Simple Financial Success Review – $379 Per Day?

Simple Financial Success Review

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simple financial success reviewHow would you like to earn $379 per day?  Of course you would; you’re likely earning a lot less than that right now.  The Simple Financial Success Website says that you can do that with their system, and all you have to do to get started is to see if there are any jobs “in your area.”

I went ahead and checked it out and much to my surprise, they said they had 9 positions in my area, and that they could offer me a “certified, proven, and guaranteed” home based business job that would let me earn $379 per day.

Great.  So what’s Simple Financial Success all about?  Is it a scam?

Read on for the full Simple Financial Success review.

Simple Financial Success Overview

The Simple Financial Success Website promises all sorts of things.  They have a video clip from a news program that says that they’ve been mentioned on TV (they haven’t.)  They also have lots of logos from credible news organizations, such as MSNBC, USAToday and CNN, which has you thinking they must be legit.


Once you get to the page where you’re told that they have jobs available, you’ll read the long sales letter from someone named “Emily Hudson.” There’s a picture of her, and the story tells about how she struggled, and then found this system that allowed her to become a millionaire, all while working from home.

All you have to do, she says, is post special links on the Web.  You can post them on forums, Websites, social media sites, and more.  When you do this and people click on them, you’ll get paid.  It’s really that simple, she says, and to show you how simple the Simple Financial Success system is, the site provides a nice little calculator to let you figure out how much money you’re going to make.

simple financial success ripoffYou just have to plug in the number of links you can post in a day, the amount of money you’ll earn for each link, and the number of days you want to work each day.  I said I could post 35 links per day (the maximum allowed), that I’d make $20 per link and that I’d work 5 days a week.

The Simple Financial Success site said I could earn $182,000 per year!

That’s a lot, but what’s so special about the links?

Nothing.  The “system” that Simple Financial Success is talking about is called affiliate marketingI write about affiliate marketing all the time; it’s what this site is all about.

Affiliate marketing is a good business model, and you can make money doing that.  That’s not the problem with Simple Financial Success, however.  If they said they’d show you how to engage in affiliate marketing, that would be fine.  At least you’d know what you are getting into.

The problem is that they don’t tell you that.  Simple Financial Success tells you that you’ll get paid for posting links.  You won’t.  In affiliate marketing, you get paid if you post a link, and someone clicks on it, and they buy something as a result of having clicked on your link.  In that case, you get a commission.

You don’t get paid just for posting links, and no one on the planet is going to pay you just to post links.

simple financial success scamThere are a number of other problems with the Simple Financial Success site that should give you pause before you decide whether you want to give them money.  The “Emily Hudson” person likely doesn’t exist.  The photo of her on the site is actually a stock photo, as are the photos of the people who give their glowing testimonials about how much money they’re making with the Simple Financial Success system.

Furthermore, the Simple Financial Success site is showing you photos of sports cars, yachts and mansions.  You can make money with affiliate marketing and you can even earn a living at it.  But there aren’t very many people who work in this field who have yachts or mansions.  You’re certainly not going to have sports cars and yachts from “posting links.”

The logos for all of the news agencies are fake, too.  The Simple Financial Success has not been featured on CNN.  And Fox News, which isn’t exactly the world’s best source of factual information, hasn’t featured them, either.

The fine print on the site also mentions that by signing up, you’ll have your email address shared with other marketing companies, so after you sign up and give Simple Financial Success $97, you’ll likely find all kinds of people contacting you and trying to sell you lots of other opportunities to make money.

As I said, affiliate marketing is a good business model, and it’s a legitimate one.  But the business described at the Simple Financial Success site isn’t accurate at all, and you’re not going to make the money they’re describing just by posting links.  You can post all the links you want, but unless people click on them and buy, you’re going to earn exactly nothing.

The headline at the Simple Financial Success site says that this income is “guaranteed.”  It’s not, and the earnings disclaimer on the site makes that clear.  “…there is no guarantee that you will make any money using these techniques and concepts in these materials. ”

There you have it.

Pros and Cons of Simple Financial Success


  • Attractive Website
  • Affiliate marketing is a real thing


  • Product is expensive
  • Testimonials are fake
  • Income claims are exaggerated

Simple Financial Success Summary

simple financial success- thumbs downWhile the methods described on the Simple Financial Success site can work, the site is misleading on multiple levels and the product is expensive.  There are ways to learn about affiliate marketing that are more affordable than Simple Financial Success, and I recommend that you try one of those if you’re interested in making money with that particular business model.

As for Simple Financial Success, the site has a fake creator, fake testimonials, and a fake guarantee.  That’s not the sort of site with which I’d be interested in doing business.

Simple Financial Success is not recommended.



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