Slogan Seller Review – Turn Quick Ideas into Cash?

Slogan Seller – Thousands Per Month?



slogan seller reviewA slogan is defined as “a short and memorable phrase, often used in advertising.”  A couple of good examples would be “You’re in good hands with Allstate,” or “Melts in your mouth; not in your hands.”  Slogans are catchy phrases that people identify with, and they make great marketing tools.  A new product called Slogan Seller offers a method of creating slogans yourself and making money from them.

Ben Olson, the creator of Slogan Seller, says that you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month by coming up with slogans of your own.  I’ve usually regarded the creation of marketing phrases as the kind of thing that’s done in some corporate back room, rather than something an individual does for cash, so I was intrigued by the idea and decided to give Slogan Seller a closer look.  Read on for the full Slogan Seller review.

Slogan Seller Overview

Slogan Seller is a well-written 48 page ebook that you can download immediately after purchase.  The book provides a good overview of what makes a good slogan, and then offers some specific methods that you can use to turn your creativity into cash.   Not the creative sort?  Don’t worry; Slogan Seller has that part covered, too, as I’ll explain in a little bit.


The Slogan Seller book is divided into three sections, each of which covers one specific method of taking your creation and making money from it:

Method One – This part of Slogan Seller involves selling your idea directly to the public.  Of course, the first part is going to show you what it is you’ll be doing.  If you’re new to this sort of marketing, you’ll have no idea what constitutes an effective slogan, or how to come up with an idea for one.

This section of Slogan Seller will show you how to come up with slogans of your own, and will also show you how to take existing ideas that others have used and repurpose them for your own use.  Eventually, you can even outsource this part of the process, and Slogan Seller will show you how to do that part, too.

slogan seller scamThe next section of Slogan Seller will show you how to prepare your slogan for commercial use.  This involves learning how to use some graphics tools in order to make your catchy phrase attractive and marketable.

Most of the tools are free, and the book gives good instructions regarding how to use them.Finally, the third part of Method One of Slogan Seller will show you exactly how to market your catchy phrase and how to turn your simple words into actual cash.  This part of the method was rather clever, and you’ll find several good ideas here for how to come up with a great little idea and then put it on products that the public will want to buy.

I found this part of Slogan Seller to be the most useful, and this method is the one that I think offers most people the best opportunity to make money.  That’s not to say that the methods that follow won’t work, but the first method is easy to implement, and is the one that’s likely to produce the fastest and the most reliable results.  With this method, it is possible to make money, and yes, even thousands of dollars per month is possible if you do it right.

Method Two – This part of Slogan Seller involves basically entering a series of contests.  A number of companies offer cash prizes for people who can come up with a clever slogan, and the amount of money they pay for these might surprise you.

Then again, a good marketing phrase can be worth millions of dollars, so it stands to reason that a company might be willing to offer valuable prizes and cash to anyone who can help them come up with a phrase that helps them sell more widgets.This part of Slogan Seller will give you some strategies and some suggestions for where to enter these contests.

slogan seller processMethod Three – This part of Slogan Seller is the most direct; you’ll be shown how to take your clever phrase and submit it directly to companies that might be interested in paying you for it.

This part of the Slogan Seller book has a lengthy list of companies to whom you can submit your ideas, along with extensive guidelines for exactly how to apply.  Each company has their own rules, regulations and guidelines, so you’ll want to follow them to the letter, otherwise, they might simply ignore your submission.

Bonus Appendix – The last section of Slogan Seller offers a bit of a “cheat sheet” to help you come up with ideas.  It’s a list of proven phrases that have worked well over the years, though portions of the phrases are blank.

You can fill in the blanks with a noun or a verb and turn an old phrase into a new one that you can then market yourself.  Some of these are rather obvious, but if you put a simple twist on them, they become something new.

It’s worth noting that Slogan Seller also has a section on trademarks, and this part is very important.  Companies that come up with profitable slogans trademark them, and if you use their phrases without permission, you could get sued and end up paying a lot of money in damages.  Obviously, you don’t want to do that, so this part of the Slogan Seller book will give you some guidelines as to how to avoid getting in trouble.

Slogan Seller Conclusion

slogan seller - thumbs upWhen I first encountered Slogan Seller, I thought it was going to involve just trying to sell your ideas to interested companies.  It does involve that, but you don’t have to go that route, and frankly, I think that route probably presents the most difficult way to make money.  On the other hand, the first method described in the book is pretty straightforward and easy to do, and makes it possible for you to come up with an idea and make money from it without having to invest a lot of money yourself.  If you’re interested in making money with little or no investment, then Slogan Seller offers a way to do that.

Much to my surprise, Slogan Seller is highly recommended.

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8 thoughts on “Slogan Seller Review – Turn Quick Ideas into Cash?

  1. My thoughts on SloganSeller. 1) I noticed many websites are advertising this company but yet they can’t seem to provide reviews from actual people who have used this service. 2) The address on the email does not seem legit and the business name does not seem to be registered based on my research. 3) I noticed their affiliate program pays pretty high. Probably that’s why all of these sites keep advertising for them.

    • Most reviews of these types of products are based on talking points provided by the publisher.

      Mine is different; I have read the book, and my review is based on what I found.

      I found the book to be useful, and I think people may be able to find success with it.


        • I have not. While it would be nice to be able to do so, I don’t have time to try every money making method I come across.


  2. I’m sorry to say this but Slogan Seller is definitely a scam. Right from the start they have not been honest at all. … Slogan Seller has made it look like this job can be done by anyone but reality it’s not. You are not going to be writing words or phrases like OMG, Be Yourself and make money.
    Oh and Ben Olson (hopefully a real person) SHOULDVE proved to us by showing his pay statements

    • they have your same pic on another review saying otherwise dated three days before this. Funny biz i was just about to try it too.

  3. How can I contact you people and talk to someone live. I made a purchase from your company and cannot login in I need some help, as you have my money, can you help me know or direct me to the proper person. thanks

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