SENukeTNG Review – A Good SEO Tool Just Got Better

SENukeTNG Review – Easier and Cheaper Backlinks


senuketng reviewThere are two things you need to do for your Website to get traffic in addition to creating great content, which, I presume, you’re already doing.  One of those things is taking care of search engine optimization, or SEO.  The other is getting backlinks to your site.  The first is hard; the second one is really time consuming.  That’s where SENukeTNG can help.

SENukeTNG is the latest iteration of a product that was originally called SENuke, which was first released in 2008.  The purpose of SENukeTNG is to help you get backlinks to your site through automation, thus saving you time that you can spend doing more productive things, such as creating even more compelling content for your site.  The latest version of SENukeTNG has some pretty amazing features that make an already-good product even better.  Read on for the full SENukeTNG review.

SENukeTNG Overview

The “TNG” in the SENukeTNG name stands for “the next generation,” and it’s the latest in a series of updates in a product that has been seeing regular updates since its original launch.  The basic product hasn’t changed; SENukeTNG is a tool that publishes content on the Web to press release sites, article directories, social media sites and other useful Website, and publishes backlinks to your site within that content.  Then the tool makes sure that your published articles and backlinks get indexed by the search engines.


That’s great, and SENuke has long worked well to do that.  But there were a few headaches that came along with using it.  You needed to pay a monthly subscription fee for proxy IP addresses, as many Websites will block you if you try to publish too much content from a single IP address.  It was also necessary to pay for a CAPTCHA breaking service, unless you wanted to watch your computer while it did its work and enter the CAPTCHA codes every time SENuke wanted to upload something.  After a few hundred times of that, buying a CAPTCHA service became necessary.

The new SENukeTNG eliminates both of those problems, as a high-grade CAPTCHA tool is built in to the system, as is access to thousands of proxy IPs.  Now, you don’t have to worry about those two things or pay for them, which is great, because they got expensive in a hurry.

senuketng featuresThere are a few new features that make SENukeTNG a far better product than its predecessor:

Improved content management – Content used to be tied to a single campaign; if you wanted to change it, you needed to cancel your campaign, add your new content and start over.  Now the new Article Manager allows you to use the same content for multiple campaigns and change content on the fly

New content sources – You used to have to use your own content or use the expensive Article Builder software.  Now there are three additional content sources you can use – all automated, of course.

Text spinning – SENukeTNG has a built-in text spinner, but you can also use three third-party spinners to spin your content on demand.

Smart link placement – SENukeTNG now automatically places links within your articles and does it contextually.  Instead of a naked link, you’ll have links that use your keywords and phrases as anchor text.

Authority links – SENukeTNG automatically adds links to authority sites to your content, making it look more natural and giving your own articles more credibility.

Loop Mode – With the old version of SENuke, you had to create individual campaigns that would run for periods of 1-30 days.  When they were done, you had to discard them.  Now with Loop Mode, you can run the campaigns over again, with new content and new accounts.  This makes the software truly “set and forget.”

Improved wizards –  SENukeTNG is a really complicated piece of software, but the new Wizard and Turbo Wizard make it easy for anyone, including newbies, to get a campaign up and running in just a few minutes.  They’ve listened to complaints about how hard the software was to use, so they improved the wizards to make it easier than ever to get running.

Improved indexing tools – The newest version of SENukeTNG now has improved indexing tools to make sure that your sites, articles and links all get indexed by the search engines faster than ever before.

Crowdsearching feature – This new feature uses an automated process to improve your rankings by simulating Web searches for your sites using your keywords, all automatically.

These are just a few of the new features that are included in SENukeTNG.  Like I said, the software has been around for a long time, has great support, and gets frequent updates.  Lots of automated software solutions fall flat when it comes to upgrades.  You buy a piece of software and it works for a while, and then Google or Bing changes how they do things, and then the software doesn’t work anymore, and you get no help from the developer because they’ve moved on to other things.

senuketngI’ve got dozens of pieces of software that I’ve paid lots of money for that are now useless for that reason.  That’s not the case with SENukeTNG, though.  Every time you open the software, it automatically checks for updates and installs them automatically.  A single mouse click will show you the update history for the software, and in my experience, SeNuke gets updated about 5-6 times per month.  They’re constantly adding new sites to which you can post content and removing sites that have gone offline or have quit working for one reason or another.

The tech support is terrific, too.  There’s a great forum for users, and you can usually get help for just about any problem you might be having with the software in minutes.  There are also plenty of “how to” videos to help you with any learning curve you might encounter.

On the price front, it’s worth noting that SENukeTNG is not an inexpensive piece of software.  They do charge a monthly fee to use it, but they have two tiered pricing, with a “Lite” version and a “Full” version.  You can start with one and upgrade later if you like.  You can also get a 7 day free trial of SENukeTNG.  That will let you see what it does and how it does it.

SENukeTNG Conclusion

senuketng- thumbs upLike I said, I’ve been using SENuke for five years.  It’s a great piece of software that does its job well.  It has great tutorials, a good user forum, and a great support staff.  It’s updated regularly, and the new version of SENukeTNG has more features than ever before.  Thanks to the new CAPTCHA and proxy features, it’s also less expensive to use than ever before.

SENukeTNG is a good piece of software for anyone who is having trouble getting their site ranked in the search engines.  SENukeTNG is highly recommended.

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