Real Translator Jobs Review – Is $500 Per Day Possible?

Real Translator Jobs Review – Easy Money or Scam?


Real Translator Jobs is a Website that says they’ll tell you about the thousands of companies that need documents, Websites and email translated into English.  If you speak another language, Real Translator Jobs says you can earn up to $500 per day while working from home.  That sounds pretty easy, especially for the many people who are out of work right now who speak more than one language.  Is Real Translator Jobs the real deal, or is Real Translator Jobs a scam?  Read on for our full Real Translator Jobs review.

real translator jobs reviewWhile the Internet is a global phenomenon, it’s still pretty much an English-language-based medium.  There are online translation services that work reasonably well, but nothing works quite like a native speaker translating it in person, which produces far better results than a computer running translation software.  With the growth of the Internet and companies worldwide trying to work their way into the English language market, it makes sense that a company like Real Translator Jobs would be able to offer opportunities.  But $500 a day?  That sounds like an awful lot of money, especially for something that claims you need no experience.

Real Translator Jobs Overview

The Real Translator Jobs Website is a strange one; I’m not sure how much the product even costs.  The product costs $68, but they had a half off coupon on their site which made it $34, but other pages on their site offer Real Translator Jobs for $24 or even as little as $14.  Of course, once you agree to buy, you’re going to encounter some upsells and not everything on the Real Translator Jobs site is even related to the translation business, as they’re also trying to sell you on the idea of filling out surveys for a living, which isn’t related and which doesn’t work at all.

real translator jobs reviewYour purchase of Real Translator Jobs also gives you some bonuses, which they claim are worth $397.  OK, what kind of bonuses will you get with your Real Translator Jobs membership?

You’ll get some books that tell you how to:

  • Make money as a professional blogger
  • Make money with the Amazon affiliate program
  • Make money with Twitter
  • Make money with Domain Cash Generator
  • Make money selling on eBay
  • Make money with Google

That’s pretty odd; why would I want those things when paying for Real Translator Jobs?  Isn’t the point of this to be making $500 per day translating things into English?  What would I need those other six guides for, especially since they have nothing to do with translation?


The Real Translator Jobs Members Area

Once you log in, you’ll go to the Real Translator Jobs members area, where you’ll see links to some videos that tell you how to find Websites that might need translation services.  You’ll see three videos that run about an hour that tell you how to find such sites, how to determine if they’re a good fit for your particular skills and how to contact the owners of the site to offer to translate their sites for them.  They even include some email templates to send, along with some negotiating tactics so that you can come up with a price for your services.

real translator jobs scamIn addition, you’ll also get a list of companies that hire translators, and you can send them your resume or curriculum vitae to see if they’re interested in hiring you.  Of course, such companies rely on the work of experienced, fluent professional translators, so I’m not sure where the Real Translator Jobs claim that you don’t need any experience actually fits in.

There’s also an offer for a “free” Website, ostensibly so you can use either your translation services or your six bonus books on making money to produce additional income.  Of course, these offers for “free” Websites don’t mention that the Web hosting that comes with them is not free, and you’ll have to pay for that, and probably quite a bit, since the people at Real Translator Jobs are getting a cut of the hosting fees.

If there were really thousands of companies who had a desperate need for translators, a site like Real Translator Jobs would be able to earn commissions from the companies in the form of referral fees, rather than trying to get people like you to pay them money for these supposedly popular jobs.  In addition, they wouldn’t be cluttering up their Website with offers for a bunch of unrelated products, such as a $74 offer to tell you how to make money by taking surveys.

The good news about Real Translator Jobs is that you can get your money back if you join.  Real Translator Jobs is a Clickbank product, and Clickbank requires that their vendors offer buyers a 60 day money back guarantee.  As it happens, Clickbank is pretty generous with their refunds, and all you have to do to get one is ask, which is good, because if you buy Real Translator Jobs with the expectation of actually making $500 per day as a translator of email messages or Websites, you will definitely be wanting your money back.

Real Translator Jobs Summary

Real Translator Jobs- thumbs downThere are a lot of jobs available for people who are fluent in two languages, but paying money to a company that promises to give you a list of “thousands” of prospective employers is a bad idea.  You’d be better off just using your favorite search engine to find people who need translation work done or by going to either Fiverr or Elance and offering your services there.  All in all, Real Translator Jobs is a pretty lousy product, and it’s not going to help you find work.

There are ways to make money online, however, and it is possible to earn a living from home without getting scammed by a product like Real Translator Jobs.  Instead of Real Translator Jobs, why not try an online training program like Wealthy Affiliate instead?  This training program can show you how to make money online with tutorial videos and a very friendly user forum.  You’ll learn how to make money and how to avoid scams like Real Translator Jobs.

Real Translator Jobs is not recommended.


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