Survey Private Review – Yet Another Paid Survey Site

Survey Private Review – Easy Cash?



There seems to be no end to the number of paid survey sites that are springing up on the Internet and for good reason – every time someone claims they’ll pay people to take surveys, thousands of people sign up to join.  You’d think that everyone would know by now that the opportunities to make money online by taking paid surveys are pretty slim, but that doesn’t stop people, who continue to sign up for these sites on the off chance that this particular site might be the one.  Survey Private is the latest site to pop up in the paid surveys game, and it works much like the others.

survey private reviewYou sign up, pick a survey, answer eight questions, and just like that, you’ll have $14 added to your account balance.  $14 isn’t much, but you can take three surveys a day at Survey Private.  If $42 per day doesn’t sound like much, then you can refer your friends to Survey Private and if they sign up, you’ll get a bonus for each of them, plus a percentage of what they earn, making it possible to earn thousands of dollars weekly at Survey Private.  So how does it work?  Read on for the full Survey Private review.

Survey Private Overview

To sign up for Survey Private, just give them a username, an email address and a password.  You’ll have to choose between PayPal and Payza as your payment method.  Then you log in and start taking surveys.  The surveys all involve answering questions about a short, 30 second television commercial you’ll be asked to watch.  Then they’ll ask you questions about whether you’re familiar with the product, and whether you think the product will sell or whether you think the commercial was effective.  Once you’ve answered all eight multiple choice questions, you’ll have $14 added to your account.  Then you can take two more surveys for a daily total of $42.  You also get a $30 bonus just for signing up.


To earn more, you can use the affiliate link that Survey Private provides you to get your friends to sign up.  You’ll earn a $15 bonus when they register, plus 20% of what your friends earn, so that’s $8 per day from each of your friends who take three surveys.  That kind of money can really add up.  You can get paid by Survey Private when your account balance reaches $700.  Then you click the payout link, and request payment.  The site says that you’ll get paid after 14 days, though you can get paid immediately if you refer 5 friends to the site.

According to the home page, Survey Private has signed up 34,437 people and has paid out $17,138,800 to date.  That’s a lot of money for taking surveys and it’s certainly a way to make money in a hurry.  Those surveys only take about two minutes to complete.

survey private scamOf course, sometimes things seem too good to be true, and in this case, it’s exactly like that.  Survey Private isn’t really all it claims to be, and you’re pretty unlikely to make any money.  There are a few things that stand out as red flags when I visit the site:

The site isn’t that old.  The site’s only been online for about two months, and that’s not enough time to pay out the $17 million they claim to have paid out.

The commercials that they’re showing are months old, and they’re repetitive.  There’s no reason for any marketing company to take a survey on commercials that are so old they’re not even airing on television anymore.  There’s no point in that.  Marketing companies take surveys on commercials before they air, so they can make sure that the commercial will reach the intended audience and so they can make sure that the commercial will persuade the public to buy the product.  There’s no reason, at all, to take surveys after the fact.  Plus, you’ll see the same four or five commercials every day at Survey Private if you come back on a daily basis.  Once they got your opinion on a particular commercial, why would they want it again tomorrow?  And again the day after that?

The main reason you know the surveys at Survey Private are meaningless is that the site doesn’t ask anything about you.  In order for survey’s for commercials to be meaningful, you need to know something about the people who are answering the questions.  Where do you live?  How old are you?  How much do you earn?  Do you have a college education?  Are you male or female?  These are standard demographic questions that any survey company would ask before getting someone to answer questions.  After all, if you’re trying to reach a certain market with your commercials, wouldn’t you want to ask questions of people who are part of your intended audience.

Survey Private is a scam!

Survey Private is a scam!

One other thing about Survey Private – they’re not going to pay you. This company has registered their domain name in Russia and their IP address traces to Ukraine.  They have dozens of sites that all look the same – Survey Double, Survey Trendo, Up Survey, Chief Quiz and others.  They’re all identical and they all promise to pay money for answering questions and none of them do.  There are people who have been waiting for months to get paid by some of these sites and I can’t find a single credible example of even a single person who has been paid by any of these sites.  If you sign up for Survey Private, they aren’t going to pay you, either.

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Survey Private Summary

survey private - thumbs downIs Survey Private a scam?  Yes, Survey Private is a scam.  They’re just building sites so they can harvest your email address, hack your PayPal account or try to get you to click on one of the ads on their site.  They’re not going to pay and if you sign up for Survey Private, you’re just going to waste your time watching old commercials.  If you’re interested in making money online for real, skip Survey Private and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.  You’ll meet interesting people, you’ll learn how to create a real, working online business, and you’ll have fun.  That’s better than wasting your time answering questions for no good reason.

Survey Private is not recommended.


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