Screw95 Review – No BS Moneymaking Tips?

Screw95 Review – Tips from a Lazy Stoner?

Note: We have no relationship to Screw95 and we are not affiliates for the product

If you’re tired of being told that you spending a fortune on some MLM program or spending thousands on a moneymaking course will allow you to become an overnight millionaire, Jay Wessman has a nice alternative for you.  Screw95 is a marketing course intended for both newbies who want to work online from home and experienced marketers, and jay, a self-confessed “lazy stoner” says he’s going to offer “no BS” training that will allow you to earn money 24/7 without the hype or expense that comes with other products.  The name, “Screw95” sort of means “screw 9-5”, as in, “get rid of your job.”

screw95 review logoThat’s a nice change from the usual products we see, where we encounter promises of thousands of dollars per day and pictures of yachts and sports cars.  Jay’s sales pitch is pretty low key and he says that Screw95 will show you everything you need to know to make money online for a single low price with “no BS.”  Is Screw95 the real deal, or is Screw95 a scam?  Read on for our full Screw95 review.

Screw95 Overview

The Screw95 course is offered at a simple price of $97, and in a big surprise, there are no upsells and no continuity programs.   You pay a single fee to gain access to Screw95 and that’s that.  Inside, you get the video course, which is divided into five modules:

1. Choosing a niche – How to find profitable niches that have low competition so you can hit the ground running.
2. Setting up your Website – Instructions on setting up WordPress and adding plugins and themes to give your sites a professional look in minutes.
3. Adding Products – Adding products to your site so that you can earn commissions when they sell, with emphasis on finding products that are profitable and easy to promote.
4. Dominating search – Using SEO techniques to get visitors from organic search engine traffic.
5. Dominating social – Using social media to get customers and backlinks for your site.

In addition, Screw95 comes with a few bonuses:

1. Scaling up – Building a profitable site is a good thing, but building more than one of them increases your earnings.  This bonus will show you how to automate a lot of the process, including having content written for you.
2. Case studies – Jay reveals some of his sites and shows you exactly what he’s done to make them profitable.
3. The private forum.  The private forum might be the best of these bonuses, as it gives you the opportunity to share information with other Screw95 members.
Jay and the Screw95 team also offer plenty of direct support, so if you get into trouble or have any problems, they can help you out quickly.


Basically, Screw95 is a course that’s going to show you how to find a niche, pick a product, and build a profitable affiliate marketing Website from the ground up, complete with support and a user forum.

screw95 user forum

The information contained within the Screw95 is fairly basic stuff, but if you’re a newbie, you’ll likely find it to be pretty useful.  Most advanced marketers know how to find niches and products and how to set up WordPress, but if you don’t, then this is probably a good course for you.  The information is presented in a way that makes it easy to follow.  Jay likes recommends promoting Amazon products as an affiliate as they’ve got lots of products in a variety of niches.  Backlinking techniques mostly consist of telling you to insert your links in online forums, which works, but not as well as it used to.

All of this information contained in the Screw95 course is best suited to newbies, though marketers with moderate experience may find a bit of useful information there.  The user forums appear to have only a moderate number of topics, so I can’t really recommend buying Screw95 if you’re looking for access to a good marketing forum, as there are others out there with tens of thousands of topics that you can browse that don’t cost you anything to join, whereas Screw95 will cost you $97.

screw95 - lazy stoner jay wessmanOn the downside, if there is one, is that Jay almost universally recommends paid options for solving all kinds of problems in the course of building your niche sites, and these are almost certainly products for which Jay is an affiliate.  That means that he’s going to recommend a particular hosting company and a certain vendor for paid WordPress themes and other specific vendors for WordPress plugins and so on.  There may be free options available, but Screw95 is going to recommend that you use products for which they earn a commission.   On the other hand, there are no upsells, one time offers or monthly membership fees associated with purchasing Screw95, so that may be a fair tradeoff.

Screw95 Summary

screw95 - thumbs upOn the whole, Screw95 isn’t a bad product at all.  Is Screw95 a scam?  Absolutely not.  Screw95 is completely on the level, and represents a good and earnest attempt to tell you what you need to know about getting started in affiliate marketing in a brief, concise, no-nonsense kind of way.  I’m not sure if Jay Wessman is really a stoner or not, but like the Rich Jerk from a few years ago, the stoner bit may simply be the marketing angle he’s chosen.  The point he’s making with his stoner persona is that it is relatively easy to find niches, find products to promote and build Websites that you can use to promote products for a commission.  In fact, it’s easy enough for a stoner to do, so if he can do it, so can you.

The only real issue I have with Screw95 is the price.  At $97, it’s neither cheap nor super expensive, but there are other products and solutions out there that offer as much, or more, for a lower price.   While Screw95 costs $97, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.  Instead of the 200 or so topics in the Screw95 forum, you’ll find several thousand topics in the Wealthy Affiliate forum.  While both sites are helpful, Wealthy Affiliate is far more comprehensive and even allows you to “earn while you learn.”

That said, I’d recommend Screw95, with reservations, due to the price and the relatively small forum.


4 thoughts on “Screw95 Review – No BS Moneymaking Tips?

  1. Please do a review on FRESHSTORE BUILDER. What do you know about it if anything? I am a newbie. Also, as far as WEALTHY AFFILIATE, does the free information compare equally to what Jay gives you in his complete course Screw 95? So that, if I sign up with Wealthy Affiliate as a non-paying member instead of getting Jays course, will I get enough information to start making money? I am not being cheap, I believe you when you say the paid membership is worth it. However, if I am going to subscribe at $50.00 a month, it would be nice to be able to pay the subscription fee with money that I am making online. Thanks for your help.

    • I think even the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate offers more than you’ll get with Screw95. It’s certainly possible to get started earning money with the free program and you can also earn commissions for referring other people to the program as a free member. You do, of course, earn double commissions as a paying member, and that’s a big plus.

      You’ll find a comparison chart between the free and paid versions here.

      Of course, since the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate is actually free, why not just go sign up and see what’s there? I think you’ll be surprised at how much is available for free members.


  2. I have watched Jay’s videos on YouTube for free and learnt a ton. I think he is a really great teacher and somehow, I totally understand what he teaches. I also love the fact that he has no up-sells. I will definitely purchase his course this month. I just also wanted to say to you thank you so so much for this website and honest reviews. I have bookmarked it. You saved me from purchasing FaceBeast! I’m glad I read your review before I did! Whew! Also, most bloggers don’t talk about the mysterious up-sells that hit you after you have purchased the initial offer. I appreciate that you do. I just wish Wealthy Affiliate were slightly lower than $50.00 a month. Maybe a discount if you buy a yearly subscription? Anyway.. Thanks again for your helpful website.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been accused by some product creators of just making up reviews in order to promote whatever it is that I want to promote, but I try to be honest. If it’s good, I’ll say so. If it’s not, I’ll share that, too. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on lousy products, so I can certainly understand the need for honest reviews.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, there is a substantial discount for buying an annual subscription. While the paid membership is $47 per month, the annual subscription is currently $359, which works out to about $30 per month.

      The $47 per month is still pretty good; another program that I like, Affilorama, costs $67 monthly. They, like Wealthy Affiliate, also have a free membership.


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