Review Sites – Great for Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Review Sites – A Great Way to Start

In a recent post, I wrote about several different approaches to making money online.  There’s no “right way” to do it; you just need to find your marketing niche, and ideally, pick one that you really like.  Then you need to decide what kind of site you want to build.  If you have physical products to sell, you might want a retail site.  If you like to connect with other people, an online forum might be a great way to build a site with a lot of visitors.  Review sites are also a good option, as is a traditional blog.

review sitesAll of these are good options, and there are plenty of people who work online from home who use each of these with good results.  While there is no “best way” to make money online, I think that creating review sites is perhaps the best way to go if you’re new to affiliate marketing.  It’s something that’s easy to do, you’ll find lots of things to write about, and there are many ways to make money with review sites and few barriers that will get in your way.  If you’re just getting started in Internet marketing and you really aren’t sure what you want to do, you should give some serious thought to creating review sites.

The Advantages of Review Sites

There are several reasons why I think review sites are a good way to go if you’re new and don’t have a lot of experience.  Some areas of making money have barriers to entry, for example.  If you’re trying to make money in the Cost Per Action (CPA) niche, you’ll  have to be manually approved by a CPA network before you can promote their offers.  CPA networks like to do business with experienced marketers and they’re going to call you on the phone and ask you what kind of Websites you have, how much traffic you’re generating and what you’re doing to draw traffic to your sites.  If you don’t have any experience, you’re likely to have your application denied.


Most affiliate programs, on the other hand, accept nearly everyone who applies, which represents a low barrier to entry.  It’s fairly easy, for example, to join Clickbank or Amazon as an affiliate.  You’ll be provided with lots of useful tools and in the case of Amazon, a helpful forum.

Here are some other reasons why creating review sites makes sense for affiliate marketing newbies:

review sites - wordpressCreating sites is fast and easy – Review sites are generally just blogs, with a lot of text, a few images, and affiliate links to recommended products.  Building review sites is easy if you’re using WordPress and you won’t need a lot of elaborate plugins to make the site function.  You’ll just need an attractive theme, a linking plugin like Pretty Link Lite, and perhaps a caching plugin.  After that, it’s just a simple matter of creating reviews, which is more or less just writing about the product and honestly telling people whether you like it or not and whether you’d recommend it to them.  If you do like it, you can provide an affiliate link to a place where they can buy it.  If you don’t like it, you can provide an affiliate link to a product that you can recommend that they buy.  It’s possible to have review sites with minimal content online in under an hour.  Then you can add to it over time.
Broad range of products to review – If you’re interested in reviewing products and in making money from it, you’ll need to join an affiliate program.  The beauty of creating review sites, especially for newbies, is that there are tens of thousands of potential products that you can review, and there are few products on the market for which you can’t find an affiliate program.  That means that you have the potential to make money online with just about any kind of product in any kind of niche.  No matter what interests you, there’s going to be some product that you can review for which someone will pay you money for referring paying customers to them.  With that wide a range of products available for willing affiliates, there is pretty much no limit to what you can do to earn money in affiliate marketing.

review sites - googlePeople are eagerly looking for reviews – This may be the single most important aspect of trying to work online from home.  It’s hard to get traffic to any Website, especially if you’re a newbie and don’t have a lot of experience with search engine optimization.  On the other hand, review sites often attract the attention of the search engines and can rank well without a lot of effort.  Why?  Because people are always searching for product reviews.

If there’s a product that people are interested in buying, they’ll usually want to learn more about it before making their decision to buy.  That’s human nature; people aren’t going to spend money on something unless they’re sure that buying that product makes sense for them.  As a result, many buyers search for “product name review” or “product name reviews” before making a decision to purchase.  If you create review sites, and you’re writing content-rich, informative reviews of products that people are genuinely interested in buying, the search engines are going to rank your sites and people are going to find them.  That means you’ll get visitors and traffic and clicks on your affiliate links.

And that, in the end, means affiliate income for you.  Creating review sites offers the easiest way to get visitors from search engines, because you’re creating content that people are actively seeking.  The search engines try to find content that matches the things that people are searching for, and people search for reviews all the time.

Review Sites Summary

There are several ways to create review sites; you can create a site to review a single product, and you can create a site that reviews multiple products within a certain marketing niche.  You’re better off taking the latter approach, as products are sometimes removed from the market for one reason or another, and single-product review sites can be rendered obsolete overnight that way.  On the other hand, building review sites for multiple products in the same niche, such as dog training or health and fitness products, will make it easy to keep your site up to date with new reviews.  Plus, more reviews means more content, and the search engines love sites with lots of content.

If you need to learn more about how to get started in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend that you try Affilorama.  Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that will show you how to make money online by way of an extensive, 10 module training course, video tutorials, and lots of helpful members.  It’s perfect for newbies as well as intermediate to advanced marketers.  If you still aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to creating review sites, it’s a great way to start.  You can even join Wealthy Affiliate for free.


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