All News Round Review – Get Paid to Read News?

All News Round – Read News for $2000 Per Week?


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Note: We have no relationship with All News Round

All News Round is a fairly new Website that says they’ll pay you to read news articles.  In fact, they’ll pay you a lot.  They pay $7 for reading an article, and they’ll pay you to read up to 35 articles per day.  Not only that, but All News Round has an affiliate program, too, and you can earn extra money by referring your friends to the site.  That’s pretty impressive, and it looks like a great way to earn money without having to do a lot of work.  They’ll even pay to your Payza or PayPal account.  Is All News Round legit?  Or is All News Round a scam?  Read on for our full All News Round review.

All News Round reviewWe’ve seen a few sites recently that offer to show us how to make money doing relatively little work, ostensibly for providing useful marketing info to companies who need it.  In fact, we were referred to All News Round from the Up Survey site, and the two sites probably have common ownership.  That’s not certain, as they are both registered privately, but both sites are registered in Russia, so you do the math. Continue reading