Bitcoin 4 Job Review – Can You Earn $40,000 Per Day?

Bitcoin 4 Job Review

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bitcoin 4 job reviewI’ve written a lot about sites that promise to pay you a lot of money if you’ll just send other people to the site to join.  Sites likeDollars Plug or Dollars in Job all work the same way.  They offer to pay you some modest sum of money for every person whom you refer to their site.  It’s usually $10 or so, but then again, it’s not a lot of work to post a link to your Facebook page, so a lot of people do it.

Bitcoin 4 Job is promising a lot more, however.  They’re promising to pay you one Bitcoin for every person whom you refer to the site.  That’s a whole lot more money than $10, and you still just have to get other people to sign up using your “special link.”  As a single Bitcoin is currently worth $4000 and the site says many users are getting 10 Bitcoin per day, I had to check this one out.

So, is Bitcoin 4 Job a scam, or can you really earn $40,000 per day this way?  Read on for the full Bitcoin 4 Job review.

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