Stable News Review – Another Paid News Site

Stable News Review – Easy Cash or a Scam?



Of all the reviews I do on this site, none attract as much attention as the paid news and paid survey sites.  There’s something appealing about getting paid a lot of money to do simple tasks that makes such sites irresistible to people.  The latest site in this series is Stable News, a site that resembles a lot of other sites I’ve been reviewing lately.  Stable News says they’ll pay you $7 for reading short news articles and you can earn even more by referring friends, so you can potentially earn thousands of dollars per week.  Is Stable News a scam?  Read on for my full Stable News review.

stable news reviewThe premise of Stable News is exactly the same as that of the other sites the company owns.  You sign up, read a short news article, answer a quick math question, and have $7 added to your account balance.  When you reach the minimum amount required for payout, you can request to be paid by PayPal, Payza, or Skrill.  You can read up to 35 articles per day, so that can add up pretty quickly and it only takes a few minutes of your time.  So, how does Stable News work?

Stable News Overview

Signing up for Stable News is easy; you just provide an email address and a password and log in.  You’ll also need to provide a valid PayPal email address if you want to get paid.  Then you click on “Read News” and you’ll see a list of news articles, along with the time they were posted.  You click on one, read it, and select “OK”.  Then you’ll be asked to solve a simple math question in order to verify that you’re not a robot.  Once you do that, you’ll see $7 added to your account balance, and you can read another article.  At 35 articles per day, you can earn $245 daily.


You can earn even more by getting friends to sign up with Stable News using the special link they give you.  For each of your friends who signs up, you’ll receive a $35 bonus and you’ll also earn 15% of their earnings, which is about $1 per article.  If you have a lot of friends, you could conceivably earn thousands of dollars every week just by reading a few news articles per day, which should only take about 15 minutes or so.

To get paid, you just click the payout button.  If you’ve provided a valid PayPal, Skrill or Payza email address, they say they’ll pay you within nine days, provided that you have reached the minimum payment threshold.  The payout page says you can bypass this waiting period by referring five friends to Stable News.

stable news scamHow much is the payout threshold?  That’s hard to say, since the site says on one page that it’s $1500 and on another page it says that the minimum payment amount is $2300.  That’s not the only thing about Stable News that doesn’t make sense, either.

The site says the company was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2014, but the site was registered in Russia in mid-2015 and the IP address for the site points to a Web server in Ukraine.  Plus, the English used on the site appears to have been translated from something else; it doesn’t read like the work of a native English speaker.

The news articles themselves aren’t even news articles; they’re just headlines and a couple of sentences of text.  There’s little there in the way of content, and no links at all to the full article.  It’s hard to imagine how anyone could benefit from having you read such small parts of articles; it’s even harder to imagine why anyone would want to pay you do do it.  The Stable News says they receive payment from news agencies for this service, but why would a news agency want you to read just parts of articles without offering a link to the full article?

stable news articleThen there’s another issue – Stable News isn’t the first site like this that this company has created; they have dozens of them.  Some are in English and others are in Russian.   They’re all identical in appearance and function, and they all have one other thing in common – they don’t pay you for reading the news articles.  In fact, they won’t pay you at all.  My site is full of hundreds of comments from people who have signed up for these sites, spent hours reading articles and referring friends to the site, and who expected to get paid, and they’re angry that they got nothing.

So if Stable News isn’t going to pay you, what are they doing?

Making money from advertising – All of their sites have ads on them.  Some have Google Adsense ads, and others have banner ads of some kind.  They’re getting a lot of traffic to their site by promising to pay people for doing little work and they’re getting everyone to promote their sites for free by offering commissions for referring friends.  My guess is that they’re doing OK with their advertising business.

The math question they ask you to solve is called a CAPTCHA.  Many sites use them to determine if visitors are human.  A lot of automated software used to post spam content on blogs is unable to solve CAPTCHA problems, so that software usually uses code that redirects those problems to humans who can solve them.  People who use this software pay by the thousand to have humans solve CAPTCHA equations for them; it’s possible that Stable News is getting you to do it for free.

It’s also possible that Stable News is harvesting PayPal, Payza and Skrill logins so they can hack user accounts and steal their money.  While I haven’t read about any cases of that yet, it’s certainly possible.

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Stable News Summary

Is Stable News a scam?  Yes, and it’s just the latest scam from a company that seems to be creating several new scams sites every week.  You’re wasting your time if you sign up for Stable News and you’re not going to get paid.  If you’re interested in earning money online, there are ways to do that without getting caught up in a scam.  Instead of wasting your time with Stable News, why not visit Wealthy Affiliate?  This is a training course and online community of people who want to help one another build online businesses that work.  It’s even free to join.

Stable News, on the other hand, is a complete waste of time and is not recommended.


22 thoughts on “Stable News Review – Another Paid News Site

  1. StatofNews is another scam site from serial scammer group who have other scam sites like QuestofNews, AllNewsRound etc. They are scamming time to time from many years by opening totally fake business model sites as same as Stat of News.

  2. This shit so not right it’s been two weeks since I’ve cashed out and I haven’t received nothing I’m aboutto report they asses if I don’t get something soon and I mean every word I say

  3. I have 3 payouts pending,and I have been waiting since the 1st of August, I need to no if this shit real or not I need my money.

  4. I cash out on the 3rd August and still processing.. and I have another thousand which I didn’t cash out. Well… let see if it works. But I believed this is a scam.

  5. I heard someone got paid in our line of network but I didn’t see it myself as I am currently waiting for the payout, its been hours and nothing has posted to my account.

    • I’ve been in “still processing ” for almost a week now . someone told me I have to wait until the 2 weeks to get paid.

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