Buying Cryptocurrency – Where Do You Get It?

Buying Cryptocurrency


buying cryptocurrencyI mentioned in a previous post that cryptocurrency is not only a new trend in business, but it can be a great way to make money.  There are several ways to make money with Bitcoin or any other crpytocurrency, but before you can make money with it, you first have to learn about buying cryptocurrency.

These days, buying cryptocurrency is about the only way to acquire it; the days when Bitcoin and Litecoin were so inexpensive that people gave them away are long gone.  Today, both of them, and some 1500 other cryptocurrencies, are now heavily traded commodities, and they’re going to cost you some fiat money; that is, cash.

In this post I’ll describe the basic process for buying cryptocurrency.  In later posts, I’ll review some cryptocurrency exchanges on an individual basis and I’ll also outline some ways that you can make money with cryptocurrency aside from simply buying it and hanging on to it for a while.

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