Six Figure Mentors Review – Worth the Price?

Six Figure Mentors Review – It’s About the Lifestyle

Note: We have no relationship with Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors says they’ll teach you how to make money online, and they promise commissions in the thousands of dollars if you use their system.  The Six Figure Mentors Website has a background video that shows people surfing, driving in fancy cars, walking on luxurious beaches and generally having fun.  Oddly enough, the video doesn’t actually show anyone actually working online and making money.  I guess they’re just too busy living the SFM lifestyle.  Read on for our full Six Figure Mentors review.

Six Figure Mentors Overview

Six Figure Mentors review logoLike many other highly promoted programs that offer four and five figure commissions while allowing you to work online from home, Six Figure Mentors says it’s a training program for making money online.  They have extensive training documentation and videos that will show you how to earn commissions by selling “other people’s products.”  That’s sort of true, in the sense that “other people’s products” means “products created by the owners of Six Figure Mentors.”

They do offer a free video series to whet your appetite, and then you can join at one of three membership levels:

Six Figure Mentors Introductory

The cost for the Six Figure Mentors Introductory membership is a one-time fee of $29.95, plus an optional fee of $25 per month.  You’ll be assigned a coach and have access to some, but not all, of the Six Figure Mentors training materials.  We’re guessing that the optional $25 per month will give you access to some additional training that you can’t get for the one-time $29.95 fee.  That fee, by the way, is refundable within 30 days if you decide that Six Figure Mentors is not for you.  No other fees are refundable.


Six Figure Mentors Basic

Six Figure Mentors trainingThe Six Figure Mentors Basic membership, according to the Website, gives you everything in the Introductory membership plus access to additional training modules, a weekly live marketing training Webinar and a Digital Entrepreneur Blueprint.  The cost, as stated on their Website, is $297 one-time plus, it says in faint grey print, $97 per month.  While $297 doesn’t sound outrageous, the actual cost is $1461 for the first year and $1164 each year thereafter.

Six Figure Mentors Elite

The Six Figure Mentors Elite membership gives you everything listed above, plus live coaching with founders Stu and Jay, plus high ticket affiliate commissions, plus enrollment in their Digital Experts Academy, or DEA.  The cost for this membership is $2500 per year (plus $97 per month, it says in faint print.)  So it really isn’t $2500 per year; it’s $3664 per year.  Why don’t they say so?

Digital Experts Academy

According to a review from a Six Figure Mentors member, the Digital Experts Academy is a group of digital products in which you can invest.  The DEA is available to those with a Six Figure Mentors Elite membership, so you need to spend at least $3664 just to get access to it. (EDIT:  I’m told this is no longer true, and that DEA access is available to all members, though commissions vary by membership level.)  “Access” consists of buying the products, which you can then resell and earn commissions.  The Digital Experts Academy, like the Six Figure Mentors memberships, come in several tiers:

Digital Experts Academy SILVER Membership – $1,999
Transform yourself into a cutting edge Digital Entrepreneur with this 12 Month Digital Entrepreneurship and mindset training program. Earn up to 40% commissions per sale (plus 10% tier 2 incentive).

Digital Experts Academy GOLD Membership – $4,999
Master the skill of Digital Marketing with a 12 month membership to this cutting edge marketing mastermind and live workshop. Earn up to 40% commissions per sale (plus 10% tier 2 incentive).

Digital Experts Academy PLATINUM Membership – $4,999
Present yourself as an expert caliber professional with this “done for you” Digital Brand building solution. Earn up to 40% commissions per sale (plus 10% tier 2 incentive).

Digital Experts Academy BLACK Membership – $9,999
Connect, partner with, and leverage our network of Digital Experts at our annual DEA Mastermind & Retreat. Earn up to 40% commissions per sale (plus 10% tier 2 incentive).

The Digital Experts Academy is where you’re going to earn the big commissions that Six Figure Mentors talks about on their site.  The people driving the cars and surfing on the beach in their video are presumably making their money from Digital Experts Academy commissions.

Bring lots of moneyThat’s great, but in order to earn a $4000 commission from a sale of the Black DEA membership, you first have to buy it, and that’s after you’ve joined as a Six Figure Mentors Elite member at $3664 per year.  You’ll have to spend more than $13,000 just to qualify for the commissions.  Of course, you can sign up at lower levels, if you’re willing to settle for lower commissions, but you’ll find that once you join, you’ll be pressured to upgrade.  Remember – you’re only getting 40% commissions on these high-ticket products.  That means that someone else is getting the remaining 60%, but they’re not going to get that unless you buy in.

When you join Six Figure Mentors, you’ll have access to a lot of training materials and you’ll have the ability to interact with other members for help.  In the end, however, you’ll find that you’re not actually learning to sell products; you’re being pressured to resell Six Figure Mentors memberships.  That’s where the big money is made, and every time someone signs up, they’re going to have to get two and a half people to sign up below them to recoup their investment.  Eventually, should Six Figure Mentors grow large enough, you’d find that there are simply more members than there are potential customers, and the entire program will dry up.

thumbs downThe sales page talks about their system and talks about commissions and talks about products, but doesn’t really talk about what you’re getting for your money.  This is known as “blind selling” and when you’re buying something that costs you thousands of dollars, you really want more of an explanation than simply a list of features such as “Digital Entrepreneur Blueprint.”  That may be something of value, or it may be a one-page PDF file. You really don’t know, and they really don’t tell you.

The training that comes with Six Figure Mentors may be great.  But there’s a lot of great training on the Web about how to sell products online that you can get for free.  There are even ways to earn big commissions without having to spend thousands of dollars just to qualify.   Most affiliate programs are free, so why spend $3664 per year to promote products?  Can we recommend Six Figure Mentors?  No.  There are better ways to learn about Internet marketing without spending a fortune.


3 thoughts on “Six Figure Mentors Review – Worth the Price?

  1. I have just completed module 1. I sounds very tempting as if I’m going to be a successful business person in months. But having read reviews like these, I think SFM is no different to those who “rob” peoples money in legal way. I think I have to stop here before I give away 4k for nothing.

  2. Your review is very in accurate.

    You qualify for all DEA products as a basic member but your commission is 10% across Elite, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black.

    At Elite Level your commission for all DEA Products is 25% from the sale of Elite, and Elite+ membership is 50% commissions for the sale of Elite and Elite+

    At Silver DEA your commission is 40% and you earn 40% Commissions from Gold, Platinum, Black sales.

    Gold, Platinum, Black are all 40% Commissions.

    Plus 10% Commissions on all 2nd Tier Sales.

    Here is the link to the complete payment structure, please amend your errors in your review, as it is miss leading.

    [link removed]

    Thank you.

    • The information in my review was correct when I wrote it in June 2015. I’ve added a note that it may have changed.

      I still cannot recommend the product. Regardless of the payment structure, it’s still an MLM system with little to offer in the way of product.


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