sites and making money when people click on them.  What they’re not doing is paying people for taking surveys.

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Rank Quiz Summary

rank quiz - thumbs downRank Quiz is a scam.  They’re wasting your time and they’re not going to pay you.   That is that.  You might sign up and find that you’re getting more spam email than usual and you might find out that your PayPal account has been compromised.  You’re not going to make any money, however.  On the other hand, there are ways to make money online and if you’re really interested in that, you should skip Rank Quiz and visit Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a money making system; it’s a training program and community that will teach you how to build a Website that makes money using a number of legitimate methods.  It’s fun and a great way to meet people, too.  You can even sign up for free.

As for Rank Quiz, it’s a waste of time and is not recommended.


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