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Store Coach Review


store coach reviewI write a lot about making money online through affiliate marketing, but running your own online retail store, using a business model known as ecommerce, is also a great way to succeed online.  With ecommerce, you actually sell products directly to the customer, though you don’t necessarily have to ship them.  It’s a complicated business model, but one that can be quite lucrative if you find the right niche.  Store Coach is a training program that says they can show you how to get started running your own profitable ecommerce store.

Store Coach is run by Dave Hermansen, who has a ten year record of creating online stores and even reselling them for significant profits.  He knows about the problems you’re likely to face in getting your store up and running and the Store Coach course is designed to minimize the headaches to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Is Store Coach worthwhile?  Read on for the full Store Coach review.

Store Coach Overview

The Store Coach training course is divided into four “phases”:

  1. Planning – Learn about store models, finding a niche and how and where to source your products
  2. Build-Out – Choosing a domain name and picking the right shopping cart software
  3. Marketing – How to get visitors to your site.  Having customers is how you get paid.
  4. Operations – Day to day operations, increasing conversions, and managing your time

Store Coach Phase One

Store Coach assumes that you know nothing about retail or ecommerce, and the course will take you by the hand and help you learn what you need to know.  Phase one includes a lengthy definitions section that will acquaint you with all of the terminology used in the industry.


You’ll learn about business models and the pros and cons of each.  That will help you choose whether you want direct retail, where you actually package and ship merchandise, or the dropship model, where someone else does the shipping for you, or even the affiliate model, such as opening an Amazon store, where they will do the selling and shipping and you just collect commissions.

store coach niche ninja proThe next step in phase one is picking out a niche, and Store Coach has a great tool for that called Niche Ninja Pro.  This software not only helps you find a profitable niche, but it will help you find a niche that has two key elements – high demand and low competition.  That’s what you want; a product that people want to buy but which isn’t being sold by thousands of people on the Internet already.

Once you pick out your niche, you’ll need to decide on a business model and then find suppliers.  Store Coach offers a list of wholesale suppliers that can get you merchandise at a price that will allow you to make a profit.  Store Coach also has an extensive list of dropshippers.  These are wholesalers who will ship the product directly to your customers from their warehouse, which saves you the trouble and hassle of actually shipping merchandise.

Phase one of Store Coach also includes a section specifically tailored for non-U.S. residents, as there are some things about marketing outside the U.S. that are unique to such sellers.

Store Coach Phase Two

Phase Two of Store Coach is the actual “hands on” section where you build your store.  You’ve already chosen your niche and it’s time to make it work for you.  The first section will help you pick a good domain name, as having a catchy and relevant name for your site and store can go a long way towards bringing traffic your way.

The next step is to select a shopping cart platform.  This is the software that actually creates your store and populates it with products.  A good shopping cart program will also take care of payment and shipping options for your buyers.  While there are a lot of good shopping cart programs out there, picking one that suits your needs is an important step, and Store Coach will give you a number of options to help you decide which software package will work best for you.

Finally, you’ll learn how to make sure that Google and Bing know about your store and how to optimize things so that your ecommerce store is search engine friendly.  Tools offered for Phase Two include a prelaunch checklist, an on-page optmization guide for search engines, and a list of “must do” steps that you have to perform to get your store open for business.

Store Coach Phase Three

store coach featuresPhase Three of Store Coach is concerned with marketing.  You can have the greatest online store anyone’s ever seen, but if no one knows it’s there, you’re not going to make any money.  In this section, you’ll learn about the things that you must do to your site that are the most important things to the search engines.  You’ll learn how to get natural, or “organic” traffic to your site through optimization and social media.  You’ll also learn about the importance of paid traffic and how to use it efficiently so that you don’t lose money.

Phase Three includes the Store Coach tool known as Link Thief, which helps you find the sites that are linking to your competitor’s sites and helps you get those sites to link to you.  You’ll also get access to a pay per click management tool that will help ensure that your paid traffic advertising campaigns help you make money.

Store Coach Phase Four

Phase Four of Store Coach is about finishing touches, as well as helping you manage your time wisely and increasing your conversion rate.  You’re running a business now, and you have to make use of your time effectively or you’ll never be successful.   You’ll have access to site review templates, pay per click profitability charts, and graphics to help spruce up your site and make it attractive.

All in all, the Store Coach program is surprisingly comprehensive, and you can join for either an affordable monthly fee or a one-time purchase for a lifetime membership.  You get a lot for the price, and the materials are well written, properly organized, and easy to follow.

There are some upsells with Store Coach, though they come as part of the program rather than being thrown at you at the time of purchase.  You’ll have the opportunity to buy one on one coaching with the Store Coach staff, and you’ll have the ability to pay to have them assess your site and suggest things that might improve your ability to make money with it.  You can also buy a one hour consultation call if you just want to ask some advanced questions.

None of these are necessary, which is good, because they’re not cheap.  The basic Store Coach program should be good enough for nearly everyone.

Store Coach Summary

store coach- thumbs upEcommerce is a great way to make money online, but there’s a lot to know about picking a niche, finding products to sell and building a site that can do that efficiently. Store Coach offers a great training program that will help you do all of that and more.  Perhaps the best part of Store Coach is their Niche Ninja Pro software, which will help you find a great niche that is more likely to be profitable right away.  That’s a great tool to have if you’re just starting out.

If you’re interested in making money with an online store, Store Coach is a great help, and is highly recommended.

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