Survey Double Review – Easy Money from Surveys?

Survey Double – Fast Cash?

Survey Double is one of a number of sites that has popped up recently that offers to pay you cash for taking simple surveys.  They offer $18 per survey, and you can take up to four surveys per day.  Even better – Survey Double has an affiliate program that also pays well.  Is Survey Double really an easy way to earn fast cash?  Or is Survey Double just another scam?  Read on for our full Survey Double review.

survey double reviewSurveys are an important marketing tool; commercials cost millions to produce and the corporations with products to sell want to be sure that their advertising reaches their target audience.  With millions at risk, these companies are willing to pay for the proper demographic information that will ensure that they’re doing it right.  Survey Double says they were founded in 2013 to gather statistics for such companies and as such, they’re willing to pay people to answer a series of survey questions – an average of $18.  That’s great, but what’s really going on with Survey Double?

Survey Double Overview

Survey Double is easy to join; you just provide a username, a password and the email address you’ll use for Payza or PayPal payment.  Once inside, you’ll see the dashboard, and when you click the “survey” button, you’ll see a frame with a video and a button below it that says “survey.”  You watch the video and then answer questions, which are always the same:

  • Did you see this trade mark earlier?
  • Does the advertising video create a good impression about the company?
  • How do you treat to the goods by this producer?
  • Do you perceive this advertisement as original, new, and differ from the other some?
  • Should the company place this advertisement in the Internet?
  • Appreciate the degree of importance of the information you got?
  • Can this advertisement help in involving of consumers?
  • How does this advertisement look compared with competitive producers?

survey double scamThe questions are multiple choice, and if it takes you more than two minutes to answer them, you’re taking too long.  You can easily take your daily allotment of four surveys in about ten minutes.  I signed up, clicked the survey button, answered questions for the first survey and in about two minutes, the site showed $18 in my account.

The Survey Double affiliate program is also quite impressive; they offer $35 to you if you persuade someone to sign up using your affiliate link and they’ll pay you 15% of their earnings.  If you sign up a friend and they take four surveys, you’ll make $45 from them just the first day.  Survey Double encourages you to post your link on Facebook so you can get lots of people to sign up and you should be able to earn hundreds of dollars per day this way without doing anything at all!

That sounds great, but there are a few things that just don’t make sense about Survey Double:


The ads they’re showing you aren’t “test ads”; they’re ads that have been out there for months.  That means that the companies using them for advertising already know if the ads are going to do well with their target demographic groups.  You do this sort of testing before the ads reach the market, not afterwards.

surveyAlso, the poorly-worded questions that comprise the survey don’t ask any of the questions that actual marketers would want to know – your age, your income level, your education level, etc.  Companies who advertise are specifically interested in knowing who their ads are reaching, because every product has an intended market.  Without knowing anything about who is answering the questions, the answers you provide are useless to any prospective advertiser.

The thing that really stands out is this – Survey Double was supposedly founded in 2013, and it says so right on the home page.  Yet the domain name was purchased on May 5, 2015.  It’s brand new as I write this.  While the registration is private, it is worth noting that the company who owns the domain name is located in Russia.

BIG RED FLAG:  Survey Double’s home page says they have:

27,900 people registered
$2,730,800 paid out to affiliates
$7,880,100 paid out for completing surveys

This isn’t possible.  The site has been online for less than two days as I write this; it isn’t possible for them to have paid anyone anything, as no one has had enough time to take enough surveys to qualify for a payout.

What’s Really Going on With Survey Double

Before you can get paid by Survey Double, you have to accumulate a minimum of $700 in your account balance.  Since you’re only earning about $18 per survey, or $72 per day, you’re going to have to take four surveys per day for ten days to reach that total.  In order to get there, you’re going to have to invest quite a bit of your time in filling out surveys, and that’s going to get old pretty quickly, because they’re likely to show you the same ads over and over.

Once you’ve spent a lot of time filling out these tedious surveys, you’re going to feel entitled to get paid.  That means that when it comes time to get your payout, you’re more likely to provide whatever information they request of you in order to get paid.  I’m guessing that you’re going to be asked for your full PayPal credentials, including your password, and that’s what leads us to what Survey Double is really about – stealing money from your Payza or PayPal accounts.

As a bonus, they’ve also got your email address, so I’d expect that to be sold to every Russian spammer who’s willing to pay for it.  In the end, you’re not going to get paid, but you are going to see a lot of spam email and you might lose all of the money in your PayPal account, possibly everything in your bank account, and your credit card might be compromised, too, if you provide your password to Survey Double.

