Survey Trendo Review – Fast Survey Cash?

Survey Trendo – Answer Questions and Get Paid

Survey Trendo is one of a growing number of Websites that feature paid surveys.  They show you a commercial, you answer a few questions about it, and you get paid $15 just for participating.  You can take three surveys a day and their affiliate program claims you can earn hundreds per day just for referring your friends to Survey Trendo.  That sounds like a winner.  Is this a legitimate way to make money, or is Survey Trendo a scam?  Read on for our full Survey Trendo review.

survey trendo reviewPaid surveys have a bad rep on the Web, as there are a number of companies that will, for a price, tell you how you can earn thousands every month by taking surveys.  These products are largely scams, as few surveys pay any real amount of money and lots of them pay in either coupons or gift cards, and not in cold, hard cash.  Survey Trendo is different; they offer $15 for answering a simple 8 question survey and you can take three surveys a day and get paid $30 for referring your friends, plus 10% of their earnings.  That sounds good, so I signed up.

Survey Trendo Overview

All you need to do to register at Survey Trendo is to provide a username, the email address for your PayPal account and a password.  Then you click the “Survey” button and you’ll see a video with a button below it.  You watch the short, 30 second video and then you answer questions about it.  When you’re done, and this should take about two minutes, you’ll be told that you have $15 more in your account balance.


survey trendo scam surveyThe questions are always the same:

  • Did you like this video advertising?
  • Did you like wares in this video?
  • Does this video advertising create a positive opinion about the company?
  • Do you feel the importance of the idea?
  • How important is the information in this video?
  • Does this video advertising evoke trust?
  • Do you think that this video has new standarts from advertising industry?
  • Is this video advertising competitive?

That’s it; then you can do it again and up to three times per day.  When you have a minimum of $400 in your Survey Trendo account, you can request a payout.  Survey Trendo will automatically provide you with an affiliate link and they recommend that you post that to Facebook so you can get all of your friends to sign up, too.  For that, you’ll earn a referral fee plus a percentage of your friends’ earnings, so that, in theory, can really add up to a lot of money.

Funny thing:  Where my Survey Trendo affiliate link should be, I saw this instead:  RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

That’s not going to help, is it?
What Survey Trendo is Really About

The paid survey business is exploding, and there is no shortage of people trying to take advantage of it.  I can’t find out who owns Survey Trendo, as the registration is private, but they are registered in Russia, and the domain name is less than three months old.  I also know that you’ll get automatically referred to Survey Trendo if you sign up for Up Survey, All News Round, or Survey Double, so it’s a virtual certainty that all of these companies are owned by the same people.

survey trendo easy money?Companies that make commercials really do take surveys to find out if the public is interested in their product, and more importantly, if the right demographic groups are interested in their products.  When creating an ad for a product, you have an intended audience for the ad, and you want to make sure it’s the same group of people you want to buy the product.  If the product is an iPad, for instance, you’re not going to create a commercial that targets senior citizens.  You want one that targets young people, who are the most likely buyers for the device.  To be sure you’re getting the right audience, when you take surveys, you need to ask questions about the audience itself.  You want to know who is watching the ad, and how old they are and how much money they earn.

Survey Trendo doesn’t ask any of this information.  And for good reason – they’re not really taking surveys and the answers you provide to their questions don’t matter at all.  The ads you’re being asked to watch are already out; the people who made them took their own surveys months ago.  You’re just being asked to take surveys so that Survey Trendo can give you the impression that you’re doing something that justifies paying you…

…which they’re not likely to do.  You won’t qualify for payment until your account balance is at least $400.  When you do reach that point, they’re likely to ask you for your login credentials for Payza or PayPal, because that’s what Survey Trendo is really after – the money in your account.  If you have a PayPal account, you may have a balance there, and you may have it tied to a credit card and possibly your bank account.  If Survey Trendo asks for your email login and password, they’ll have access to all of that.

Most people wouldn’t provide such information if asked, but after you’ve spent a week taking surveys, you may feel entitled to be paid, and you won’t mind providing information that you wouldn’t have dreamed of giving them the day you registered with them.  They’re counting on that.  Furthermore, they’re setting up a bunch of similar survey sites, figuring that the more people they can sign up, the greater the likelihood that some of them will willingly divulge their Payza or PayPal credentials.  Please don’t do that.

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Survey Trendo Summary

Survey Trendo - thumbs downIs Survey Trendo a scam?  Of course it is.  The information they’re asking in their surveys is useless, and of no value to anyone, so there’s no reason for them to pay you $15 for it.  They’re just after your PayPal or Payza login credentials, and they’ll also have your email address, which is a bonus, as they can sell it to scammers.

If you’re interested in making money online, then you shouldn’t join Survey Trendo, but you should join Wealthy Affiliate instead.  Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate training course that will show you how to earn money online by building your own business.  You’ll have access to a comprehensive training course and dozens of easy to follow training videos.  You’ll be earning money the honest way – by creating Websites that provide value to your visitors.  That’s a much better way to make money online than trying a scam like Survey Trendo.

Survey Trendo is not recommended.


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