Sell Anything Online Review – The Secrets to Internet Sales Success

Sell Anything Online Review – How to Find It and Sell It


Chris Snow has been busy lately.  He recently wrote an ebook about how to make money flipping Websites that I reviewed not that long ago.  Now he has a new book out called Sell Anything Online that promises to show you how to make money selling anything online.  While I’ve long been involved in affiliate marketing, I’ve been selling physical items through the mail for far longer, and I find the idea of looking for bargains and reselling them to be appealing.  Of course, there’s a lot to learn about selling physical items and a lot more to learn about finding them in the first place.

sell anything online reviewSell Anything Online is going to show you how to find things and how to sell them.  That sounds pretty straightforward, but the depth of this course, offered as a combination of ebook and downloadable videos, is pretty impressive.  Most courses of this type concentrate on selling on eBay or Amazon, for instance, but Sell Anything Online offers far more information than that.  Read on for my full Sell Anything Online review.

Sell Anything Online Overview

Sell Anything Online comes as a two-part course – a 265 page PDF file and a zip file containing 8 videos.  The bulk of the information is presented in the book, while the videos emphasize certain aspects of the information from the book in order to help you understand them better.

The Sell Anything Online book is divided into nine chapters:

Getting Started – In this chapter, Chris gives you an overview of what’s covered in the book, a general idea of what sorts of things you should be looking for in order to resell them, and things you should watch out for in order to ensure that you don’t lose money.

Marketplaces & Venues – The second chapter of Sell Anything Online gives a brief overview of the numerous places where you can sell products online.  These include the big sites of eBay, Amazon and Etsy, along with sites that allow you to print on demand as well as smaller, independent options such as classified ad sites and online forums and blogs.

sell anything online- ebayWhere and How to Buy – This chapter of Sell Anything Online gets to the meat of the book, and shows you an astonishing number of places and sources for buying things that you can resell, along with detailed information about how to go about finding the products, determining their value and more.  This chapter will cover consignments, yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, liquidation auctions, estate auctions, storage auctions, drop shipping and wholesale importing and even how to go about dumpster diving for profit.  This chapter was pretty impressive, and Chris has a lot of information to share about how to go about finding gold in places where you’d think there was nothing useful to be found.

Creating a Physical Product or Service – Not everyone wants to resell, and for those of you who are creative, this chapter of Sell Anything Online will show you how to make your own products to sell, rather than going out and finding them.

How to Sell – In a book called Sell Anything Online, you’d think this would have been chapter one, but Chris saves this one for later by making sure that you first have something to sell.  Of course, this is the important chapter of the book, and here, Chris goes into detail about the actual mechanics of selling – listing items for sale, taking pictures, writing descriptions, the psychology of selling, and more.  He also offers some tips for how to ensure that the items you list for sale on eBay and Amazon actually sell.  Lots of items on those sites just sit there, and there’s a secret to setting up your listings in order to make sure that these things actually sell and make money for you.

sell_anything_online_exampleShipping & Handling – Obviously, if you’re selling things, you’re going to have to make sure that they somehow get delivered to your buyers.  This can be a headache, so Chris devotes this chapter of Sell Anything Online to making sure that you understand how the major shippers work, how to find packing and shipping supplies and how to handle damage and insurance claims.   He also has a section on the value of offering free shipping to your customers.

The first six chapters of Sell Anything Online provide pretty much everything you need to know, but Chris offers two additional chapters with some supplementary material:

Individual Scenarios – This chapter of Sell Anything Online offers advice for people who fall into specific groups – students, people working full time, and even people who are homeless.  This chapter offers some specific strategies that may help people in certain situations.

Challenges – In order to keep things moving, Chris has given himself certain challenges over the years, such as earning $10,000 in 30 days.  This Sell Anything Online chapter covers that 30 day period in detail as Chris outlines exactly how he went about starting with nothing and selling $10,000 worth of merchandise within a single month’s time.

All in all, Sell Anything Online is a terrific course and would be suitable for just about anyone who is interested in making money online while selling physical products.  The book is surprisingly thorough, and covers an astonishingly wide variety of material.

While I think the Sell Anything Online book and video course is great, Chris is doing a terrible job of marketing it, and there’s a lesson to be learned from that.  I’m calling his book “Sell Anything Online”, but that’s my title; the truth is that it’s pretty much impossible to tell what the product is actually called, and that makes it nearly impossible to search for it.

The name of the Website is
The site says they’re selling “The Secrets of Internet Sales Success”
If you try to buy the book, the order form will tell you you’re buying “Sell Anything Online”
The filename of the book itself is “You Can Sell It”
The title within the book is “Master Internet Sales”
Here’s a valuable lesson for anyone creating a product for sale – find one name for it, and use that one name for everything.  It needs to be the name of the Website.  It needs to be the headline of the Website.  It needs to be the name of the book.  It needs to be the title within the book itself.

Why?  So people can search for it and find it.  Chris has a great book here, and he’ll likely sell quite a few copies…provided that anyone can find his Website.

Sell Anything Online Conclusion

sell anything online- thumbs upWhile I concentrate on affiliate marketing on this site, there’s still a ton of money to be made in selling physical products.  Of course, the keys to that are knowing what to find, knowing where to find it, and knowing how to sell it. Sell Anything Online is a great book and video course that will show you how to do just that.  The course covers the material well and it’s easy to follow.

Sell Anything Online is highly recommended.

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