Super Sales Machine Review – Make a Fortune?

Super Sales Machine Review

Price: $97


super sales machine reviewIf you want to make money online, your best bet is to find something to sell. That makes sense; lots of people have money, and people like to buy things, and if you have something that they want, then you can sell it to them.  One thing people are always willing to pay for is information.

But what do you sell? If you don’t have a product, you can’t sell anything.  That’s where Super Sales Machine comes in.  This site says they will create an online superstore for you with 95 different products to sell.  It’s all ready go, and you just collect the money.

That sounds interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what Super Sales Machine is all about.  Is Super Sales Machine a scam, or can you really make money with it?

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Super Sales Machine Overview

Unlike most products I review here, Super Sales Machine isn’t a downloadable book or a piece of software.  You’re buying three things when you purchase the product:

  • The rights to sell 95 business and information products as your own
  • Installation of those products on your Website
  • Technical support

The products that you’ll be selling are information products, and a few pieces of software.  Most are training courses of the “how to do something” variety.  Examples might be:

  • Affiliate marketing training
  • Secrets to making money online
  • How to create animated sales videos
  • How to build a profitable mailing list
  • How to make money from membership Websites
  • How to make money with Facebook ads
  • How to create profitable ebooks without writing a word
  • How to make money with Teespring
  • How make money using Twitter

…and so on.  When you purchase Super Sales Machine, you’ll get the rights to sell 95 different products as though they were your own.


You will also get a complete, professionally written sales page, complete with high quality graphics, for each of those 95 products.

Not only that, but the Super Sales Machine team will install all of it on your own Website.  You just need to give them your hosting information and login credentials, and they’ll set it all up for you.

The Super Sales Machine setup includes:

  • Installation of the Web pages for all 95 products
  • Testing to see that the pages and checkout system works
  • Integration with your Clickbank, JVZoo and PayPal accounts
  • Installation of your product dashboard on the Super Sales Machine site
  • 44 hours of video training to show you how to profit from the system
super sales machine scam

A sample sales page for a Super Sales Machine product

In short, you’ll get a complete store that’s ready to go, with nearly 100 products that you can sell to the public.  When they decide to buy, the money goes into your Paypal account.

You don’t actually have to provide the products to your buyers, however.  The downloads are handled via the Super Sales Machine site.  When your customers buy, you get the money, but your customers will be given download links to download the products from the Super Sales Machine site, so you won’t have to worry bout that technical detail, nor will you have to pay for the extra bandwidth, as some of those products are large files.

They say that you can buy Super Sales Machine today and have a ready-to-go online store in just 72 hours from now.

super sales machine sample productI’ll admit that for roughly $1 per product, getting a complete, professionally written Webpage, complete with graphics and a dashboard to manage all of it, is a pretty good deal.  You’ll also have the ability to create a mailing list so you can sell more products to your customers later.

Super Sales Machine even says that the product is perfect for beginners, since pretty much everything has been done for you and they’ll test it to make sure it works before they tell you that you’re “open for business.”

So, there must be a downside to Super Sales Machine, right?  There is, of course.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t make money with Super Sales Machine, but there are some things to consider before you buy:

  • The products that you are selling are known as “private label rights”, or “PLR” products.  That means that you are buying the rights to resell them, but you are not the only person selling them.  Every person who creates a store with the Super Sales Machine will be selling the same private label rights products, as are other people on the Web who have acquired the products elsewhere.That means that the products aren’t necessarily new ones, and your potential customers may have seen them before or may even own some of them already.
  • The Web pages that you receive to sell the products are not unique.  The content for every product page is identical to that of the last person who bought Super Sales Machine.  The next person who buys Super Sales Machine will get the very same Web pages to put up on their own Website.
  • Whether you can make money with Super Sales Machine depends on whether you can get traffic to your site, which will be all the harder since your pages do not have unique content.

This means that the content on your pages will not be seen by the search engines as being unique, and that can make it difficult for your site to rank in the search engines.  It helps that they’re installing the products on your own domain, so at least your site will be unique.

Super Sales Machine points out that you can also create a blog on your site, and if you create a blog about your products or marketing or whatever that does contain unique content, you may be able to draw traffic that way, as search engines like blogs.

Aside from that, you’ll likely have to try to attract visitors to your site from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

It’s possible to do this, but the key is creating a unique site with unique content that gives people some reason to visit your site besides the sales pages for the 95 products you’re selling there.

Can you make money with Super Sales Machine?  Yes.  Is it easy?  It’s not as easy as they make it out to be, but it’s certainly possible. Keep in mind that attracting visitors to your Website is 95% of the work that’s involved in owning a site.  That’s just the nature of the Webs.

Pros and Cons of Super Sales Machine


  • Affordable product
  • Huge (95) number of products for sale
  • Professional sales pages and graphics
  • Installed for you
  • Training included
  • Tech support included


  • Web pages are not unique
  • Products are available for sale elsewhere
  • Attracting visitors to your site may be difficult

Super Sales Machine Summary

super sales machine - thumbs upSuper Sales Machine says you can make “a fortune” reselling the 95 products that they offer with their product.  That’s likely an overstatement, but it is possible to sell the products that they’re putting in your store, provided that you spend a lot of time learning how to attract visitors to your site.

On the plus side, you’re getting professionally created products to sell and professionally created sales pages with professionally created graphics.  It’s all installed for you, and they’ll even test it to make sure it works with your Clickbank, JVZoo and PayPal accounts.

You’ll get 44 hours of video training and a dashboard where you can manage everything.  You’ll also get tech support.

You’re getting a lot for your $97, but the hard part is on you – you need to be the one to draw traffic to your Website, and that’s a lot of work.  It isn’t automatic and it isn’t magic.  If you can create a blog, or buy ads, or develop a following on social media, you may be able to make this work.

If not, you’ll be the owner of one of many sites that sell private label rights products that get no sales because no one ever visits their sites.

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