Shopping Jobs Review – Get Paid to Shop and Eat?

Shopping Jobs Review – Easy Money for Shopping?


As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, there seems to be no shortage of people who are interested in earning money for doing little work and when that happens, you’ll find lots of people offering opportunities to help them do just that.  One old but popular scheme that’s seeing renewed interest these days are guides about how to become a “mystery shopper.”  That’s what Shopping Jobs is offering, and they claim that you can make money by shopping, eating at a restaurant, or even by simply driving a car.

shopping jobs reviewThese are all things that most of us do every day, so if there’s money to be made doing that, somebody should check that out and let people know if Shopping Jobs is worthwhile or not.  I guess that duty fell upon me, so I decided to check it out.  Can you really make money this way?  Read on for the full Shopping Jobs review.

Shopping Jobs Overview

For starters, let’s be clear.  Mystery shoppers really are a thing.  Companies that do business with the public, such as retail stores and restaurants, are interested in making sure that their employees treat their customers well and that their customers have a pleasant experience while doing business at their establishments.  One good way to see if everything is working properly is to hire people to eat a their restaurants or shop at their stores and write a report about their experience.


These people are known as “mystery shoppers” or “mystery diners”, as they do not disclose their identities while out on assignment.  They simply shop, or eat, and then submit a report when they’re done.  This is usually all handled through a third party, such as a professional survey company.

shopping jobs scam Your membership at Shopping Jobs comes with a modest, one-time fee, which then gives you a guide that explains how the business works and how you can go about becoming a mystery shopper or diner.  The site also includes an extensive list of companies that hire such people, and it’s broken down by state, making it easy for people within the U.S. to find such work.  There are also listings for companies that work outside the United States.

Shopping Jobs makes it clear that this is a way to earn extra money; they’re not promising that you’re going to get rich this way.  But sometimes you get to keep the merchandise that you buy and you’ll always get to keep the meal, of course.  There are some people who earn some part-time cash this way.

Because this isn’t really a way of earning a full time living, Shopping Jobs also offers some other methods of making money, some of which are going to work better than others:

  • Paid Surveys – Shopping Jobs has a list of companies that they say will pay you to fill out questionnaires.  As I’ve mentioned many times, there are very few companies that actually pay cash for such things, so I wouldn’t put too much stock into this
  • Get Paid to Drive – Shopping Jobs has a list of companies that will pay you to put advertising on the side of your vehicle.  I’m not sure how viable this method is, and it probably depends a lot on where you live, but you can probably earn an extra $50-$200 per month this way.
  • Data Entry Jobs – I haven’t seen many offers for data entry jobs online that were actually legitimate, so I’d be careful with this one.  Still, Shopping Jobs has a list of companies that they say offer paid jobs for doing data entry from home.
  • Free Samples – Here, Shopping Jobs offers a list of companies that they say will pay you to hand out free samples of products to the public.  There are actually about 50 companies listed here.

There are also a few other bonuses offered that seem rather out of place accompanying a product about becoming a mystery shopper.  There are some free software downloads, such as a PC registry cleaner and a form completion tool.  They’ve also got a list of wholesale directories, in case you want to create an online store and buy wholesale or have products drop shipped to your customers.

shopping_jobs_testimonialThat’s rather strange, as drop shipping is a business model unto itself (and a good one) but it has nothing whatsoever to do with becoming a mystery shopper.  There are also a couple of free ebooks that you can download, including one about government auctions and another about finding government grant money.  These come with resale and giveaway rights, but again, what does this have to do with becoming a mystery shopper?

The Shopping Jobs site seems to be taking an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to trying to make some money from this product, and in doing so, the site lacks focus.  This should be a good lesson for all marketers – if you’re going to build a Website that sells a product, make sure you’re focused on one thing and one thing only.  Failure to do that can only distract your customers.

All of that aside, there is some useful information on the Shopping Jobs Website and as I’ve mentioned, you can actually find opportunities to make money as a mystery shopper.  Most of what you need to know can be found with an online search, but Shopping Jobs does at least offer you an online database of companies that offer this sort of thing, so at the very least, you’ll have an opportunity to find everything you need in one place.

Shopping Jobs Conclusion

shopping jobs - mehCan you make money as a mystery shopper?  Yes, you can.  Does Shopping Jobs offer useful information about doing that?  Yes, it does.  Is Shopping Jobs worth buying?  That’s hard to say.  If you’re willing to spend some time with Google or Bing, you can probably find all of this information for free with a few hours of research.  On the other hand, Shopping Jobs isn’t very expensive and it does include everything you need in one place.  The bonuses are mostly worthless; you’re not going to make money taking surveys or doing data entry and the free books are dated and irrelevant.   Still, a few people might find Shopping Jobs to be useful.

If you’re not sure about Shopping Jobs, you can read more by downloading this free mystery shopper ebook. (right-click and choose “save as.”)

We rate Shopping Jobs as so-so.



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