Slick Daily Profits Review – Quick $100 Per Day?

Slick Daily Profits Review

Price: About $10

slick daily profits reviewI’ve mentioned before that the $100 a day mark is what separates successful online marketers from those who are still struggling.  That’s not a secret, which is why there are a lot of products out there that promise to help you earn almost exactly $100 per day.  By making such claims, the sellers know that buyers will think “Wow! Instant success!”

Of course, it rarely works out that way, since most products in the make money online niche don’t work all that well, if at all.  Slick Daily Profits is the latest product to make such a claim, and it’s fresh – I received the sales letter in my inbox just this morning.  I decided to give it a quick look to see what it’s about.  Read on for the full Slick Daily Profits review.

Slick Daily Profits Overview

Slick Daily Profits is a combination video and ebook course that promises to teach you how to earn $100 a day or more using a little-known piece of “free software.”  The product was created by Art Flair, who says he lives in Portugal.  Fortunately, the cost of Slick Daily Profits is minimal; as I write, it’s a bit under $10, which makes it affordable for everyone.


These days, lots of products don’t tell you what they do, but they tell you what they don’t do or what isn’t needed.  In the case of Slick Daily Profits, you don’t need:

  • A mailing list
  • The ability to create information products
  • Affiliates
  • Lots of cash to get started
  • Mad tech skillz
  • A Website

That’s great, because that means that Slick Daily Profits should be suitable for newbies.

slick daily profitsThe Slick Daily Profits course consists of a video course that’s divided into four parts, and a PDF ebook that runs about 27 pages.  It’s surprisingly concise, and I liked the fact that the information was presented in PDF format, as I really don’t like having to take the time to watch hours of video.

You won’t here; the video portion of Slick Daily Profits runs about a half an hour, so you can probably read the book, watch the videos and get started doing some real work in about an hour’s time.

While I can’t give too much of what makes Slick Daily Profits away, I will say this – the way you’re going to be making money with the Slick Daily Profits system is by selling a service on Fiverr.  There’s good and bad to that; the FIverr marketplace can be brutally competitive, especially if you’re offering products at the basic $5 price point.  If you live in the United States, $5 isn’t much money, but in other parts of the world, people will work half the day to earn $5.

That can put you at a disadvantage, because most people in America, where wages are higher and things cost more money, are going to be interested in making money with Fiverr only if they can find some service they can do that won’t take too much time.  Alternatively, they’ll look for a gig that will allow them to add on extras for which they can charge more money.

Slick Daily Profits probably fits both criteria.  The free software that you use to provide the recommended service is actually free….for now.  It appears that the service may soon convert to a paid version or will offer a paid version as an upgrade.  For now, however, the service that Art recommends is actually free.

slick daily profits scamIt also allows you to create something that would ordinarily require some technical skills without having to possess those skills or related talent.  Not only that, but the item that you produce will only take a couple of minutes of your time.  It might take ten to fifteen minutes when you first get started, but after a bit of practice, you can probably get that down to two or three minutes.  From there, you can easily handle multiple Fiverr gigs per hour, which should lead to a decent amount of daily income.

Can you make $100 per day with it?  I can’t say, but I do think there’s at least some demand for the service that Art recommends that you provide and there are some ways that you can package that service into more expensive products to sell on Fiverr.

In addition to telling you how to provide the service and where to find the software, Slick Daily Profits also devotes some time and video to explaining to you how to set up your Fiverr account and how to promote your gig.  Fiverr is becoming quite a large site, and when a lot of people start promoting similar gigs, it can be hard to have yours stand out.

The information that Slick Daily Profits provides in that regard is pretty basic, but it should be useful if you’ve never worked with Fiverr before.  Fortunately, Slick Daily Profits isn’t very expensive, so if you find out that it’s not working or it isn’t for you, you’ll only be out a modest amount of money.  As you don’t have to build a Website or anything to try this moneymaking method, it’s relatively risk-free.

Pros and Cons of Slick Daily Profits


  • Very affordable
  • Both PDF and video content
  • Minimal investment required


  • Uses Fiverr, which isn’t for everyone
  • No guarantees that it will work
  • Relatively small per-gig payout

Slick Daily Profits Summary

click daily profits - mehIs Slick Daily Profits a scam?  No, Art Flair has put together a process that may very well work.  It doesn’t require technical skills, it doesn’t require that you build a Website and it doesn’t require that you invest a lot of money.  Money making methods like that are relatively hard to come by, so in that regard, Slick Daily Profits isn’t bad.

I’m not sure you can actually earn $100 a day with Slick Daily Profits, but with other training available elsewhere, you may be able to ramp this business up into something useful.  The paid version of the software that’s said to be coming soon may offer some other opportunities, too.

Slick Daily Profits is rated as so-so.


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