Surveys Paid Review – Get Paid for Surveys and More…For Real?

Surveys Paid Review – Answer Questions for Cash?


Lots of people want to work from home and make money online, but few people know how to do that in any kind of organized fashion.  Creating a business from the ground up is hard, but it’s easy taking a survey.  That’s why there is so much interest in programs like Surveys Paid.  Surveys Paid points out that there are thousands of companies that are interested in doing marketing research, and they say you can earn thousands of dollars per month by simply taking surveys through one of their hundreds of partners.

surveys paid reviewSurveys Paid even has a quick calculator on their Website.  You just choose the number of surveys that you think you can do in a day, and select the average payout (your choices range from $5 to $50) and they’ll show you how much you can earn in a month.  By default, these are set at “5” and “$20” and they say that alone will give you a $26,000 annual income for what is probably just a short amount of work each day.  Is Surveys Paid for real, or is it a scam?  Read on for our full Surveys Paid review.

Surveys Paid Overview

The price of Surveys Paid is $68, but there’s a 50% discount coupon on the payment page, so you can get it for half of that if you like.  Then you log in to the members area and you’ll have a few options.

The first one should give you pause – the top half of the page in the members area is something labeled “Step 1 – Getting Started – We Suggest You Do This First.”  When you click the “Click here to start” button, you’ll be taken to a different Website that promotes a product called “The Five Minute Experiment.”  That product is a piece of binary options trading software that they claim “makes $800 every 5 minutes like clockwork.”


You can’t help but wonder about this.  You just paid up to $68 to join Surveys Paid and the first thing they tell you to do is go to another site to buy another product?  The Five Minute Experiment, for what it’s worth, doesn’t work; it’s just a scam that’s designed to get you to sign up with a number of trading brokers.  When you do that, the creator of the software earns $250 every time you make a deposit.  But what does this have to do with Surveys Paid?  Nothing at all.  So why are they recommending that you do this?  Because Surveys Paid will make money if you do.

surveys paid scamThere are some other things of interest in the Surveys Paid members area.  You’ve got a big box labeled “Limited Time Offers.”  This is designed to entice you to buy two more products that you don’t need.  One is for a product called Real Writing Jobs.  That’s a site that’s a lot like Surveys Paid.  You think you’re going to find out about writing jobs, but instead, they’re just trying to sell you things.  The other product is called “Get a Free Money Making Website.”  Yes, the site is free, but when you agree to take it, you also agree to pay a monthly fee for Web hosting from a lousy company called Coolhandle.

At the bottom of the page is another banner with four more buttons advertising your “Bonuses”:

  • Get Paid to Write Articles
  • Get Paid to Read Emails
  • Get Paid to Eat Out
  • Get Paid to Be a Secret Shopper

There are also four steps on the page about paid surveys, which is supposedly why you agreed to pay them $68 $34 in the first place:

  • Step 1 – Read our getting started guide
  • Step 2 – Get your FREE money making Website!
  • Step 3 – Join all of our survey partners
  • Step 4 – Start taking surveys and get paid!

The getting started guide is a basic overview of how surveys work and how you can get paid.  They quickly move on from that to tell you about getting your free Website, which they claim is a $1995 value.  Then they stress the importance of signing up with all of the Surveys Paid partner companies.  Finally, they stress again that you should take advantage of your bonuses.

What’s Really Going on With Surveys Paid

surveys paid members areaYou can’t make any appreciable amount of money taking paid surveys.  Very few surveys actually pay any cash, and the few that do pay a couple of dollars at the most.  Most surveys that pay anything at all pay you in gift cards or coupons.  You can’t earn a living taking paid surveys, and Surveys Paid knows that.  They can’t earn a living doing that, either, which is why they’re devoting most of the Website that you paid to see to trying to get you to join other programs.

Surveys Paid makes money every time you do that, and pretty much everything on the Surveys Paid is a product with an affiliate program that Surveys Paid has joined so that they earn a commission every time you sign up.  If you sign up with their partners, they’ll get a commission every time their partners persuade you to buy something.  If you buy the awful The Five Minute Experiment software, Surveys Paid will get a commission.  If you sign up for your “free” Website, Surveys Paid will get a commission.

Here’s the thing that should be obvious to everyone – if you could make money with paid surveys, then why would a site that promises to tell you how to make money with paid surveys devote so much space to selling you on other money making methods?  If paid surveys pay so well, then why are they telling you how to make money writing articles, or being a secret shopper or how to get paid reading emails?  None of those programs work, either, so if you join Surveys Paid, you’ve pretty much paid someone to sell things to you.

Surveys Paid Summary

surveys paid - thumbs downIs Surveys Paid a scam? Yes, it is.  You won’t learn how to make money taking surveys and you won’t find any surveys that will pay you.  You will, however, find a bunch of sales pitches to entice you to buy other products that won’t make money for you, either.  It’s all a colossal waste of time and money and a ripoff.  If you’re really interested in making money online, skip Surveys Paid and pay a visit to Wealthy Affiliate instead.  You can check it out for free and you won’t waste any money there.

Surveys Paid is not recommended.

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