Start Quiz Review – $800 Per Day?

Start Quiz Review – Paid Survey Cash?



We haven’t reviewed any sites that offer paid surveys in a while, and they’re always popular, so we thought we’d see what else is out there.  Paid survey sites basically offer to pay you money for your opinion, and since opinions are easy to offer and doing so takes little time, a lot of people are interested in using them to make money online.  Of course, most paid survey sites aren’t very profitable, but they still draw lots of interest.  One of the newer entries is Start Quiz, and they say that you can earn up to $800 per day by taking their surveys.

start quiz reviewSurveys do have a legitimate purpose in marketing, as companies need to know if the advertisements for their products are reaching the intended audience.  It can cost millions of dollars to bring a product to market, and if you’re trying to reach a certain segment of the market, you want to create advertisements targeting that particular market.  You also want to offer surveys to people who have seen those advertisements to ensure that the ads are effective in attracting the attention of that market segment.  Start Quiz shows commercials and then asks you questions about them to find out if you think they’re effective and they offer to pay you to take those surveys.  Is this site on the level, or is Start Quiz a scam?  Read on for our full Start Quiz review.

Start Quiz Overview

Signing up for Start Quiz is easy; they only require an email address, a password and your PayPal email address.  Then you can log in.  You’ll have a dashboard where you can learn more about the site, check on your stats and payment status, and, of course, take surveys to add cash to your Start Quiz account balance.

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Taking surveys at Start Quiz is easy; just click the “Survey” link at the top of the page.  You’ll have a choice of four different surveys and you can take four per day.  When you click on one of them, you’ll be shown a short television commercial, which usually runs about 30 seconds or so. After that, you’ll be asked eight multiple choice questions.  The questions don’t seem to vary, and for the survey we took, they looked like this:

1) Did you see this trade mark earlier?
2) Does the advertising video create a good impression about the company?
3) How do you treat to the goods by this producer?
4) Do you perceive this advertisement as original, new, and differ from the other some?
5) Should the company place this advertisement in the Internet?
6) Appreciate the degree of importance of the information you got
7) Can this advertisement help in involving of consumers?
8) How does this advertisement look compared with competitive producers?

Once you’ve answered the questions, Start Quiz will inform you that you have had $18 added to your account balance.  Then you can take another survey, and you can take up to four a day for $72 in daily earnings.  According to the Start Quiz site, you qualify to get paid when you have $1000 in your account balance.  Payment comes via PayPal, and it takes nine days after you request payment to get paid.  You can speed up this process, they claim, by referring five friends to the site.

start quiz scamIf you can only take four surveys per day for a total of $72, how can you earn the $800 per day that Start Quiz claims?  You can add more to your account balance by referring friends to the site with a special referral link that Start Quiz provides you.  They encourage you to refer friends and family to the site and they also suggest that you post the link on sites such as Backpage and Craigslist.  For each friend you refer, they’ll give you $35 as well as 15% of the amount that your friends earn while on the site.  If you have a lot of friends, you can earn hundreds per day from their work, and you can, in theory, sit back and make a lot of cash at Start Quiz for doing nothing.

This all sounds great and easy and looks like a fun, fast way to make money.  Obviously, when something like this pops up, alarms go off, because making money with Start Quiz sounds too easy.  So, what’s the downside to using Start Quiz?

start quiz surveyThere are a number of problems with Start Quiz and they should be obvious to anyone who gives the site even two minutes of thought.  A quick look at the commercials that they’re showing makes it clear that these commercials are all old ones.  In one case, I was asked my opinion of a commercial from 2014, meaning that the commercial was at least a year old.  Commercials rarely stay on the air for a year, so in the case of this particular commercial, it probably isn’t being shown anywhere anymore.  In that case, why does anyone need my opinion regarding whether it’s effective?  And why would someone be willing to pay me for that opinion?

While companies do conduct surveys for their commercials to determine if they’re going to be effective in persuading the intended audience to buy, these surveys are done before the commercials are broadcast.  After all, if you find out before the commercials air that they’re not going to work, then you can fix them without having to spend millions of dollars to have them shown on the air.

The bigger problem with Start Quiz is this – they aren’t going to pay you.  Start Quiz is run by a company that is located either in Russia or Ukraine.  They have many similar sites and they all have one thing in common – they never actually pay anyone for taking surveys.  Some of these sites have been online for six months or longer, and I’ve never heard of anyone having been paid by any of them.

What is Start Quiz doing if they’re not paying people to take surveys?  They’re collecting email addresses and PayPal account information, for starters, which allows them to send out spam email messages and to hack PayPal accounts.  They also run ads on their site, so they’re probably making money from that, too.  What they’re not doing is paying people to take surveys.

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Start Quiz Conclusion

start quiz -  thumbs downWhile I’d like to tell you that you’ll make a lot of money taking paid surveys at Start Quiz, the truth is that you’re not going to earn anything at all.  The site is simply a ruse to collect information from you that the site owners can use for profit.  You won’t make money and you’re pretty much wasting your time.  If you’re really interested in making money online, you should look at my recommendation below.  Otherwise, I suggest that you stay away from Start Quiz.

Start Quiz is not recommended.


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