Rapid Income Method Review- $5607 in Profits Per Day?

Rapid Income Method Review



rapid income method reviewSo, you’re looking for a fast way to make money online that doesn’t involve huge expense, a lot of knowledge, or a whole lot of time.  That sounds like a pretty tall order, and yet the Rapid Income Method claims that it’s “your only solution” if you’re in debt or need money fast.

How fast?  Dominic Taylor, who appears in videos on the Rapid Income Method site, says you can earn $5607.23 per day, and that you can pretty much start making money right away, with little investment and no specialized knowledge.  That’s pretty intriguing, especially since I discovered the price of the Rapid Income Method – it’s free.

For real?  I had to dig a bit deeper.  Read on for the full Rapid Income Method review.

Rapid Income Method Overview

It appears that Rapid Income Method is a piece of software that will assist you in conducting trades of binary options.  Binary options trading is complex, but basically, you’re investing some money and trying to decide if a particular product will increase or decrease in value over a short period of time.  If you think it’s going to go up and it does, you make money.  If you’re wrong, you lose money.


Binary options trading is complex, and that scares a lot of people away from it.  That’s where products like Rapid Income Method come in.  This piece of software automates the trading process, and according to the Website and videos, their software is successful a high percentage of the time.

rapid income method scamIt’s worth noting that Dominic Taylor says that the Rapid Income Method product is not software, but is actually an “application.”  There’s no difference, though he spends a bit of time trying to explain to you that there is one, and that an “application” that performs financial trades is better than software that does the same thing.

The video has some testimonials from people of all ages and shapes who claim that they’ve made money with this software, er…application.  You’ll also see an indicator that there are only a few slots left, which will encourage you to sign up quickly.  When I visited the site on several different occasions, I was warned that there were 4 slots available, 6 slots available and 7 slots available.  To get “free” access, you just need to provide your name and an email address…and then you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be asked for more information, including your phone number.

Once you do all of that, you’ll have access to the Rapid Income Method software, along with instructions for how to use it.  Yes, it’s actually free, but you will have to spend some money in order to make use of it.


In order to make any financial trades online, you must first have an account with an online brokerage.  The Rapid Income Method software is designed to work with a few brokers in particular, which will be recommended to you when you download the software.  In order to make trades, you must first make a deposit of at least $250.

The Rapid Income Method Website encourages you to make larger deposits than that, of course, saying that the more money you deposit, the more money you can make!  That makes sense…to a point.  If the software works, it shouldn’t really matter how much you deposit.  You can turn $250 into $500 or $1000 by using the Rapid Income Method program, right?  It should just take a bit longer, so why the push to get you to deposit  more money?

rapid income method affiliatesBecause you depositing money is how “Dominic Taylor” or whatever his name really is, makes his money.  The Rapid Income Method software doesn’t actually work, and you won’t make any money with it.   The software does make money, but it won’t make money for you.  It makes money for the people who created it, along with the people who promote the Rapid Income Method software as affiliates.


Above, you’ll see a screenshot of a page from a site that helps marketers find products to promote as affiliates.  I found Rapid Income Method listed there, and you’ll see that it says you can earn $250 per sale if you promote the product.  How can you make $250 per sale as an affiliate if the creator of the product is giving it away?

The creators of Rapid Income Method are making money from the brokers.  Financial trading is a very competitive industry, and brokers are willing to pay a lot of money to anyone who can send new paying customers their way.  Anyone who deposits the minimum amount is a paying customer, and if you’ve downloaded Rapid Income Method and you make a deposit to try to use it, that’s you.

How much do these brokers pay for new customers?  Typically $250-$400 per customer.  It’s worth it to them to pay those kinds of fees because many customers are repeat customers.  So, let’s say that some affiliate (not me!) sends you to the Rapid Income Method Website and you download the software and make a $250 deposit at a brokerage.

rapid income methodYou’ve paid nothing for the software but you’ve spent $250 to make a deposit with a broker.  The broker is grateful, so they give a $400 fee to the creator of the Rapid Income Method software and they, in turn, share $250 of that with the affiliate who sent you to the site in the first place.

You’ve spent nothing for the software, but two different people have made money from your transaction.  Does the software work?  Will you make money using Rapid Income Method?  Of course not. If anyone really developed software that could earn thousands of dollars per day for doing no work, why would they give it away instead of simply using it themselves?

Rapid Income Method doesn’t work.

Rapid Income Method Conclusion

rapid income method - thumbs downRapid Income Method is one of many software products that doesn’t do anything, and it will cost you money just to try it out, even though it’s free.  The only thing Rapid Income Method does is entice you to sign up for a paid product that makes money for the guys who created the program.  It won’t make trades and it won’t leave you with thousands of dollars a day in profits.  If you’re interested in making money online, there are better ways to do it than by using Rapid Income Method.  You might try the recommended program below instead.

Rapid Income Method is not recommended.

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