Reasonquiz Review – Quick Surveys and Fast Cash?

Reasonquiz Review – Is Making Money Really This Easy?


reasonquiz review Reasonquiz is a new site that offers to pay you to fill out simple surveys.  They pay quite a bit for taking surveys that require just a minute or two to complete, making it a pretty easy way to earn money.  Of course, paid survey sites are usually a waste of time, making me wonder if Reasonquiz is any different.  Still, lots of people are interested in making money online and people are always interested in paid survey sites, for whatever reason.

I decided to check Reasonquiz out and see if it really does what they claim it will do – allow you to make money fast.  Is Reasonquiz the real deal, or a complete waste of time?  Read on for the full Reasonquiz review.

Reasonquiz Overview

Reasonquiz is only the latest in a series of sites created by a company located in eastern Europe.  Their sites vary; some of them are paid survey sites and some of them are sites that pay you to read news articles.  The premise is the same regardless; you complete a simple task and they pay you.  You can earn even more by referring your friends to the site.

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Signing up with Reasonquiz is easy; just give them a username, your PayPal or Payza email address, and a password and you can log in and start taking a survey.

reasonquiz surveyThe surveys are simple.  Just watch a short 30 second commercial and then answer questions about it.  The commercials all involve products that are currently popular and they’re likely commercials that you’ve already seen.  The questions aren’t difficult and they are all multiple choice:

  • Did you see this trade mark earlier?
  • Does the advertising video create a good impression about the company?
  • How do you treat to the goods by this producer?
  • Do you perceive this advertisement as original, new, and differ from the other some?
  • Should the company place this advertisement in the Internet?
  • Appreciate the degree of importance of the information you got
  • Can this advertisement help in involving of consumers?
  • How does this advertisement look compared with competitive producers?

That’s pretty much it; you answer those questions, which takes about 30 seconds, and you’ll have $18 added to your account.  Reasonquiz allows you to take up to four surveys per day, so you can earn $72 each day for about 5-10 minutes worth of work.  You can earn even more by referring friends to Reasonquiz.   When you sign up, you receive a special link that you can give out to friends and family members.  If they sign up, you will receive a $35 bonus for each person you refer, plus 15% of the amount that they earn.  If you happen to know a lot of people, you could earn quite a bit that way.

To get paid, you must have a minimum of $1000 in your account and then you have to wait 30 days for payment.  You can get paid immediately, the Reasonquiz site says, if you refer 5 friends to the site.

That all sounds great, but it also sounds too easy.  Earning $72 per day for doing five minutes worth of work doesn’t make sense, and when something sounds too good to be true, there’s plenty of reason for suspicion.

Problems with Reasonquiz

reasonquiz scamHere are the problems with Reasonquiz that you need to know about.  First of all is the important one:  Reasonquiz will not pay you.

This is where I always get angry comments.  The site hasn’t been online very long, and obviously, I haven’t had time to earn the $1000 minimum, nor have I had time to wait 30 days for payment.  So how do I know that Reasonquiz isn’t going to pay?  Because they don’t pay on any of their sites, and I’ve reviewed many of them and I’ve actually qualified for payment on some of their sites and I’ve never been paid.  Neither has anyone else, and my comments section is full of comments from people who have been waiting for weeks or even months to get paid by these clowns.

If you think about it, there’s no reason why Reasonquiz would pay people to take these surveys.  The questions they’re asking about the commercials you’ve seen are quite generic and would be useless to any survey company.  Plus, the commercials are old and have all been on television for several months now.  Companies do take surveys about the commercials they make, but they take those surveys before the commercials go to air.  That’s so they can make sure the commercials are effective.

Of course, to know if the commercials are effective, you also need to know something about the people who are watching them.  If you’re trying to sell a hot new electronic gadget to people in the 20-25 age group, you’d need to make sure that people in that age group are the ones watching the commercials.  That’s not happening here, and Reasonquiz doesn’t ask any of the important questions that need to be asked of any survey group:

  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • How much education do you have?
  • How much do you earn?

These are all basic questions that any legitimate survey company would ask, and Reasonquiz doesn’t ask any of them.

What are they doing?  In all likelihood, Reasonquiz is simply trying to make money from the advertising they have on their site, though they might also be collecting email addresses to use to send out spam.  They might also be trying to hack PayPal or Payza accounts, so I’d be careful about signing up there.

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Reasonquiz Conclusion

reasonquiz - thumbs downIs Reasonquiz a scam?  Pretty much.  You might not be harmed in any way if you sign up there, but you’re also not going to make any money, either.  They’re not going to pay you, and that’s true regardless of the number of surveys you take or the number of friends and relatives that you refer to the site.  On the whole, Reasonquiz is just a colossal waste of time.  You’d be better off spending your time elsewhere, and if you want to do that and learn how to make money, you might skip Reasonquiz and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.

Reasonquiz is not recommended.


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