Sales Pages Are Designed to Manipulate You

Sales Pages Mislead on Purpose

I’ve written before about the structure of the long form sales pages that are used to promote moneymaking products, but I thought I’d spend a bit more time on the subject.  There are a lot of good and worthwhile courses and software programs out there that are for sale in the make money online niche, but there are also a lot of moneymaking scams, misleading products and a few products I’ve seen are bordering on criminal.  Most of the good products will use their sales page to show you what their product does and how you might benefit from buying it.  For a software product, for instance, sales page mights devote a lot of space, or even a video, to showing you how the software works and what it does.

sales pages misleadFor the scam products, the sales pages tend to have a slightly different focus.  In these cases, you’re going to see sales pages that seemingly talk about everything but the product itself.  The purpose of such sales pages is to mislead you into thinking about the potential results of your purchase, rather than the very nature of the purchase itself.  Sometimes, the distinction is pretty fine, but other times, it’s blatant.  Read on and I’ll give you some examples of how sales pages are often designed to get you thinking about anything but the product itself.

Sales Pages and Manipulation

There are several common tactics that are used on long form sales pages to get you to buy while not paying too much attention to the product itself:

sales pages - what the product is notConcentrating on what the product is not –   This is a common feature of sales pages in the make money online niche.  Instead of telling you what the product does, or what is required to use it, or what skills might be necessary to use the product effectively, the sales pages offers a long list of all of the things that the product does not require.  You might be told that you don’t need technical skills or that the product doesn’t require that you use social media or that you won’t need to use search engine optimization to get visitors to your site.  The talk is never about what you do need; it’s always about what you don’t.  Usually, such sales pages include in these lists things that are commonly assumed to be essential to the task at hand, and are designed to get you to marvel at the product in question, since it doesn’t involve any of those things.   In doing so, they’ve got you amazed at what their product can do, even though they haven’t told you a thing about it!  You’ll notice, by the way, that sites that use this tactic never include a list of what’s required or needed.  They only list what isn’t, which, of course, tells you nothing about the product.

appeals_to_greedAppeals to greed –  This is perhaps the most common tactic to be found on sales pages for products in the make money online niche.  Instead of telling you how the product works or what it does, you’ll see images that suggest that the product is going to make you rich.  Such features on sales pages might be subtle, such as a small photo off to the side showing the creator of the product on a beach, or they might be bold, such as a video showing yachts and expensive sports cars.  A now-defunct product called The Rich Jerk came on the market about ten years ago and had a sales page that was covered with photos of yachts, expensive cars, and models in bikinis.  It was pretty blatant; the text was supposedly written by the creator of the product and most of the text talked about how the creator is very rich and you, the reader, are not.


The entire point of using this sort of thing on sales pages is to appeal to your sense of greed and get you thinking exclusively about the all of the money you will supposedly have when you buy this product, rather than thinking about the product itself.  This sort of tactic isn’t often found on sales pages for software programs or training courses anymore, but you’ll still see it a lot on the sales pages for anything having to do with multilevel marketing, particularly the more expensive ones, such as MOBE.

sales pages - specific dollar amountsUsing big and specific dollar amounts – This tactic that’s frequently found on sales pages is somewhat subtle, but it’s about how the creator of a product will tell you how much money he’s making.  Sales pages won’t tell you that a product made $500,000, because most readers will just assume that the number is something that was simply made up in order to sell the product.  So numbers like $500,000 are never used. Instead, the sales pages will list very specific numbers – “Discover the method that earned $512,646.37 in only ten days!”  Readers will often assume that round numbers are fabricated, but that numbers that are specific, right down to the penny, are usually taken at face value.  Note, too, that these are always presented as numbers, rather than as words.  Again, it’s all about getting you to think about the money, rather than the product.

Sales Pages Trickery Summary

These sorts of sales pages manipulations are still pretty common in the world of affiliate marketing and if you spend any time trying to work online from home, you’re going to see these tactics pretty often.  It pays to remember that solid, reputable products will have sales pages that talk about the product itself and the features of the products.  The shady sales pages are going to talk about the benefits of the product, money and riches, and what the product is not.  These methods are often subtle; they’re designed to trick you into thinking you’re buying something that is better than it is.  Learn to recognize these tactics when you see them.

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