EDIT:  It appears that they’re NOT asking for PayPal passwords; they’re only asking for the email address.  It’s also true that they’re not paying anyone.  You can ask for payment all you want, but you’re not going to get it.  They’re probably just collecting email addresses to sell to spammers.  Or perhaps they are spammers.

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Survey Double Summary

Survey Double - thumbs downIs Survey Double a scam?  Of course it is.  They cannot possibly obtain anything useful from the survey questions they’re asking and there’s no way any company would pay them more than $18 per survey for asking those questions, which is the only way Survey Double could make any money if they’re legitimate.

Survey Double is not a good way to make money online.  There are, however, legitimate ways to work online from home and make money.  Instead of joining Survey Double, you should join Wealthy Affiliate instead.  Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training program that will show you how to build a legitimate online business using dozens of tutorial videos and lots of friendly members who are willing to help you learn to make money online.  It’s a great way to learn about how to legitimately make money online, and that’s a lot better than Survey Double.

Survey Double is NOT recommended.


73 thoughts on “Survey Double Review – Easy Money from Surveys?

  1. I am still waiting for my payments.

    It has been over a month now and I am not as confident as I was when I first started this site.
    Fingers crossed I guess.

  2. “The application was created. Please, wait…”
    Hello I need some information is there anything to wait for after click on the payment button.? or just exit ignoring the “The application was created. Please, wait…” word. It may took some time to wait but nothing appear.

    • Warning!! These people will hack into your computer and steal your information. They got my credit card numbers somehow and tried to make several purchases in California but the fraud division caught it and canceled the card. Also I have received tons of calls from telemarketers since I did the surveys. My advice to you is don’t go back on their website anymore. Also download cccleaner and get out all the bugs they planted. I did. Its a free download.

        • When they hack into your computer they get your login information. Then they get your last four numbers of your card and keep adding numbers untill something works. At least that is what the fraud division told me. These slimballs are pretty smart. They created my card and used it and it had never been activated. When they plant bugs it is like they are looking over your shoulder as you put in your information.

          • While these sites are a nuisance and do not provide any value to anyone, I don’t think they’re installing malicious code on anyone’s machine. I’ve got some pretty elaborate malware detection on my PC and I’ve yet to see any indication that anything like that is going on and I’ve been signing up for those sites in order to review them.

            Still, staying away is smart, as they’re not helping you in any way.


  3. “The application was created. Please, wait…”
    After click on payment is there anything to wait for… or just exit and wait for the payment ?
    Just curious on whats going on ^~^

  4. have request payout twice no reply, have send 4 email no reply. my friend that got me in request payout none as yet.
    i don’t think they well pay anyone to bad some one can/t put a stop to them, join one before paid out more money request payout would only show on paper never made it to my account file a complain found out they couldn’t fne the company
    some were in Hong Kong.

    • have request a pay out no reply, if was paid it’s only on paper for show not in account, have send 4 email none has been answer. so have no idea what is going on. have a friend that got me in this and he has not been paid, it states 9 days after
      request pay out well its over 9 days plus 9 days. still no answer,

  5. My take on this is that they only pay once a month so, even though it says they have nine days to pay, I’m guessing they won’t pay the first time until you’ve been in it a month. Just my guess. I’m at that point in time next week so we’ll see.

  6. How did u get paid John.. because it’s been more than 9 days and I’m and like $890. I’ve requested payment. But it keeps saying your application has been created. Screen shot us at least something to show you were paid. Bcuz I’m starting to think this is bogus. I have also emailed them twice in 2 weeks and have yet to receive a response

  7. its been 15 days sense I requested funds from these people nothing yet if I get anything I have like 20 people waiting to join

  8. I’m at 624 I’m going too cash out tomorrow hopefully this is real & legit I lost my job recently due too a lay off & I’ve been looking for online work a friend recommended me too survey double

  9. I was sceptical about this website at first but I have got paid twice one 700 than the other time was 1400 I waited too cash it in it was nice to get that extra money u only get paid once a month. The article says the domain says may 2015 I been with them since February so I don’t know how that is but I’m just unsure about taxes does anybody know if I have to claim it as extra income or no please help with that

    • How did u get paid John.. because it’s been more than 9 days and I’m and like $890. I’ve requested payment. But it keeps saying your application has been created. Screen shot us at least something to show you were paid. Bcuz I’m starting to think this is bogus. I have also emailed them twice in 2 weeks and have yet to receive a response!

