Start Survey Review – Answer Questions and Get Paid?

Start Survey Review -Fast Cash or Quick Scam?



If I were a scammer, which I’m not, I’d go into business setting up paid survey sites.   The public seems to have an endless interest in taking surveys so they can get paid for it, and there’s no shortage of sites out there that promise to tell you how you can make big bucks taking surveys for cash.  Even though most of those sites are scams, new ones pop up every day and they’re all busy, because people like offering their opinion and getting money.  The latest such site is Start Survey, which promises to pay you $14 for each survey you take.

start survey review You can take three surveys per day, which adds up to $42.  That might not seem like a lot of money, but you can earn additional cash by referring friends to the site – $15 per sign up, plus20% of what your referrals earn.  If you have a lot of friends on Facebook and you send them over to Start Survey, you could find yourself earning thousands of dollars every week.  So what’s involved?  Read on for my full Start Survey review.

Start Survey Overview

Signing up at Start Survey is fast and easy – give them a username, your PayPal or Payza email address and a password.  Then you’re logged in.  You can click the “survey” link to start taking surveys.  You’ll see a short, 30 second television commercial and then you’ll be asked a handful of multiple choice questions about it.  The questions are simple ones, such as asking if you’re familiar with the product or whether you think the commercial will be a successful one.  Even with the time it takes to watch the ad, it should only take you about two minutes to complete each survey, so with less than ten minutes per day, you should be able to earn $42 pretty quickly.


If you want to earn even more, just click the Affiliate Program link to get your personal affiliate link,  You can share that with family and friends, and you’ll earn a bonus plus a portion of what they earn.  Another benefit of sending friends to Start Survey is that you won’t have to wait to get paid.  There’s a 14 day waiting period to get paid, but you can get paid right away if you send at least five friends to the site with your link.

Start Survey seems to be pretty successful; they’ve supposedly paid out more than $31 million to people taking surveys.  That’s a lot of money!  Of course, this all seems too easy.  Is Start Survey really on the level?

start survey scamOf course not.  Start Survey can’t possibly have paid out $31 million, because the site is only a few weeks old.  Yes, there’s a continuously updated list of people that Start Survey has supposedly paid recently, but chances are, it’s all fake.  Start Survey is identical to a number of other sites that are operated by the same company, with the site registered in Russia and the IP address tracing to Ukraine.  Many of these sites have been online for months, and people have been talking about them all over the Web.  I can’t find a single instance of someone who can prove that they’ve been paid by Start Survey or any other site this company owns.  I signed up for Up Survey, an identical site, three months ago.  They haven’t paid me, either.

There’s plenty to be suspicious about regarding Start Survey.  The commercials they ask you to watch are several months old and you might see the same commercials at the site day after day.  Either they can’t keep track of which commercials you’ve already seen or, more likely, they simply don’t care because the surveys don’t actually do anything.  Companies do take surveys of their commercials, but they do it before the commercials air on television, not after.  You don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a commercial and then put it on the air without testing it first and surveying people to see if the commercial is effective and will sell your product.  Asking people what they think about commercials months after they’ve been on television is pointless.

start survey scamSurveys for commercials also need to determine if the commercial will affect the intended target audience.  If your commercial is for an entry-level car, you probably want to reach middle class people between the ages of 18 and 35.  In order to determine if your commercial is effective in reaching those people, you need to ask questions of people in that demographic group.  Start Survey doesn’t ever ask you if you’re male or female, how old you are, where you live, how much you earn or how much education you have.  That means that the information you provide to them is completely worthless as survey data.

If Start Survey isn’t taking surveys or paying people, then what are they doing?

They’re collecting email addresses.  With thousands of email addresses, you can send out lots of spam email and make money that way.

They’re collecting PayPal and Payza addresses.  With those, you can attempt to hack the accounts of the Start Survey users and could potentially steal money and credit card data.

Making money from ads.  The Start Survey site, like all of the company’s sites, is full of ads, and people are likely clicking on them, generating revenue for Start Survey.

No one is paying Start Survey to show you commercials or to ask you questions.  That’s just a smokescreen to get you to the site.

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Start Survey Summary

start survey - thumbs downStart Survey is a scam.  Period.  You’re not going to get paid.  Not today, not tomorrow, not in two weeks.  They’re not going to pay you, and that is that.  You might have your PayPal account hacked, and you might start getting more spam than usual.  What you’re not going to get is money.  I’m amazed at how many sites the owners of Start Survey have managed to build in a couple of months and based on the traffic that I get here for my reviews of these sites, they all seem to be popular.  That’s too bad, because people trying to make money from these sites are wasting their time.

Start Survey is not recommended.


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