Super Affiliate Handbook Review – $500,000 Per Year?

Super Affiliate Handbook Review


super affiliate handbook reviewRosalind Gardner is a longtime affiliate marketer who claims that her friends call her “The Queen of Affiliate Marketing.”  I can’t speak to the truth of that, because I don’t know her friends.  Still, it appears that Ms. Garnder has been involved in affiliate marketing for the better part of two decades, and her book, the Super Affiliate Handbook, has been a best-seller ever since it was published in 2003.

She claims to have earned up to $500,000 through the affiliate marketing business model, and it’s hard to argue with success, so I thought I’d check the book out and let you know what I think of it.  After all, that’s a lot of money, and affiliate marketing is a big part of what my site is about.  So I grabbed a copy of the Super Affiliate Handbook and gave it a read.  Read on for the full Super Affiliate Handbook review.

Super Affiliate Handbook Overview

A lot of books on affiliate marketing consist of a few pages of fluff, with really big type and a lot of photos.  They’re not really interested in telling you too much about the subject, because the author is primarily interested in selling something to you.  That’s not the case with the Super Affiliate Handbook; Ms. Gardner really does have a lot of information to share.


How much?  The Super Affiliate Handbook, which comes in PDF format at a reasonable price ($27), is 298 pages long.  It’s pretty substantial; even the table of contents runs a full four pages.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is divided into some basic chapters:

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Getting Started: Basic Software & Services
  • How to Find a Profitable Niche
  • Plan & Build Your Site
  • Content Really is King
  • Monetize Your Site
  • 31 Ways to Market Your Site
  • Manage Your Business
  • Grow Your Business
  • Problem Solving and Avoidance
  • Wrap Up: Become a Super Affiliate

super affiliate handbook rosalind gardnerThe Super Affiliate Handbook really is written for someone who knows nothing about affiliate marketing.  She starts out by explaining the business model and then takes you step by step through the process.  If you’re not entirely new to this industry, you might find a bit of this to be tiring; after all, she does take the time to show you how to create a PayPal account.

The sections of the Super Affiliate Handbook on finding a profitable niche and on choosing a good domain name are particularly good; you definitely want to spend time on each of those things.  Picking a good domain name isn’t as easy as it used to be, as many of the good names have been gone for years.  Still, there are good ones out there, and if you follow her advice, you should be able to come up with something that works for you.

The section of Super Affiliate Handbook on building your Website is also good, listing the pros and cons of using free hosting and promoting the useful (and free) WordPress platform that nearly every affiliate marketer uses these days.

The section of Super Affiliate Handbook on content is useful, but seems a bit dated, as she offers six different ways to get content for your site, several of which are no longer particularly effective due to changes in search engine algorithms.  She suggests, for instance, that you might want to use private label rights content (PLR), content that’s in the public domain, or perhaps articles from article directories, such as  These methods used to work well, but today, you’re going to have a hard time getting your Website to rank using that kind of content due to duplicate content penalties from the search engines.  Bing and Google really like original content now.

The section on monetizing your site in the Super Affiliate Handbook is pretty basic; the emphasis is placed on contextual advertising, such as Adsense ads, or affiliate marketing, such as using banners or links to promote products from Clickbank, Commission Junction or Rakuten Linkshare.  These are good methods that have worked for years and still do, so that section of the book pretty much covers all of the necessary bases.

Perhaps the most useful part of the Super Affiliate Handbook is the section on promoting your site, which offers more than thirty different methods of letting the world know that your site exists.  As I’ve mentioned before, 90% of the work you’ll do in affiliate marketing is getting traffic to your site, so having 30 ways to do it at hand makes the book quite useful.  While she covers most of the obvious things, such as search engine optimization, article directories, and paid advertising, the Super Affiliate Handbook also offers a few “under the radar” methods, such as offline marketing.

super affiliate handbook videoHow do you earn more money?  One way is to simply ask your affiliate network to pay you more. That doesn’t occur to a lot of people, but if you’re sending a lot of traffic, it can certainly be worth while to ask your network to reward you for it.  There’s a section on that in Super Affiliate Handbook, and that’s something I haven’t seen covered before.

The Super Affiliate Handbook Problem Solving and Avoidance section covers common problems you might have with affiliate networks and offers solutions to 25 common problems that affiliate marketers encounter.

Pros of the Super Affiliate Handbook

  • The book is well written
  • It’s easy to follow and has the content in a useful order
  • There are numerous images that make it easy to understand
  • The book is comprehensive

On the con side, I found parts of the book to be a bit dated.  On the Website, Ms. Gardner says she’s earned up to $500,000 through affiliate marketing and offers an image of a huge check, along with a video tour (email subscription required) of one of her affiliate sites.

The date on the check is from 2006, and while the Website she shows you does look professional (and is actually a real site), statistics on that site suggest that she’s not making a fortune from it, as only a few other sites link to it and the estimated traffic on that site amounts to just a few thousand visitors per month.

Super Affiliate Handbook Conclusion

super affiliate handbook- thumbs upWhile parts of the Super Affiliate Handbook are dated, the book offers the opportunity to get an overview of affiliate marketing as well as step by step instructions for how to get started in one easy-to-read book.  While it doesn’t contain everything you’ll need to know, it does offer enough to give you an idea as to whether this industry is right for you.  The Super Affiliate Handbook isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty good book for the price.

Super Affiliate Handbook is recommended.

Click here to learn more about the Super Affiliate Handbook.


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