Survey Junkie Review – Get Paid for Taking Surveys?

Survey Junkie Review


survey junkie reviewI’ve reviewed a lot of paid survey sites over the past year or so and they always seem to get a lot of page views.  Apparently, the idea of making money by taking surveys is a popular one, probably because it simply doesn’t involve a lot of work.  Taking paid surveys does take a lot of time, however, so if you’re going to be taking surveys, you want to make sure that you’re going to be adequately compensated.

Survey Junkie is one of the better paid survey sites I’ve seen, at least in that it doesn’t suggest that you’re going to get rich by answering questions.  It’s free to join, so I decided to give it a look.  Is Survey Junkie on the level?  Read on for the full Survey Junkie review.

Survey Junkie Overview

Joining Survey Junkie is easy and free; all you need to do is provide a username, a password, and a valid email address. After that, you’re in, and you’ll be given 25 points as a bonus just for signing up.  Everything at Survey Junkie is done on the point system, and you can cash in your points for either cash or gift cards.

You’ll get 25 points for signing up.  You’ll get another 50 points for completing your profile.  You can earn 5-10 points each for filling out technology, shopping and health profiles, and, of course, you’ll earn points for taking the surveys themselves.


How much you earn for surveys varies according to the individual survey.  The three that were initially offered to me paid 50 points, 55 points, and 60 points, respectively.  You cannot “cash out” at Survey Junkie until you reach 1000 points, and there’s a meter and a “cashout wheel” on the left side of your Survey Junkie dashboard to show you where you stand.

It takes 100 points to equal $1, and you need 1000 points to cash out for $10 through PayPal or to receive a gift card of equivalent value.

Training at Survey Junkie is offered via three tutorials:

  • Maximize earnings – This tutorial shows you how to earn more by joining other survey sites
  • Survey Tutorial – This shows you how the survey works and gives you some idea as to what to expect when taking one
  • How It Works – shows you how everything works on the Survey Junkie site

survey junkie scamThe help pages on Survey Junkie are pretty good, so you won’t have any problems getting lost or not knowing what to do.  I also like the fact that each survey not only shows you how many points you’ll earn for taking it, but it also shows you how long each survey is likely to take.  In the example of the three surveys I mentioned above, paying 50, 55 and 60 points, the estimated time to complete each of those surveys was 17 minutes, 19 minutes, and 22 minutes.  As each survey paid an average of about 55¢ each, you’ll earn about $1.50 for the hour or so that it would take you to complete those three surveys.

You can earn more by joining other survey sites, and Survey Junkie encourages you to do so.  Some of the sites are free to join and others require payment.  It appears that Survey Junkie works as an affiliate for the paid sites, to they’ll make a bit of money if you sign up for them.

There is a testimonials page at Survey Junkie, complete with comments from site members, ratings that they gave the site and the dates that the testimonials were posted.  I give the site credit for posting the bad comments along with the good ones.  It’s pretty clear from reading them that this site is not for everyone.

survey junkie dashboardThe primary complaint with Survey Junkie is the same complaint that you’ll find with every paid survey site – it’s quite difficult to earn any money by taking surveys.  A few sites that we’ve reviewed in the past were pretty blatant about promising that you can earn thousands of dollars per month by taking surveys.   That’s simply not true.  The payment structure at Survey Junkie makes it pretty obvious to anyone who spends more than a few minutes at the site that you’re pretty much doing this for lunch or gas money.  You’re not going to pay the rent or earn a living from the money you’ll make taking surveys at Survey Junkie.

One thing that was nice about the Survey Junkie site is that they aren’t trying to sell me completely unrelated moneymaking methods.  Lots of survey sites are also selling or promoting other products that claim they’ll help you earn money that have nothing to do with surveys.  You have to wonder why they’d be offering such products if the surveys themselves pay as well as they say they do.

Survey Junkie doesn’t do that; the site is what it is and they provide you with exactly what the sales page says they will.  They will show you how to take surveys and get paid for it.  You won’t get paid a lot, but their site makes it clear that they aren’t making any such claim.  Most of the people who are members there seem to spend time there because they just like taking surveys.

Survey Junkie Conclusion

Is Survey Junkie a scam?  No, it’s a legitimate site that offers a number of surveys that you can take and subsequently receive compensation for your time.   Are you going to earn a lot of money at Survey Junkie?  No, you’re going to make a few dollars per month.  In all likelihood, earning $20 in a month’s time would be a lot.  You might get a tank of gas for your time.

For a few people, that’s compensation enough, and if that works for you, great.  You can join Survey Junkie for free, so it’s not requiring much from you to check it out.  If you’re interested in earning more money, there are better ways to it than by joining Survey Junkie.

On the other hand, you might have some fun filling out the surveys.  The site is easy to navigate and the graphics are interesting.

Survey Junkie is recommended, with reservations.


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