Spin Rewriter Review – Unique Content in 45 Seconds?

Spin Rewriter Review

Site: www.spinrewriter.com
Price: $77 per year
Rating: stars4b

spin rewriter reviewIf you’re involved in Internet marketing, you’ll have to do a lot with text.  You’ll likely publish a lot of articles here and there go get backlinks.  That’s important, but tedious.  If there was a way to speed up that process, you’d certainly want to take advantage of it.

There is, and it’s called article spinning.  That’s the process of rewriting an article so that it it says the same thing but in completely different words.  Spin Rewriter is one of many software products that will allow you do do that, and their new version, Spin Rewriter 7.0, says it’s even better than ever.  Is Spin Rewriter a scam?

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Read on for the full Spin Rewriter review.

Spin Rewriter Overview

Text spinning software has been around for a decade now, and the earliest programs were hard to use and very expensive.  A few years ago, The Best Spinner came along and represented the first truly affordable solution.  While I used to recommend it, that piece of software has had relatively little revision in recent years and the database of synonyms has become cluttered with in appropriate terms that leads to finished text that reads poorly.


Last year, I switched over to Spin Rewriter for my text spinning, which was then in version 6.0.  I found it a lot easier to use, and I also found that it was fast, worked automatically, and produced much more readable text.

Before I continue, I should give a brief example of how text spinning works.  Suppose you have a sentence:

The dog jumps over the fence.

By introducing spintax, and using a text spinning program such as Spin Rewriter, you can change that sentence:

The {small|large|cute|agile} dog {leaps|bounds} over the {fence|barrier|wall}

Once you pass this text through a text spinner, you’ll get results such as:

The small dog leaps over the wall.
The cute dog bounds over the barrier.
The agile dog bounds over the fence.

spin rewriter scamThese sentences all say essentially the same thing, but they do it in completely different ways.  Of course, adding in these synonyms manually is tedious and if you have a 1000 word article, replacing words one at a time is time consuming.

That’s where Spin Rewriter 7.0 comes in handy.  The software can “read” your article and learn the meaning of the words and phrases.  Then you can tell it to automatically rewrite the article for you.  You can tell it to “protect” certain words and phrases so that they don’t get replaced.  Spin Rewriter can rewrite entire sentences or even paragraphs for you.

And it can do it all in about 45 seconds.  You can introduce a new article, click the “one-click rewrite” button and in 45 seconds, Spin Rewriter can generate a version of the article for you in spintax that can yield billions of versions of the article that are both unique and completely readable to humans.

You can then publish these articles to your blog or Website or to article directories or other sites where you might want to publish articles in order to get backlinks to your site.

There are some terrific new features in Spin Rewriter 7.0, as well:

  • Add photos
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Add HTML
  • Re-order lists
  • Mass export – export up to 1000 variations of an article at once

By adding photos, videos or HTML, you can generate unique, ready-to-publish Web content in seconds.

spin rewriter text spinnerI do a lot with text, and I publish a ton of content around the Web.  I’ve been using text spinning programs since the original and very buggy, Webspinner hit the market a decade ago.  Until Spin Rewriter came along, I never trusted any of these programs enough to just click the one-button rewrite feature on any of them, because they always produced garbage text.

Junky text is good if you’re looking to get backlinks from garbage sites, but many so-called “Tier 1” sites have proofreaders who manually look at the articles you submit.  If they’re not readable and sensible, they’re simply going to reject them.  Obviously, you don’t want that.  You want a text spinner that produces good quality text in a reasonable amount of time and you want results that you won’t have to go back and reedit.

Spin Rewriter even has built in spelling and grammar checks, so that it can fix problems that you created yourself.  The software also lets you edit your text manually, if you like.  Every now and again you want to tweak your text just a bit, and with this software, you can do that.

Text spinning software has been evolving and will continue to do so.  It’s a complex task, as the software needs to learn that words and phrases can have different meanings, based on contents.  Some words, like “book,” can mean “a paper document,” or it can also mean “to make a reservation.”  Spin Rewriter has learned to recognize these sorts of distinctions, so that it can replace text appropriately and with the proper context.

If you’re interested in checking out Spin Rewriter and giving it a test drive, they offer a 5 day free trial.  After that, you can decide to subscribe if you like.  There’s an annual fee that’s relatively modest, given that the software can essentially create blog posts for you automatically, complete with photos and videos.  There’s also an annual license if you like.

Pros and cons of Spin Rewriter


  • Fast
  • Very good readability
  • Can add photos and videos


  • Text very good, but not perfect
  • Site sometimes runs slowly due to many users

Spin Rewriter Summary

spin rewriter - thumbs upIs Spin Rewriter a scam?  No, it’s a good, solid, constantly-improving piece of text spinning software that works quite well and which now can produce thousands of variations on a article in a matter of seconds, producing good, human-readable text.  The added features for photos and videos are handy, as is the ability to re-order lists of items.  I’ve been using Spin Rewriter myself for quite some time now, and it’s now my “go to” tool of choice when I need to rewrite some text in a hurry.

Spin Rewriter is highly recommended.

Rating: stars4b

Click here to visit the Spin Rewriter Website.


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