Simple Profit Secret Review – Watch Video; Earn $7000 in Cash?

Simple Profit Secret Review

Price: $37 (plus up to $40,885 in upsells!)


simple profit secret reviewThe video at the Simple Profit Secret Website certainly looks appealing.  We get a shot of a yacht, followed by a shot of a woman swimming in an infinity pool, followed by testimonials from people telling us how much money they’ve earned in a short period of time.

One man says he earned $26,585 in just 30 days.  The title of the Web page says “Do you want to copy my $43,623 per month online business?” and the headline above the video says “Start getting paid $1000-$7000 in cash after watching this short video.”

That’s all pretty appealing.  Who wouldn’t want to watch a short video and start earning that kind of money?   Is Simple Profit Secret a scam, or is this really a plan where you can make some money?

Read on for the full Simple Profit Secret review.

Simple Profit Secret Overview

There isn’t much to the Simple Profit Secret Website; there’s a video that I can watch, and a countdown timer telling me how much time remains before I can “secure” my spot.  Off to the side, there’s another banner telling me how many positions remain available in my area.


When I first visited the Simple Profit Secret site, I was told there were 13 positions available.  Then I refreshed the screen, and there were 12.  Then I refreshed the screen again, and only one position remained.  Oh, no!

Then I refreshed the screen yet again, and there were once again 13 positions available.

The “short” Simple Profit Secret video is actually some 12 minutes long. After you watch the video, a window appears where you can enter your email address.  That’s all there is to the site, but once you provide your email address, you’ll be sent to another Website, called

simple profit secret digital altitudeThis site is where you’ll be asked for your personal and financial information so that you can join a program called “Aspire” for a price of $37 per month.

What are you getting for your $37 per month?  According to the payment page:


Here’s what you are getting…

  • Access to our private online membership site.
  • Eye-opening video success training that provides simple, step by step rules for getting your online business up and running.
  • Access to your own personal team of coaches who are ready to work one-on-one with you to help you achieve success.
  • Exceptional support. We care about your results, so we have provided live chat and email support so you can get the answers you need when you need them.
  • And more than a dozen other high-value online business resources that will provide the motivation, the tools and the know-how you need to get to the next level in your business.

OK, but what about the $7000 per month that you’re supposed to be able to make right away?  It doesn’t quite work that way and I thought “Aspire” sounded familiar.  That’s because I have actually reviewed it previously.

simple profit secret scamWhen you sign up at Simple Profit Secret, you’re actually being redirected to a program called Digital Altitude.

Digital Altitude is a training program, and Aspire is only the first step.  If you want to earn the $7000 or the $42,623 per month or the $26,685 in 30 days that they’re talking about, you won’t be able to do it by joining the $37 per month Aspire program.

You will have to spend more money.  A lot more money than that.

Aspire is the first of six levels in the Digital Altitude program, and of course, it’s the least expensive.

Here are the other five levels that you must join if you want to earn the big money that people are talking about in the video:

Base level – The training in Aspire is supposed to be good, but the base level promises to help you “kick start” your business with extra tools, a few shortcuts and some other resources.  You will have to pay a one time fee of $397 to upgrade to the Base level.

Rise – The Rise level promises some more tools and resources so that you can “fast track” your business growth.  You’ll also learn about such vital things as “key mindsets” and mastering your “inner game.”  Mastering your inner game will cost you a one-time fee of $1497.

Ascend – Where I come from, “rise” and “ascend” mean the same thing, but at Digital Altitude, the difference between the two is $6997.  That’s the one-time fee for upgrading to the Ascend level, which involves a three day workshop in Las Vegas where you will meet the “world’s most respected experts” for a Digital Business Profit Workshop.

Peak – Finally, the top!  Well, no, not really.  At Digital Altitude, Peak isn’t the top, but I’ll get to that in a moment.  For now, you’ll have to be content to Ascend to Peak, where you’ll attend a “Digital Business Propser Retreat” that lasts five days.  You’ll meet some of the “world’s top thought leaders” to learn about business success.  For Peak, you get to bring a guest, as well you should, since the cost of Peak is a one-time fee of $11,997.

Apex – Peak isn’t the peak; Apex is the peak.  It’s above the Peak, and you can look down on all of those lowly Peak types if you ascend to Apex.  There, you will get to go on another retreat, this one lasting 7 days.  Of course, you’ve already met the “world’s most respected experts” as well as the “world’s top thought leaders,” so what remains?  At Apex, you’ll be learning about asset management, which suggests that they’ll be telling you how to manage all of the money that you’ll be making with the Digital Altitude program.

simple profit secret ripoffHow much will reaching the Apex cost?  It’s a one-time fee of $19,997.

So how do you make money with Simple Profit Secret?  Or Digital Altitude?  Or whatever it’s called?

You make money with Simple Profit Secret by selling products.  In that regard, the program isn’t much different from any other marketing program.   You will sell things, presumably to people who want to buy them.

Great.  What will you be selling?  When you sign up with Simple Profit Secret and move on to Digital Altitude, you will be reselling the Digital Altitude program, and you will persuade the people who buy it form you to join, pay their $37 per month for Aspire, and then you will persuade them to join Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex, just like you did.

Earlier, I said that you must enroll in all six levels in order to make the big money that they promised you in the Simple Profit Secret video.  Why is that?

That is because you will earn commissions for every level upgrade that you sell, but only for those levels that you have already purchased yourself.   If you persuade someone to sign up and buy, you’ll earn 60% commission (40% if the Digital Altitude staff has to help close the sale) but what happens if someone upgrades to Ascend while you’re still only a Rise level member yourself?

Someone else will get your commission.  That’s why you’ll feel pressured to upgrade as quickly as possible – so that you don’t lose commissions to other people.  In order to get the maximum commissions from Simple Profit Secret or Digital Altitude, you must first go “all in” – that is, you must upgrade completely.

That will cost you $40,885, plus $37 per month, as you still have to pay for the Aspire program, even though you’ve already met the world’s top thought leaders.

Can you make money with Simple Profit Secret?

It’s possible, yes.  There are people making money with this program.  However, you must be aware of the potential problems:

  • Making big money takes big money.  The commission for a sale of Apex gets you about $12,000 per sale.  But to earn that commission, must have first spent more than $40,000 yourself.
  • You’ll have to find people who want to spend that kind of money, and more importantly, you’ll have to find people who have that kind of money to spend.

Who has $40,000 to spend on a moneymaking program?  More importantly – who has $40,000 to spend on a moneymaking program who doesn’t already know how to make money?

It’s hard enough getting someone to spend $20 on a product in the Internet marketing niche.  It’s a whole lot harder to get someone to spend 2000 times that much money.

But yes, if you can come up with $40,000 yourself, and then find someone who has $40,000 to spend, and then persuade them to spend that money to join Simple Profit Secret or Digital Altitude, then yes, you can earn those big commissions.

Of course, then you have to do it again.  For recurring income, you’ll have to do this over and over again.

Pros and Cons of Simple Profit Secret


  • Just $37 to sign up
  • Potential to earn big commissions if you upgrade


  • The upgrades can cost up to $40,885
  • It’s really difficult find people who want to spend that kind of money

Simple Profit Secret Summary

simple profit secret- thumbs downIs Simple Profit Secret a scam?  Not really; it’s a legitimate, though somewhat misleading, entry point to a program called Digital Altitude.  If you read the fine print at the Digital Altitude site and look at their earnings disclaimer, you’ll see that the majority of their members earn less than $100 per month.

You might want to consider that before you spend the $40,000 to climb up to Apex.

Simple Profit Secret is not recommended.


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