SEO Firesale Review – Make Money Reselling SEO Courses?

SEO Firesale – Good Value or Scam?

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SEO Firesale, the latest product from longtime marketer Eric Homlund, says you can tap into the huge search engine optimization (SEO) market by buying their product, which allows you to resell a series of courses related to helping people rank in the search engines.  Can you really make money with SEO Firesale?  Is SEO Firesale a scam?  Read on for our full SEO Firesale review.

seo firesale reviewRanking highly in the major search engine listings used to be easy; all you had to do was include a lot of keywords as often as you felt like typing them and you’d quickly rise to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS.)  That’s no longer the case, as Google and Bing have become much more particular about how they rank sites.  As a result, search engine optimization has become big business, and a lot of companies that specialize in SEO services make a lot of money helping their customers rank their sites. SEO Firesale claims to help you tap into this market by giving you a series of courses that you can sell to interested people at whatever price you choose.

SEO Firesale Overview

The salespage for SEO Firesale is minimal; instead you’re going to have to watch a 29 minute video that tells you what the product is about.  I hate that; especially when they don’t give you controls over the video and don’t tell you how long it’s going to be.  Often, such sales pages tell you that you’ll be watching a “short video” when they sometimes run as long as an hour!

seo firesale courseIn this case, it’s nearly 30 minutes, and Eric Holmlund tells you that the SEO market is huge, that people are paying a fortune for SEO services and products and that the market is largely untapped and waiting for people like you to cash in.  He then offers you the main SEO Firesale product, which he says you can get for the really low price of $27…but only for a few more days at which time it will be gone forever.

The product is a series of courses that you can resell, along with sales pages and download pages so you can build a Website and start selling.  The courses offered with SEO Firesale are:

  • Keyword Research Simplified.
  • Private Blog Network Simplified.
  • SEO for Businesses Simplified.
  • Social signals for SEO.
  • SEO Profits Simplified.

You’ll get the graphics and the Website content and all you have to do to make fat bank is throw those pages up on the Web and people will flock to your site to buy them.


What Eric Holmlund doesn’t tell you in his 30 minutes of talking is that the $27 “low price” isn’t all he’s trying to sell you.  There’s also a $97 upsell that will allow you to rebrand the products as your own creations, a lead capture system so you can build a mailing list and some bonus products to offer with the products you’re selling.

An additional upsell, offered at $27 per month, gives you a new product to resell every month, again, complete with sales pages, etc.

Still another upsell, priced at $1000, is to have Eric and his team create your very own product for you, rather than have you resell the products that come with SEO Firesale.  Of course, to even get to the $1000 upsell to sell something unique, you first have to buy the SEO Firesale product, anyway.  While the thousand dollar price may sound insane, that particular upsell may be the best product in the entire sales funnel and the one with which you’re most likely to make money.  I’ll explain why in a bit.

seo firesale upsell

So, this low SEO Firesale price of $27 could actually cost you as much as $1124, plus $27 per month if you go “all in” and buy everything Eric is offering.

Can SEO Firesale Make Money For You?

You probably won’t make a dime with SEO Firesale, and here’s why:

The products aren’t new, and they’re not unique, and you’re going to be one of thousands of people trying to sell them, and you’re all going to be using the exact same sales pages to do it.  That means that getting your sales pages to rank in the search engines is going to be virtually impossible, even if you are a whiz at SEO yourself.

That means, ironically enough, that even though you’re telling people you can show them how to rank highly in the search engines if they buy the SEO courses you’re selling, you likely won’t be able to rank those very sales pages highly in the rankings at all.

The $97 upsell won’t help you rank and even the ability to create a mailing list won’t help you if you can’t draw traffic to your site because it’s a cookie-cutter site that looks just like the thousand others that are all trying to sell the same products with the same sales page.

The monthly membership will give you a new product to sell every month, but again, you’ll be competing with every other person who buys it and again, the products and sales pages will all be the same.

That’s why the $1000 upsell may provide your best opportunity to make money.  If Eric guarantees that the product he creates for you for $1000 is genuinely unique and isn’t going to be offered to anyone else, then you’d likely have a unique product and a unique sales page and you’d be more likely to make money with that than by trying to resell the basic SEO Firesale product.

SEO Firesale Conclusion

The Singing Guru - mehIs SEO Firesale a bad product?  Not really.  Eric Holmlund is offering a lot of stuff for the basic $27 price, and if you’re an experienced marketer and you know a lot about drawing visitors to sites that don’t have unique content, you might be able to make a bit of money from it.  If you’re a newbie or don’t have extensive experience in traffic generation, you’ll likely find SEO Firesale to be a waste of time and you won’t make money with it.

If you are a newbie and you don’t know anything about traffic generation, a good alternative to SEO Firesale would be an affiliate marketing training program like Wealthy Affiliate.  You can learn with training videos that show you, step by step, how to find a product to market, build a Website and draw traffic to it.  You can interact with other marketers in the user forum, and you’ll learn a lot without spending any money.  That’s better than buying a product like SEO Firesale and hoping to be able to resell it while competing with thousands of other people who are doing the same thing.

Is SEO Firesale a scam?  No, but I’d rate it as so-so.


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