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Salehoo Review – Sources and Resources


While lots of people who want to make money online concentrate on affiliate marketing, where you merely refer people to where they can buy products, rather than selling them, a lot of people like the “hands on” experience of selling and shipping actual tangible merchandise.  There’s nothing wrong with that; after all, we all need stuff, and we have to get it from somewhere.  But if you want to sell real goods online, where do you get them?  Salehoo is an online resource that offers the opportunity to find reputable wholesale sources for just about anything, and they also offer training for creating your online business and even a turnkey ecommerce solution for those who want to build an online store.

salehoo reviewThere’s a lot to know about building a retail store online and finding good sources for products is a big part of that.  Sure, you can simply do a search for “wholesalers” online and probably come up with a bunch of companies that claim that they can help, but as you may well know, not everyone who claims to offer good service actually does.  That’s why it helps to be part of a community like Salehoo, where you can not only research product wholesalers, but get feedback from other site members who have done business with them.

Salehoo Overview

Salehoo offers three main products.  The primary Salehoo product is their membership site, which currently sells for $67 per year.  That’s a nice change from a lot of membership sites, which charge by the month.  What do you get for your Salehoo membership?

A list of more than 8000 wholesale suppliers, with products available in more than 150 categories.  You’ll be able to find just about anything that you need in quantity from trustworthy suppliers.  Need a dropshipper?  Salehoo will point you to one.  Need one that requires no minimum orders?  You can find one of those, too.


The Salehoo Market Research Lab gives you access to tools which will show you which types of products are currently “hot”.  You also get tons of free training to help you set up your business, covering such topics as:

  • eBay selling – What to sell on eBay and how
  • Amazon selling – Why you should sell on Amazon and how to go about it
  • Product sourcing – Finding good sources and how to evaluate them
  • Importing and shipping – What you need to know about bringing products into your country and delivering them to your customers
  • Business setup – Registering your business, getting a tax ID and more
  • Your Website – Building your site, drawing traffic, advertising and more
  • Scam Prevention – How to avoid both customers and sellers who want to take advantage of you

All of this training is included with your basic Salehoo membership.  In addition, you’ll also have access to their user forum, where you can post questions and learn from people who have already done what you’re trying to do so you don’t make the same mistakes that they did.  You’ll also get access to Salehoo’s support staff if you have technical questions that you can’t get answered from the forum.

A monthly newsletter, outlining new sales tactics and listing new wholesalers is included with your subscription.

Salehoo Stores

salehoo storesIt’s nice to buy from Salehoo’s recommended wholesalers, but what do you do with the merchandise?  Obviously, you need to sell it.  You can open your own brick and mortar store if you like, but lots of Salehoo members just decide to build an online store instead.  While that’s something that you can do in WordPress, by adding a few ecommerce plugins, it can get technically complicated, and perhaps too much so for a lot of marketers.

For such people, Salehoo offers Salehoo Stores, a complete, turnkey solution for creating your own online storefront.  For one low monthly fee, you can build an online store with one mouse click and the store requires virtually no technical knowledge.

Salehoo Stores include the ability to host hundreds or thousands of products, 75 different themes so you can customize your store, free phone and email support, your own domain name, and free training to help you get your store online and get the most out of it.  Salehoo Stores probably offers the easiest, fastest way to build a functioning retail Website that I’ve ever seen.  Pricing will vary, depending on features, but the price of Salehoo Stores currently ranges between $27 and $97 per month, making it a relative bargain as ecommerce products go.  Some standalone ecommerce plugins for WordPress cost thosuands.

Salehoo Online Selling Tactics

salehoo scamWhile the basic training that comes with Salehoo is very good, you might want to learn more.  For that there’s Salehoo Online Selling Tactics, a standalone video training course that goes more in-depth in covering what you need to know to make money online via retail sales.  The Salehoo Online Selling Tactics course includes seven hour-long videos that cover everything you need to know about selling products online.  The course includes bonus videos for beginners as well as a complimentary membership in the basic Salehoo membership program, so you’ll be ready to find products to sell as soon as you’re done with the course.  The Salehoo Online Selling Tactics course is perfect for the newbie who doesn’t know where to begin.

Salehoo isn’t a new company; they’ve been online since 2005 and have helped thousands of customers go on to successful careers selling online.  Their database of wholesale suppliers is constantly updated, so you’ll always have fresh sources for the newest and hottest products.

Salehoo Summary

salehoo- thumbs upThere’s a lot to know if you want to build an online retail store.  You need to know what to sell, how to sell it, how to build a store, and most importantly, how and where to find products to sell from trustworthy sources that can sell to you at a price that allows you to make money.  Salehoo offers the sources and the training to help you get started making money online the old fashioned way – by selling real products to people.  Is Salehoo a scam?  Not at all.

Salehoo is a good product and I highly recommend it.


6 thoughts on “Salehoo Review – A Good Way to Build an Online Store

  1. I’ve just signed up with SaleHoo a couple of weeks ago but I’m having to finish up another business before I can put any real time into it . My main question is about the SaleHoo Stores . How many prospects get to see my SH Store vs an Amazon or e-Bay store ? Can the SH store be also seen on either of those sites ? I have a zillion other questions but that will do for a start . , lol

    • Salehoo is a source of finding suppliers for products that you sell elsewhere, such as on eBay, Amazon, or your own site. How many people see any store you create anywhere is dependent on a variety of factors; there’s no simple answer.

      I’m not a Salehoo rep, so your best bet for getting answers to your questions is to ask them directly at Salehoo support.


  2. For companies that do drop shipping, will they still sell me goods at they wholesale price? Or does it vary?

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