    • Hey John Can you give us details on how long it took you to get paid when you first started and can you show proof some how

  10. I was also sceptical of this sight I mean really 18 dollars a survey seemed like alot but I have got paid twice u get paid once a month. The second time ok did it I didn’t request my money until I was at 1400 and it was really nice to get that much. I am worried about taxes I don’t know if I have to claim the income or not does anybody know if u have to claim the extra income

    • Survey Double paid you? The site has only been online for 19 days. How did you manage to get to $1400, wait two weeks for payment and get paid in less than three weeks?

      • Lol for reals! Now when you log on its redirecting you to other 5 sites. If you have been paid John maybe you can scree shot it to the owner of this site. I’m sorry I’m not buying that.

  11. The guy that introduce me to this got very offensive when i told him it’s a scam. I’m way overdue of payment on 3 of their sites and still nothing!!! If anyone did get paid a scree shot would be nice of the actual transaction. I’ve changed all my Paypal information. I’m still leary in case accounts are hacked having whom ever deplete my accounts. All the best everyone. I’ve taken action and forward this to proper people to investigate. (NBC)

    • Btw my son was doing this for extra money…until he stumble onto the wording and Russian clickers. It’s not America based.

  12. Someone in my upline (2 up from me) DID get paid last week. This is through people I know so I’m still hopeful. I requested payment 9 days ago so we’ll see.

  13. Yeah, a little too good to be true.. I figured something was up with it. Wasn’t sure what they would gain from it.. glad I didn’t waste a lot of my time.

  14. I have requested a payment and the site keeps saying processing please wait and I let it set there on that site for 8 hours and no payment processed. I sent them an email asking for a payment. It has been 24 response…ITS ALL BS!

    • Nothing is happening and they’re rerouting you to another site for survey. One of the clicker buttons was in Russian. Jerks!

  15. Ok, so someone in my work from home group found the site and we have being do the survey. Has anyone gotten paid from or

  16. Ok, so a few of my work from home family and I cam across the site. Has anyone gotten paid from Survey Double or Whosurvey?

  17. Fantastic site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your effort!

  18. Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Today bloggers publish just about gossips and web and this is really frustrating. A good web site with interesting content, this is what I need. Thanks for keeping this web-site, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

  19. I too requested a payment today so we will have to wait and see what happens really hope this site is real

  20. Bobbie, on left side of the statistics page there is a heading that says ‘Balance of payment’. Under that it shows your balance and the amount. Under that is the word ‘payment’. When you click on the word ‘payment’ your invoice will be submitted. Took me awhile to figure that out!

    • hello GM,,,after u clicked on the Payment,,,,how long was it before he funds hit PayPal,,,I hit Payment and it says creating application, please wait?

  21. I started three days ago, I do not see any payment button, how do you request payment when it’s time???

  22. I started three days ago, I do not see a request payment button, how do you request payment when your account is at the 700.00?? I tried to look at my profile, and it just says your changes have been saved, I can’t even see my profile, what’s up with that?? Anyone else having this problem???

  23. I also joined so waiting to see what happens this is my 2nd day will play it to the end.. The boy that had his flyer on craigslist said he got paid and waiting on his second in about 4 days.. Time will tell I will just play it till the end, they don’t even want to ask me for no bank info or passwords cause they would not get it.. All it say is Paypal & Payza

  24. I am waiting to see I will save these comment to see if this is true I just joined May 7th. The young man told me he got paid

  25. Schzaree thanks for your input. I have not heard anything about people being paid or not being paid so good to know that you have. I have earned well over the amount required to be paid & requested payment so I will know in 9 days, one way or the other. I will post the outcome here.

  26. Schzaree thanks for your input. I have not heard of anyone being paid or not being paid so good to know that you have. My account balance is well above the limit required for payment so I should know by the end of next week. I will post the outcome here.

  27. First of all they ask for your PayPal email not your password to PayPal. They ask for absolutely no credit or debit info at all. I have heard people have been paid bc I know people who already do this and say they have 400-700 in their PayPal already. Is it a scam. I will have to see for myself!!

    • It’s true that they don’t ask for your PayPal password. It’s also true that they don’t pay you. It appears that they’re just harvesting email addresses.


  28. I’ve registered & have over the required balance for payment in my account. I’ve requested payment. They say they have 9 days to pay. It will be interesting to see what happens. Right now it feels too good to be true.

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