Safe Mail Services Review – Send 3 Million Email Messages Per Day?

Safe Mail Services Review – Cash in With Email?


If you’re interested in Internet marketing of any kind, you can certainly benefit from using email marketing.  Having a good mailing list can definitely add to your profits, and the bigger the list, the bigger the potential earnings.  Of course, building a mailing list takes time, so it’s certainly faster if you could simply access an existing list.  That’s where Safe Mail Services says they can help.

safe mail services reviewSafe Mail Services has a system where you can send email messages to the 96 million people that they have on their mailing list.  You can mail once per day and send each message to 3.1 million people.  With such a large database, Safe Mail Services says you can theoretically earn a lot of money, or use the messages to add people to your own list.  This all sounded promising, so we decided to take a closer look.  Is Safe Mail Services a scam?  Read on for our full Safe Mail Services review.

Safe Mail Services Overview

It’s definitely a hassle to build a mailing list yourself, so getting access to someone else’s list saves a lot of time and effort.  But 96 million people?  That’s huge!  If you could get even 1% of those people to respond to any message you sent out, you’d likely be cashing in on whatever offer you threw their way.  At 3.1 million people per message, 1% of that would give you 31,000 responses.  Who couldn’t make a lot of money with that kind of response?


You pay a single $39.95 fee to join Safe Mail Services and then you have access to the member dashboard.  There you can create and store your messages, which you can create in HTML using the provided tools.  You can attach banners or images if you like and your messages are your own.  You won’t have any other advertisements attached to your messages.

Each message that you send through Safe Mail Services can contain up to 55,000 characters, and you can mail to a portion of the mailing list once per day.  If you mail every day for 30 days, you will, in theory, have sent a message to every one of the 96 million people on the Safe Mail Services list.

safe mail services scamIs the Safe Mail Services system safe from spam complaints?  For members, yes, as the messages will show that the sender of the message is the Safe Mail Services system and not you.  Any complaints will be directed towards them.  In addition, the Safe Mail Services mailing list is what’s known as a “safe list”; everyone on that list has signed up to receive promotional email messages.

That all sounds great, and for a mere $39.95, you’ll have access to nearly one hundred million people.  It seems as though it should be an easy task to make a lot of money by simply creating a message every day with some sort of affiliate offer and then sit back while you wait for the cash to roll in.  What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, there are a number of things that could go wrong.  Here are a few reasons why Safe Mail Services is unlikely to allow you to make any money.

  • How big is the list?  They say 96 million people, but there’s no way to verify that.  It might be 50 million, or 50 thousand, or just 50.  You have no way of knowing.
  • Are all the addresses valid?  A lot of the names on that mailing list might be “dead” addresses that have long ago been abandoned by their users.
  • Are the recipients responsive?  Anyone who signs up for a safe list is going to be bombarded with sales offers dozens or even hundreds of times per day.  After a few days of that, if they haven’t unsubscribed, they’re likely to simply start ignoring the email messages.
  • It’s possible that a lot of these email messages are being caught by spam filters, which makes it likely that many of the messages sent out through Safe Mail Services are never actually seen by their intended recipients.

safe mail servicesOne other thing about Safe Mail Services concerns me.  I did a quick search in Google to see how many pages on the Safe Mail Services Website are indexed.  Google lists nearly 4000, and a quick look at some of those pages suggest to me that the Safe Mail Services Website has been hacked.  Most of those thousands of pages on the company’s Website redirect to an online pharmacy.  Given that the Website isn’t particularly secure, I’d have a hard time recommending that anyone do business there.  If the site can get hacked by people who want to place pharma ads on it, then it can, and likely will, also get hacked by people looking to steal email addresses from site users, as well as other personal information.

While there is a lot of money to potentially be made in affiliate marketing through email, you’ll get the best results if you take the time to build your own mailing list. Yes, it’s a lot of trouble, and yes, you will have to spend some money if you want to use a good, reliable autoresponder service.  On the other hand, the people on your mailing list will have signed up for it specifically because they want to receive messages from you, and not just blanket sales pitches from random people who mail out hundreds of times per day.  As a rule, safe lists offer terrible results, and getting even one tenth of one percent in the way of response is likely an impossible task.

Safe Mail Services Summary

safe mail services - thumbs downWhile Safe Mail Services boasts of a 96 million address database, we have no way of knowing if that’s accurate or if the list is responsive.  Plus, the site appears to have been hacked by someone who is using the site to sell all manner of unrelated products.  While the product is certainly inexpensive, you’re unlikely to get any kind of results from it.  On the other hand, Safe Mail Services is offered by Clickbank, and their refund policy is pretty good, so if you want to test it out, there’s little risk.

Safe Mail Services is not recommended.


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