Shopify WordPress Plugin Review – Build a Store in Minutes

Shopify WordPress Plugin Review


shopify reviewI write a lot about affiliate marketing on this site, mostly because I believe it offers the easiest path to making money online for newbie marketers.  That doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s the only way to make money.  One of the better ways to make money online is still old-fashioned direct retail – selling physical products to people.  That can be problematic, but the new Shopify WordPress plugin makes it a lot easier, especially for existing Websites.

I’ve previously written a Shopify review; it’s one of the Web’s leading ecommerce solutions for sites and businesses of all sizes.  They can set up your store for you, host it for you (or you can host it yourself) and handle the credit card transactions, too.  They can handle thousands of products along with different sizes, styles and colors and the resulting store looks as impressive as anything else you’re going to find online.

This is great if you’re starting from scratch, but what if you simply want to add ecommerce to an existing site?  That’s where the Shopify WordPress plugin comes in and it can make it really easy to add one or more products to an existing site that is not built for ecommerce.  Read on for the full Shopify WordPress plugin review.

Shopify WordPress Plugin Overview

If you’re planning to build a full-fledged online store from scratch, you’d be better off just signing up with Shopify and using their store-building platform to build a slick, clean, easy-to-navigate storefront that’s built especially for that purpose.  That’s great, but if you have an existing blog or Website, you might want to simply add an item or two to your site that might supplement your site’s content, along with your income.  The Shopify WordPress plugin is simply an extension of the company’s existing ecommerce solutions.


For doing that, a full-blown Shopify storefront would be the wrong approach.  What you want instead is to leave your existing blog intact, so that you don’t have to rebuild the site from scratch just to add a few items to your site so that people can buy them.

Instead, you can install the free Shopify WordPress plugin, which will add a bit of ecommerce functionality to your existing site.

While the Shopify WordPress plugin is free, you must have an active Shopify account to use it.  That’s because the plugin interacts with your Shopify account to handle inventory, the sales transaction, and shipping.

shopify_wordpress_plugin_demoOnce you download the Shopify WordPress plugin, which you can do from the plugins page of your WordPress site, you activate it and go to the Shopify link on the left side of your administration page.  You’ll be asked to put in the name of your Shopify store and your login credentials.  Once you do that, you’ll have access to some customizable tools that will allow you to quickly add an item for your sale to your page or blog post, which you can add by simply adding the provided shortcode to the existing text.

The Shopify WordPress plugin lets you change fonts, font sizes, descriptions, text for the “buy now” button and colors.  You can add an item description and price and click “save” and you’re ready to go.  The item will appear wherever you insert the shortcode, making it possible to create a small “mini store” on a page that’s otherwise full of text.

If you’re writing an article about the usefulness of blue widgets and you happen to have blue widgets for sale, you can put a picture and description of one right there within the article, along with a compelling “Buy Now!” button that makes it easy for your site visitors to make the purchase.  Of course, all of the transactions are handled by Shopify on their end, making the whole process seamless for the user.

You’re not limited to a single item, either.  The Shopify WordPress plugin will allow you to add unlimited items to your site or sites, giving you greater flexibility than you might otherwise have when you’re building a traditional Shopify storefront.

Are you multilingual or do your site visitors typically speak a language other than English?  If so, you’ll be pleased to see that the Shopify WordPress plugin is available in both Spanish and French in addition to English.

Below is a short animated gif that shows how easy it can be to add an item to your WordPress site or blog using the Shopify WordPress plugin:

Shopify WordPress plugin demonstration

As I said before, the Shopify WordPress plugin isn’t suitable for everyone; it’s particularly not the best choice if you’re building a Website that’s strictly for retail.  I have a retail Website, and pretty much every page involves a description of an item for sale.  If you have a site like that, you definitely should go with a properly designed Shopify storefront, rather than using the Shopify WordPress plugin, which is designed simply to add a bit of ecommerce functionality to an existing blog or Website that is primarily intended to provide information, rather than to make sales.

While the Shopify WordPress plugin is free, you will have to have a Shopify account to use it.  They’re surprisingly affordable, and start at just $29 per month, with a 14 day free trial for which you can sign up at the Shopify WordPress plugin page.  Of course, by signing up, you’ll also have access to all of the Shopify resources, meaning that you’ll also be able to build a proper ecommerce Website if you’d like.  With the Shopify WordPress plugin, you can have the best of both worlds.

Shopify WordPress Plugin Conclusion

As I said in my previous review, I think Shopify is a terrific product, and a great choice for anyone who is interested in making money online through direct retail.  They offer great, professional-looking Websites, offer a shopping cart system that’s intuitive and easy to use for the customer, make their sites almost infinitely customizeable, and offer it all at an affordable price.  With the introduction of the Shopify WordPress plugin, they now add the ability to offer a bit of additional ecommerce functionality to existing blogs and Websites.

All in all, the Shopify WordPress plugin is highly recommended.

Click here to learn more about the Shopify WordPress plugin.


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