Amazon Reviews – Buying Them Could Be Risky

Amazon Reviews – Keep Them Real


One of the most popular ways to make money online is to work with Amazon.  You can make money through Amazon in a number of ways, and they all work well.  You can promote their products as an affiliate, you can sell products through the site itself using their Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program or you can write and sell Kindle books.  While these methods can all work well, and some people earn six figure incomes through the company, the success of any product relies on Amazon reviews.  People are reluctant to buy any product on the site if it doesn’t have a number of glowing, four or five star reviews.

fake amazon reviewsSellers, affiliates, and other marketers know this, and for the past few years, many have attempted to game the system by purchasing Amazon reviews.  This violates Amazon’s terms of service, as the company wants all Amazon reviews to be organic in nature.  That is, they want the reviews on the site to represent the honest opinion of people who have purchased the product.  If the reviews are favorable, the company wants them to be favorable because the customers who wrote them actually purchased the product and liked it.  This helps keep the Amazon marketplace honest, and creates a better shopping environment for the customers.  Unfortunately, many of the reviews on the site are not honest, and the company has decided to do something about it – with lawyers.

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